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Reeling Hilderincs Handed Cheery Exoneration

Posted on July 10, 2019 at 4:55 AM

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Having been in the Division 2 title challenge up to the final four games of the season, Hilderinc Football Club’s collapse in the run-in was nothing short of being spectacular, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Left gutted by the unfortunate folding, the commiserating Blacks faced a considerable emotional challenge in picking themselves up for the new campaign, knowing that they were far superior to what they ended up with, and deserved to be in the midst of better company.

If circumstances had plotted their late slide, affable settings offered them a welcomed exoneration when withdrawals handed them a route into Division 1 after they had secured a top three first, and were looking forward for a possible play-off between third from bottom, Mariners 11 FC.

Delighted at the opportunity to be where they always felt they belonged, Hilderinc FC, will take on the challenges in the ESPZEN Saturday Division 1, knowing very well that ingenuous missteps will be ruthlessly punished, but will be confident that quality opponents have always brought the best football out of them at the same.

In the meantime, the Blacks will intensify their preparation, which they had already started two weeks ago, but with added incentive and focus, they will now gear up for their kickoff in the big time.


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