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Hilderincs Bid To Halt Vikings In Battle of St.Wilfred

Posted on April 18, 2013 at 1:40 AM

In a highly historically inspired consequential twist of cruel humour, Hilderinc FC and the Singapore Vikings have been paired up against each other in the ESPZEN FA Cup 2012/13 Plate Round of 16 fixture this Sunday at the St.Wilfred pitch.     

Going back in time to the 8th to 11th Century Britain, the Anglo Saxons faced the onslaught of the raiding Vikings with keynote battles fought in Assandun, Fulford and Stamford Bridge.

Fast forward to present times, Hilderinc (Anglo Saxon for Warriors) Football Club and the Singapore Vikings Football Club renew ancient namesake rivalries in less bloodied circumstances in the Cup’s Plate Round.

After their valiance against Goodanx Brigade FC in Round 1 in December, the Blacks, once again drawn against a top Division 3 side, are left to prove their worth against their more illustrious opponents.

Singapore Vikings FC, predominately made up of expatriate Danes working or studying in Singapore, are a quality side playing in the CosmoLeague as well as the ESPZEN Sunday League, where they occupy second spot after five games played.

With the Cup a clear distraction away from their league ambitions for the Blacks, it is understood that they will use this tie as a form of litmus test of their credentials for the rest of the Season 19 campaign, especially with their eyes firmly fixed on their clash with Jurong Shipyard FC next Sunday.

Still in the early stages of work in progress of their reformation, the Hilderincs will be looking to gain valuable experience against the Vikings, with the results taking secondary importance in the larger scheme of things.

However, it is certain that the Blacks will no doubt be up to the task of taking on the Big Danes, in keeping with their upward momentum.      

If historical accuracies are anything to go by, the clash of the Hilderincs and the Vikings will be a monumental affair at the Battle of St. Wilfred.      

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