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Barely-there Hilderincs Show Defiance In Defeat

Posted on January 15, 2023 at 11:15 AM

Despite the unimaginable state of affairs with untenable numbers continuing to beset both the Hilderinc sides into 2023, a ray of hope was gleamed from the valiant display of Hilderinc Twā despite going down against T89 in the EFL Sunday League.

Tormented by late withdrawals once again, the Blacks were stripped to bare bones with just one outfield option made available, and that just a tip of the iceberg, considering that the quandary of having no centrebacks, resulting in midfielders Lim Yangshan and Melvin Sim forced as emergency replacements as Lim Chew Beng was tasked in defensive midfield, a position as alien to him as it was to the next person on a train, while Aqil Shah, Hafiz Khir, Craigton Gan and Ian Morris, all slotting into situations out of dire necessity rather than choice.

In fact, it was the most highly makeshift lineup of any Hilderinc side in recent years, especially with the options, or the lack of on the bench.

Yet, for all the cobbled together, the Blacks were defiant in the face of an opponent who, for whatever reason, were overly bent on proving their exaggerated worth of superiority, imprudently questioning the referee when they were not directing disrespectful remarks at the Blacks.

Keeping their calm in the face of insolence, and footballing intentions, the Hilderincs were dogged in resolve as they repeatedly repelled any attention that came their way, with goalkeeper Jose Kasijo proving a formidable barrier between the sticks, and the improvised backline were exceptional in their reading of their responsibilities, further infuriating the opponents that the Blacks were not rolling over and die.

But having preserved past the first quarter, two quick goals left the Blacks trailing, but incredibly, there was no hint of any collapse, a maddening recurrence in the closing stages of 2022, but renewed tenacity to keep going, even in the face of acute lack, especially when Jose Kasijo was withdrawn, after suffering a recurrence of a persistent thigh injury.

However, his replacement, 18year old Zayar Min, turned out to be a monster in goal, pulling out some breathtaking saves, and although he was unable to prevent two further goals against the run of play in the second half, the youngster capped his debut with the Player of the Match for his heroics.

And even though several were barely finding strength to walk, everyone pushed the opponents all the way, never giving up the fight, but showing incredible grit and gumption, demonstrating the Hilderinc character with perfection, and although in reality, they could only do so much with the critically depleted resources, but they never stopped trying.

Equatorial Football League Sunday

Hilderinc Twā 0 : T89 4

POM: Zayar Min

Starting Line-up

1. Jose Kasijo

2. Ong Ji Kai

3. Lim Yangshan

4. Melvin Sim

5. Thuwun Soe

6. Lim Chew Beng

7. Aqil Shah

8. Hafiz Khir

9. Florent Zhu

10. Ian Morris

11. Craigton Gan


12. Zayar Min (GK)

13. Basil Al Barr

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