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Defiant Hilderincs In Insane Display Despite Outcome

Posted on August 24, 2019 at 8:50 AM

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Even though Hilderinc Football Club can boost an established squad of 25, they continue to suffer a pandemic level deficiency yet again, offering just about 10 players for the visit of Magista FC at Ang Mo Kio Secondary School.

With an incredible 15 missing for various reasons, the Blacks’ start to the season looks like an athlete limping to make it even onto the starting block, yet alone complete.

Absenteeism and 11th hour withdrawals rendered the Hilderincs critically frail, and only the inclusion of Darren Tan and help from Vivek Kaylan allowed room for some level of contest.

Devoid of any options right across all positions, the Blacks were like a crudely assembled automobile which needed just a bump on the road to see all the blots come apart, especially in the middle of the park, when everyone looked like they were there on a blind date.

Realistic of their prospect, the Hilderincs’ plan was simply to keep tight and play their hearts out for each other and for the badge.

Ironically, despite the early attention from the opponents, the first opportunity of the game fell to the Blacks when Vivek Kaylan slalomed pass the defenders before dragging the ball across the face of the six yard box, only for a last ditch clearance denying Glenn Sandhu from a simple tap in.

The Hilderincs continued to play on the counter though they had to entertain considerable attention for extended periods, as they worked to manage the game in quarters rather than take huge and overly ambitious chunks, though the introduction of debutant Samuel Jr at the half way point added pace and directness to their play.

Looking comfortable in matching the opponents’ intent, the Blacks were constantly looking to find a way through.

And the almost found the opening in the 32 minute with the move of the game when they broke from deep in their half and following a swift six touch move, Vivek Kaylan thread the ball through to Ian Morris, sending him through on goal.

However, the skipper was brought down with a late, highly mistimed, but non-malicious tackle which left the number 10 fortunate to have his ankle still intact.

Astonishingly, the referee brandished only a yellow card to the offender when he was without a doubt the last man and should have been sent-off for a professional foul, but with the forward unable to carry on, the Hilderincs’ option was further reduced with only one fit player on the bench.

Again, the adversity only seem to rejuvenate the Blacks’ resolve as they continued to push beyond their circumstances, taking the game into the break evenly poised.

Curiously, the Blacks carried on with where they left off in the first period and with Aamir Fikri setting the tone in the opening minutes with a shot that went over the target, he nearly made his second opportunity in the 52’ minute count after Samuel Jr delightfully sent him through on goal but was just a tad behind from an application before the keeper claiming the ball.

On the other end of the pitch, the defenders were performing nothing short of heroics as they kept every Magista endeavour at bay with valiant guarding, and with Lim Yong Kiat showing strong and clean hands, the Hilderincs were pragmatically stoic in their task.

However, running on pure willpower and adrenaline, the Blacks were handed the short end of the stick and were finally beaten just seconds before the midway point in the second half, a safe zone they badly were yearning for.

But with Adi Ravikumar’s having left at half time, it put the Hilderincs with an unremitting mountain to climb with only a crocked Ian Morris, whose movement and touch was severely limited to offer relief for exhausted legs, and there were eleven pairs out in the heat.

With fatigue taking its toll, the Blacks found themselves cruelly two goals down within 3 minutes of the first goal after the restart when Glenn Sandhu unfortunately put the ball into his own net, surely he and the rest in black deserved more for the incredible effort they had put in.

Astonishingly, the Hilderincs could have snatched an equaliser late in the game if James Ryall and Dionisis Kolokotsas had put the ball into the back of the net after they had found themselves in the box with only the keeper to beat, but with spent legs, both could only offer a defender’s finish but it was highly admirable that they even put themselves in that position in the first place.

Before the game, the Blacks, considering their overwhelming handicap, had already resolved that they will not focus on the result but only wanted to show spirit and defiance, playing for each other no matter what it takes, and it was a 100% achieved as every single one of the Hilderincs were indomitable and played like giants in the face of unenviable disadvantage, and they will be proud to have worn the badge and fell like warriors.

Final Score

Magista FC 2 : Hilderinc FC 0

MOM: Sunny Tharidu

Yellow Cards: Glenn Sandhu, Aamir Firki

Starting Lineup

1. Lim Yong Kiat

2. Sergey Darovskikh

3. Sunny Tharidu

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Adi Ravikumar

6. James Ryall

7. Darren Tan

8. Vivek Kaylan

9. Glenn Sandhu

10. Ian Morris

11. Aamir Fikri


12. Kavin Singh

13. Samuel “Jr” Lalramnghaka


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