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 P    a    r    t         o    f         t    h    e

 and officially registered with the Registry of Societies, Singapore

We in Hilderinc Football Club see Ourselves

As an all inclusive football team which embraces people of all races, language, religion and gender with the love of the Beautiful Game as our main motivation.

As a team which strives to be competitive and successful but an exemplary outfit in the local amateur football scene, holding fast to the value of sportsmanship befitting our motto:

"The Way of the Blacks - Passion, Determination, Chivalry & the Love for the Beautiful Game." 

  • Gopal Peethamabran (GK)
    Gopal Peethamabran (GK)
  • Liao "JC" Jincai (GK)
    Liao "JC" Jincai (GK)
  • Lim Yong Kiat (GK)
    Lim Yong Kiat (GK)
  • Goh Heng Kiat (2) DF
    Goh Heng Kiat (2) DF
  • Sergey Darovskikh (3) DF
    Sergey Darovskikh (3) DF
  • Dionisis Kolokotsas (4) DF
    Dionisis Kolokotsas (4) DF
  • Basil Al Barr (5) DF
    Basil Al Barr (5) DF
  • Sebastian Eraso (6) MID
    Sebastian Eraso (6) MID
  • Diego Baptista (7) MID
    Diego Baptista (7) MID
  • Omar Mahnin (8) FW
    Omar Mahnin (8) FW
  • Nico Olvera (9) FW
    Nico Olvera (9) FW
  • Ian MOrris (10) FW
    Ian MOrris (10) FW
  • Casimir Simon (11) FW
    Casimir Simon (11) FW
  • Sunny Tharidu (12) MID
    Sunny Tharidu (12) MID
  • Kaisa Miettinen (13) AM
    Kaisa Miettinen (13) AM
  • Nicholas Ledenmark (14) DF
    Nicholas Ledenmark (14) DF
  • Nabil Zahrif (15) AM
    Nabil Zahrif (15) AM
  • Adi Ravikumar (16) DF
    Adi Ravikumar (16) DF
  • Varanthan Arumugan (17) MID
    Varanthan Arumugan (17) MID
  • Jon Loh (18) MID
    Jon Loh (18) MID
  • Glenn Sandhu (19) DF
    Glenn Sandhu (19) DF
  • Darren Tan (20) MID
    Darren Tan (20) MID
  • Kumaresan Maniam (21) MID
    Kumaresan Maniam (21) MID
  • Shiv Tulsiani (22) FW
    Shiv Tulsiani (22) FW
  • Aamir Fikri (23) AM
    Aamir Fikri (23) AM
  • Mikael "Mika" Michalowski (24) DF
    Mikael "Mika" Michalowski (24) DF
  • Muhd "Adeep" Razaliff (25) DF
    Muhd "Adeep" Razaliff (25) DF
  • Sathya Raj (26) DF
    Sathya Raj (26) DF
  • Guilherme Imai (27) FW
    Guilherme Imai (27) FW
Gopal Peethamabran (GK)
Gopal Peethamabran (GK)

Hilderinc Football Club
Hilderinc Sports Group
Player of the Season
ESPZEN Saturday League 19 Season

Cristian Peligros

Next Matches

 20 July 2019


Hilderinc FC


Venue : Turf City
Time: 1500 hrs
SG Football Fiesta 2019
ESPZEN SG Inter Clubs

Previous Meeting: NA

Last Game : FC SkyPark Arena 1 : Hilderinc FC 7

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Registry of Societies, Singapore



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