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Unprepared Hilderincs Handed Hurtful Induction

Posted on August 3, 2019 at 10:10 AM

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After all the anticipation of promotion, Hilderinc FC were given a less than affable welcome to the life in the Saturday Division 1 when they suffered their worst defeat since their debut in ESPZEN back in 2011.

With an under-strength pre-season, accumulating with a two week recess leading up to their kickoff in the top flight, the Blacks, though willing for the challenge, had to face the reality of being sorely ill-equipped on the day.

Still without theirs regulars in key positions, the Hilderincs were again altered and forced, not by choice, to fill in with the best options available.

Despite being the first ever meeting between these two sides, the Hilderinc annals will be clear to point that their paths had crossed in undesired circumstances when the founding element of the Badgers had joined the Blacks back in 2015 to conduct clandestine and ingloriously unethical poaching operation of their foreign players, though the half-witted approach of two committee members of the Club in 2017 proved to have taken the cake, leaving a sour taste after the Hilderincs had welcomed him with an open arm, only to be hoodwinked for shameless personal agenda, while also known to recreating unflattering imitation of the Hilderincs' long establised practice. So much for originality.

However, fast-forward to the present as the dishonorable person is left to the pages of history to irrefutably judge, it was a good contest to start with though the Blacks had themselves to blame for their tentative start, peppered with disjointedness and uncertainty, which was duly punished even before the halfway point of the first period.

Facing a hiding, the Hilderincs were forced to reorganise with what they had, converting midfielder Attapol Thomprasert into a centreback while restoring Sunny Tharidu back into his usual stead, which improved the Blacks to a measure and appropriately took the game to the opponent, albeit sporadically but still lacking in their usual poise to make meaningful inroads.

Regardless of incompleteness in their play, the Blacks could have given a different outlook going into the break with an improvised effort from Ian Morris and a well-struck shot by Diogo Baptista which was kept out by a very good save from the Badgers goalkeeper.

The restart was a better proposition for the Hilderincs who tried to make something of the second period to at least find an improbable way back, but though the intend was there, the resources were further reduced when Diogo Baptista was withdrawn to attend an earlier-arranged commitment, giving limited value to their push, though Sebastian Eraso’s late arrival added some spur towards the end.

However, as it was in the first half, self-inflicted wounds were reopened for the Badgers to gorge on, as the Blacks produced one of their worst displays in their long history, looking like square pegs in round holes.

Living off scrapes by now, the Badgers keeper would deny the Hilderincs again when he kept out Ian Morris’ strike, though the Blacks would pull a goal back through Glenn Sandhu who responded quickest to put the ball into the back of the net following a melee from Nico Olvera’s freekick, though it was nothing more than an alleviating consolation.

Industrious in parts and calamitous at the rest, the Hilderincs’ own Moncef Loukili was why the Blacks were let off from a mind-numbing defeat, though the result would certainly suggest that it was worthy of a day or two in football coma.

The debate will go on if the Badgers were that good or the Blacks were that bad, but it will, nonetheless, be a time for the Hilderincs to lick their wounds as alongside their video camera which was bashed, their ego took a beating too.

With the remaining players returning in a week or two, the Hilderincs will start again, because this, though very painful, is not the end of the world for the defiant Blacks.

Final Score

Honey Badgers FC 8 : Hilderinc FC 1

Goal: Glenn Sandhu 67’

MOM: Moncef Loukili

Yellow Card: Sebastian Eraso

Staring Lineup

1. Moncef Loukili

2. James Ryall

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Sunny Tharidu

5. Adi Ravikumar

6. Nico Olvera

7. Diogo Baptista

8. Sanil Khatri

9. Attapol Thomprasert

10. Ian Morris

11. Lahiru Samararathna


12. Glenn Sandhu

13. Kavin Singh

14. Nabil Zahrif

15. Sebastian Eraso

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