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Friendly Game (2 May 2010)

Posted on May 2, 2010 at 8:35 AM

We entered the crucial month of May with a friendly game but were missing much of the team because of the long May Day weekend.


Starting XI

1. Cyrill

2. Kenny

3. Ronald

4. Sai

5. Jit

6. Alex

7. Shah

8. Thomas

9. Kannu

10. Dominic

11. Sasi



12. Shah’s Friend


Objective of the day was to get match fitness after a break last week. With the fact that we have a big chunk of players missing, it was all about experimenting. 3-5-1-1 was the formation we started. Cyrill started in goal with Ronald, Kenny and Sai playing a flat back three. With Jit and Alex playing in right and left wing back respectively, Thomas, Shah and Kannu occupied the centre of the park. Dominic playing in the hole behind the lone striker Sasi completed the strange and unfamiliar line up.


1st Half

Game started slowly as we did not want to over expose the experimental line-up. Much of the game was played in the opponents’ half as we tried to make the most of what we had. There were some good passing movements as we tried to cease the initiative. As the half progressed, it soon gave way to wayward passing and bad touches even though we were still doing much of the attacking. The opponents were trying to attack down the flanks and one of their attacks caught Cyrill in a poor position to score the first goal. No blaming the stand in keeper for this. As the opponents were encouraged by that goal and started to attack more. A mistake of not clearing our lines led to the second goal. The similar sort of goals we have been conceding all season. 2-0 down, with a make shift team but we were not about to just lie down and accept defeat though we started off only to gain match practice out of this game. We continued to press for a goal that would bring us back into the game. A few good chances were created by Dominic, Shah, Alex but the final touches were a let down. Then stepped by Sasi. A great ball by Shah played him on; he muscled through the right back to power in a great shot to pull a goal back. The first ended 2-1 to Team Red.


2nd Half

We made some chances to the line up during half time to push forward for an equaliser. Kenny went back in goal and Ronald partnered Sai in the middle of defence. Alex moved to left back with Shah’s Friend filling in the right back role. Jit moved to right wing with Dominic on the left. Shah and Cyrill in centre midfield and Kannu playing along side Sasi up front. A more familiar 4-4-2 was on the cards.

The game started as it ended, with us pushing for our second goal. More running off the ball and cross balls was replacing our first half aimless play. A lot of attacks were coming down left as Cyrill, Alex and Dominic looked livelier with their pressing game. Sasi was always a threat as he was running down the flanks to make a killer pass into the box. We were more adventurous with our play as we sought to level the game. The opponents’ keeper had an excellent game to thwart Kannu a couple of things with his quick thinking and alert reflexes. Despite having made only one substitution, we were having more in our tanks to run the opponents out. We were pressing throughout the second half. The breakthrough finally came when we were awarded a freekick. Shah played a very intelligent ball into the box, which found the head of Cyrill who made up for his mistake in the first half with a coolly placed looping header.

That was not enough for us as we went for the winner; we nearly had it when a carbon copy of the earlier freekick when led to the equaliser. Same area, same floated freekick into the box by Shah but this time Sasi just narrowly missed his version of a looping header.


The game ended 2-2 but a lot of positives can be taken from this building up for next week’s Agape game against the aggressive and robust Team Galaticos.


Final Score

HFC 2 : Team Red 2

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