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Disastrous, An Understatement As The Hilderincs Implode

Posted on November 6, 2022 at 11:20 AM

Appalling, catastrophic, dreadful, infuriating when adjectives fail to surmise the manner in which Hilderinc Twā suffered an embarrassing return to league action after a month’s recess.

While lethargy after four weeks out of competitive football would be adequate as a decent but feeble excuse, the irrefutable fact was that the game was out of their hands prior to the start as they looked out of focus and disjointed in attention even before the first ball was kicked.

Ironically, despite the makeshift in the heart of defence and midfield, the opening 20mins painted a different narrative to what was to proceed as the Blacks did put in good start to the game.

In fact, the Hilderincs did have the first shot on goal, but all started unravelling within a minute when they allowed the Rebels to score in the other end when they were caught ball watching rather than dealing with the player posing the greatest danger, and this, annoyingly, at the stroke of the midpoint break.

Like a tale from Lemon Snicket, the goal set the tone for a series of unfortunate events, well mixed with horrendous self-infliction, leaving the Blacks in sickening aftershock of a complete and utter collapse.

Needlessly the Blacks found themselves two goals down before the break when they allowed the Rebels to squeeze in the ball from an impossible angle, knocking out any stride they were trying to gather.

And even if they were plotting a doable comeback in the second half, that too was almost immediately snuffed out by themselves, as they repeatedly shot themselves on the foot, gifting the Rebels with ridiculous gifts, all three in space of an abysmal 20mins.

Belatedly, they tried to conjure something in the final 25mins, but it was very little, and very too late, though a reasonable doubt would lead to question if the Blacks tried, or if the Rebels took their foot off the gas at that stage in the game.

Will the injuries to Darren Ang and Aqil Shah, and the resultant constant changing of personnel and formation to find a balance be a face-saving mitigation?

Even if, in the most compassionate of sentiments, the calamitous error spewed show cannot deflect the Hilderincs of an atrocious performance, one not expected of any Hilderinc side.

Hilderinc Twā 0 : Gaelic Rebels 5

POM: Lim Yang Shan

Starting Line-up

1. Jose Kasijo

2. Sean Rajah

3. Melvin Sim

4. Darren Ang

5. Sasikumar Manirasan

6. Daryl Wong

7. Lim Yang Shan

8. Basil Al Barr

9. Aqil Shah

10. Ian Morris

11. Casimir Simon


12. Simon Khaw (GK)

13. Anthony Ferraccu

14. Calvin Chaim

15. Fahmy “Ollie” Barker

16. Nigel Pek

17. Mervyn Tan


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