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Harvesterfc.com Reaches 20,000th Landmark

Posted on September 20, 2011 at 12:55 PM

Harvester Football Club’s website surpassed its 20,000th hit.


Launched on 21st February 2010 with a primitive but honest post match review, Harvesterfc.com has come a long way in the space of 19 months.


The official site of the Blacks has without fail keep abreast with reports on every game and events that has taken place within the Club. Over the 19 months, its has carried blogs such as one by a passionate Liverpool fan, reported about records broken and set, departures of key players and additions of new ones. Most notable of all would be the April Fools’ Day joke earlier this year that raked in more than 100 hits in less than 3 hours!


Since garnering 10,000 hits on 1st February 2011, barely a year after its launch, its has top that statistic with adding another 10,000 in just seven months. Not bad a feat for an amateur team’s website.


With the continuing revamp of the Club since July 2011, Harvesterfc.com too has gone through some significant changes of its own.


In August 2011, HFC Media, the Club’s very own media department was formed to take the reigns of the website. The site formerly known as harvesterfc.webs.com got its own domain name and become Harvesterfc.com in September 2011, just in time to usher in the 20,000th hit.


From having represented only the team and its affairs, HFC Media decided that a wider focus was needed and thus launched the HFC’s Football Tutorials, a weekly updated football general knowledge page offering everyone everything they need to know about the Beautiful Game.


Aiming to reach to not just the footballers but novices to the game alike, HFC Media hopes that Harvesterfc.com can provide the platform for everyone to enjoy the game of football with the needed understanding.


With readership from faraway and unlikely countries like Mexico, Turkey, Oman, Brazil, Japan, UK and Germany, just to name a few, more are in stored in the coming months for followers of Harvesterfc.com.


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