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At Last! The Hilderincs Do It...But...

Posted on February 12, 2023 at 9:40 AM

It has felt like an eternity for the Hilderincs, both on Saturday and Sunday collectively, since they had anything tangible to show for their endeavours, which have been repeatedly hamstrung by debilitating injury crisis to key players, and recurrent mass unavailability due to all sorts of reasons, and while not the worst like in their history, considering an eight month winless run in 2019/2020 for similar arguments, the path has been especially hard bearing in mind the hard work put in hours of training.

And though in recent weeks, there were signs of positive unturn in performances compared to utter collapses not too long ago, shortcomings, mostly induced because of restricted numbers continued to deny the fruits of their labour, and little margins looked hugely significate in contrast to the grander scheme of things.

While quite optimism was rife, absentees and a slew of withdrawals threated to derail any momentum they had painstakingly built, and so dire was the situation at midweek that Hilderinc Lady, Lauren Larkin, had to be called on to prop up the remaining numbers and carry the weight of the boys.

However, additions and eleventh-hour inclusions gave the Blacks a respectable frame, though inclement weather threaten the tie from the start, the match kicking off as planned, with the Hilderincs taking to the pitch with another modified lineup.

Since the injuries to Nigel Pek and Mohd Uwais just at the start of the season, the Sunday Blacks have struggled with a missing centreback pairing with different non-defensive personnel deployed at the key department in every of their nine league games, hence compromising quality in other positions, and affecting the balance of the side.

It was, therefore, an incredible epiphany that all the Hilderincs needed all this while was one natural centreback duo and everything else would fall in place by itself, and with Jonathan Pak and Mohd Salleh fitting into their roles perfectly like round pegs in round holes, the side looked miraculously self-possessed.

Unrushed, the Blacks were confident with their football, pressing high and allowing the opponent little time and joy on the ball, and at moments when they found their way to threaten, the back four, marshalled by Jonathan and Salleh were competent to deal with it without much fuss.

With previous games gone off their hands inside the first 20mins due to their failure to manage pressure or self-implode, the Blacks were buoyant to reach the mark on a front foot, a realistic relieve in the light previous travails.

Emboldened, the Hilderincs began to press more, and were duly rewarded just slightly after half an hour when Ian Morris’ corner was efficiently tucked away by Aqil Shah amid a crowded penalty box.

Unconventionally, it was the Blacks who responded instantly to going ahead, with Thuwun “Tutu” Soe brought immediately in a calculated game management maneuver.

For all the naysaying about the Hilderinc tactical prowess by detractors, the introduction of the youngster was a masterstroke, and he proved to be a genuine nuisance, with repeated instruction from the touchline to go direct.

Within six minutes of his arrival, the 18year old was on the scoreline for the second time in two days, having opened his account for the Club the day earlier for the Saturday Hilderincs, carbon copied his finish after his was delightfully put through by Aqil Shah, who turned provider after his opener.

However, with the game firmly in their hands, a careless pass across the pitch resulted in a needless penalty awarded against the Blacks, and to add to the discomfort, teenage goalkeeper, Zayar Min, who had an improved game had to been withdrawn following a heavy knock, leaving Lim Chew Beng, a makeshift, to face the spotkick.

And while he guessed right, was unable to keep it out, but there was no hiding the annoyance of conceding a senseless goal with the last kick of the half.

Disappointingly, the restart was halted twice because of lightning, and with slightly over 13mins played, the referee decided to abandon the game with the score standing at 2-1 to the Hilderincs, and with 12mins short of the regulated 70min mark for a result to stand, the Blacks had their first win of the season, quite literally snatched off their grasp, when they had both their hands on all three points.

While lamenting the outcome might offer mawkish feelings, but the manner of performance was a shot in the arm, and it was a return to the Hilderinc Way of football, which was incessantly drilled and one which the Hilderinc Twā looked highly proficient just a few months ago.

Next game is a highly testing one, but the Hilderincs will have a proper go at it.

Hilderinc Twā 2 : J-Heat 2

Aqil Shah 34’, Thuwun Soe 40’

POM: Jonathan Pak & Mohd Salleh

[Assist: Ian Morris 34’, Aqil Shah 40’]

*Game abandoned at 58minutes

Starting Line-up

1. Zayar Min (GK)

2. Basil Al Barr

3. Jonathan Pak

4. Mohd Salleh

5. Sasikumar Manirasan

6. Lim Yangshan

7. Mohd Hafiz

8. Johann Pak

9. Lauren Larkin

10. Ian Morris

11. Aqil Shah


12. Craigton Gan

13. Fahmy “Ollie” Barker

14. Lim Chew Beng

15. Mervyn Tan

16. Mohd Hamizan

17. Thuwun “Tutu” Soe

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