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Friendly Game - Confident Performance by the Blacks

Posted on April 17, 2011 at 9:08 AM

Red Midst Fails to Dampen Good Win for the Blacks


Going into the second weekend away from Agape Cup action, HFC were gunning for another run out as they looked to keep the momentum going. After last week’s events, no one took the blistering weather for granted as they all knew too well how it could change without warning.


With much of the team returning to action, there was a sweet welcome for one of the ‘founding fathers’, former captain and coach of HFC. Mahesh who last appeared in the HFC colours four years ago made a surprise return to the team. There were returns for Simon, Azman, Shah and Thomas as Kavin who did turn up but was ruled out due to illness.


1st Half

HFC lined up with Simon in goal with Azman and Stanley partnering in the heart of the defence along with Jit and Jason filling in the right and left back roles as per last week. The middle was managed by Thomas, Shah and Kannu as Andrew Wong, Dominic and Leong playing the frontline.


Playing against a team that looked ready to rule the park, HFC were more than ready for the task ahead. There was an air of confidence as they kicked off the match looking assured. That confidence was translated into the play as they controlled the game from the start. The Blacks took an early lead when a through ball by Jason was run unto by Leong who cooled opened his account for the day. As with the game against PMC, the Blacks looked solid at all quarters. The defence looked impregnable and with the midfield trio of Thomas, Shah and Kannu controlling the play, the forward line of Dominic, Leong and Andrew were causing all sorts of problems to the opponent.


The Blacks doubled the lead when Jit and Thomas combined well to release Kannu who found Leong with a pin point cross with his right foot as the latter connected with a well-timed header for his brace. The opponents from Braddell Heights were trying their best to find a clink in the Blacks armour but that was not forthcoming as the defence dealt with everything that was thrown at them.


With good inter play from the whole team; the ball was played from defence to attack with sweet simple flow as the opponents were left wondering how to contain the wave of attacks that were over running them. HFC increased their lead when Jit dispatched a long throw which Kannu rifled in with a sweet volley on the edge of the box with his right foot again. Before the half came to an end, Andrew Wong got this name on the score sheet as well when he met Thomas’ brilliant pass to finish with coolness.


HFC could and should have added at least a couple more goals when chances for Dominic, Leong, Andrew and Azman went begging. A moment of indecision allowed the opponents to pull a goal back which did not do justice to Simon who looked good for a clean sheet.


The sound of the half time whistle could not have sounded sweeter for Braddell Heights CSC as struggled to contain a rampant HFC team.


2nd Half

Changes were made to the team as Sasi, Wisely and Mahesh who was playing his first HFC game in four years entered the fray.


As the heat was getting to the players on the pitch, the game was considerably slowed down. HFC did decide to sit back more than to keep running in the scorching heat. That invited the opponents to get bolder with their attack but there no way pass the impressive Simon along with Jit, Azman, Stanley and Jason. Jason did push up more as he worked hard to create more opening from the left.


Not much was going on for both teams goal wise though Sasi had a couple of good chances but did not captialise on them to add to the score line.


As the game drew to a close, there was time for one last action of a different sort when a Braddell Heights player went in hard on Mahesh. With the referee reaching for his red card, the former HFC captain lost his cool and let out a smack across the offender’s face. It almost resulted in a free for all but credit to the HFC players; they were focused to get Mahesh away from the angry reaction than to get involved in it themselves. When the referee finally got controlled of the game, he rejected the Braddell Heights player for his reckless tackle and Mahesh for retaliation.


Though the game ended in a farce, there was no denying the quality of the Blacks as they ran out worthy winners with a confident and astute team performance.


Final Score

HFC 4 : Braddell Heights CSC 1

Leong (2), Kannu, Andrew Wong


Red Card



Starting XI

1. Simon

2. Jit

3. Azman

4. Stanley

5. Jason

6. Thomas

7. Shah

8. Kannu

9. Andrew Wong

10. Leong

11. Dominic



12. Sasi

13. Wisely

14. Mahesh

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