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Defensive Horror Show Sees Hilderincs Hit For Nine

Posted on August 27, 2022 at 9:05 AM

If results were of no significance, a declaration, though made well in advance even before a ball was kicked in the MSC Summer Cup 2022, would have had an uncomfortable examining as Hilderinc FC ended the mini campaign with a hammering in one of the most painful days in the office.

Concluding the fixtures against familiar rivals from the ESPZEN days, the tie against Fighting Cocks FC was never going to be a walk in the park even with a full squad, yet alone with one which was ominously stripped to barebones, though the additions of Lim Yangshan and Sam Lindley from the Hilderinc Twā, along with recent arrivals, Anthony Ferraccu, Durges Jason and Mervyn Soh, who had just one training session ahead of the baptism of fire.

If familiarity of the opponents had presented needed insight to their approach to the game, the Hilderincs failed to formulise the pre-match plan whatsoever, as they were put under the cosh from the get-go.

Failing to settle, and the Blacks were in sixes and sevens as they were opened up at will, a word of warning unheeded, and resultantly left un-thwarted, the Hilderincs were architects of their own ruin, and setup the issues for the rest of the afternoon.

Lacking in tenacity to compete against the robust Vietnamese, the Hilderinc flair was of little use, as they were repeatedly pickpocketed and were forced to face the consequence as many times.

If numbers were a concern, the late arrival of Nabil Zahrif due to a traffic accident was exacerbated by a freak injury to skipper Ian Morris, who suffered a worrying damage to his hamstring after getting caught on turf in the first half, and debutant, Durges Jason, popping his shoulder out in the second.

Ironically, but putting into perspective, minus the uncharacteristic and naivety defensively, the Hilderincs did keep to their drilled manner of play, especially in midfield, and had some bright moments, though all too often were undone by the flailing in the back, though the responsibility will be on everyone’s shoulders to bear.

And while few chances were created, the best ones fell to Sam Lindley and Anthony Ferraccu, though the final outcome might not have been altered too much on the day but would have certainly made it a little easier to analyse.

But reiterating the pre-tournament objectives, the outing was indeed meant to provide a run-out back into “competitive” football after more than two years, and also to have an opportunity to implement training principles into matches, while bedding in new players brought in this period, and the performances over the four games has been reasonable, the final game has highlighted the need to keep training and focus on key issues that would require special addressing.

With league football still on hold for the Saturday Hilderincs, there will be no pressure for overnight redemption.

Hilderinc FC 0 : Fighting Cocks FC 9

MOM: Lim Yangshan

Starting Line-up

1. Jose Kasijo

2. Tan Euren

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Calvin Teo

5. Sergey Darovskikh

6. Lim Yangshan

7. Basil Chan

8. Danzal Han

9. Sam Lindley

10. Ian Morris

11. Fahmy “Ollie” Barker


12. Anthony Ferraccu

13. Durges Jason

14. Mervyn Tan

15. Nabil Zahrif

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