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Causal Hilderincs Enjoy A Night Out Under The Stars

Posted on July 22, 2019 at 12:05 AM

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With the nation’s attention turned towards the National Stadium and the glitz of the International Champions Cup, Hilderinc FC were involved in a modest replication in the inaugural ESPZEN Inter Club Tournament at the Centaurs Turf City on Saturday.

In line with the Singapore Football Festival 2019, the ESPZEN organised 6 team, 20 min per game competition was meant to celebrate The Beautiful Game in a novel 3hour convivial concept.

However, with trophies and medals in sight, the primal instinct of the menfolk was triggered, giving rise to needless and exaggerated bravado amongst some in attendance, perhaps falsely stimulated by the events at Kallang, and the fact that five of the six sides represented were ESPZEN champions in one way or the other, added much unsought ego-agitating fuel to the mix.

In complete contrast to the prevailing sentiments, the Hilderincs, already reduced in numbers with a majority of the players missing, and even with a handful of their own representing one of the contestants in a fraternal collaboration, turned up for the party with merry hearts, just to enjoy a game or two away from their usual slog under the Saturday sun.

Despite being made aware in the opening minutes watching the other teams “duke it out” while waiting for their turn that it was friendly competition only in name, the Hilderincs with a firm purpose of treating this as nothing more than a supplementary to their pre-season programme, resolved to keep to their objections regardless of the results, and not to relegate their own poise in the face of any misguided bluster, knowing that they not only represent themselves as an ESPZEN Saturday League Division One team, but as a properly managed Club with a long history of being an exemplary outfit as one of their longstanding motto ingrained in their DNA.

While they finished the night with two defeats out of two, and probably as the worst faring team on the night, there was nothing to take away from the Blacks who made the most of the quick-fire games, while adding a little drama and comic relief at the same time, though injury to Aamir Fikri gave some reason for concern but none was lost in their overall intent.

With their focus now turning to their 19th Anniversary celebrations, the Hilderincs will also firmly keep their thoughts and attentions to their continued preparations for the start of the new season, but just for one weekend it will take a backseat while their celebrate.


No one sets up a team to lose in any game they play,

But losing in a part of The Beautiful Game.

If you cannot learn the lessons in defeat, you will not appreciate the value of victory.

So why must we win at all cost, so why must we win at the expense of hurt limps and bones?

What is the worth of a conquest when we lose our humanity and moral beauty?

A display of false bravado, a show of foolish intensity and aggression, a hallmark of a loser, an insecure contender.

A quiet echo of integrity, steadfast dignity, and magnanimity, even in the worst of defeats, is a promise of a conqueror, an assured victor.

I know what I choose to be, do you?

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