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Blacks Blip After Suicidal Late Show

Posted on August 18, 2018 at 10:50 AM

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On the back of scoring 13 goals in their last two in-between league friendlies, Hilderinc FC were on the receiving end after a Jekyll and Hyde display saw them lose with four philanthropical second half goals against Techwood FC at Queenstown Secondary School.

While friendly games are always put into perspective against the large scheme of things of match fitness, player introduction and certain level of experimentation, but the manner of the late self-inflicted collapse must provide a timely reminder against any uncritical satisfaction heading into the business end of a title chasing campaign.

Faced with a prospect of starting the game with ten men, the Blacks had a 14 year old spectator thrown in to the mix in order to have numerical parity before kickoff.

Despite the unfamiliarity of playing a 3-4-3 formation, with no less than six players returning from a long break and two debutants, the Hilderincs looked good value for money against the an opponent with an admirable almost 40 year history, and who were looking to exert themselves in the early minutes.

And though well kept at bay by veterans Dionisis Kolokotsas and Kavin Singh, along with Sunny Tharidu and Club president, Simon Khaw in goal, a rare moment of inattentiveness allowed Techwood to sneak in the lead from a routine freekick.

And unsurprisingly, the Hilderinc’s response was measured and focused as Diogo Baptista, supported by Sergey Darovskikh in a deliberately planned role, grew into the proceedings with Sean Tan and Thenesh also impressing on their bows in the colours.

With the remaining half hour, with the reorganisation to their usual setup and the introduction of the likes of Basil Al Barr, Nabil Zahrif, Jon Loh and Kumaresan Maniam, the Blacks added to their dimensions with sustained possession and their renowned pass and move football, keeping the opponents stranded inside their own half.

But despite the first-rate industry, they were unable to find the leveler with the opportunities they created as they went into the break still a goal down.

The restart proved to be a curious one as the game took a rather docile tone as compared to the diligence of the first period.

Both teams struggling to make meaningful in-roads, it was a prolonged phase of hit and miss football, hoping something might come off with each speculative effort.

Going into the final half an hour, and looking likely to be a drab contrast to the first half, the Hilderincs finally sprang some zest into the game though it was still short of their usual pomp.

Pressing for an equaliser, Omar Mahnin’s attempt at goal was deflected for a corner, and having a habit of trying at least once in every game, Ian Morris caught the Techwood keeper off guard by squeezing the ball into the near post direct from the cornerkick.

Despite having finally leveled the score, the Blacks’ joy was exasperatedly short-lived when within minutes they found themselves a goal down again when an unforced mix-up, the first of four, undid them.

Yet again the Hilderincs demonstrated their intent through a magnificent long range belter from Kumaresan Maniam, drawing parity for the second time and with just minutes left on the clock


However, like a recurring nightmare, Techwood took their chances and regained their lead through another horrendous mistake under no significant pressure, and would go to dumbfound the Blacks by scoring two more goals, with all three coming in the final 5 minutes in aid of some scandalous charity from the Hilderincs.

Making reference to earlier-mentioned perspective, the Blacks, though irritated on the count of their high standards, will take conciliatory consolation that if any slipup was due; it arrived in a friendly game rather than a high stakes fixture.

Also taking positives, the Hilderincs will consider the fact that several players were short of match fitness while others were building synergy as they use these friendlies to bring synchronisation to the squad depth, especially in the absence of others.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 2 : Techwood FC 5

Goals: Ian Morris, Kumaresan Maniam

Staring Lineup

1. Simon Khaw

2. Dionisis Kolokotsas

3. Kavin Singh

4. Sunny Tharidu

5. Sergey Darovskikh

6. Diogo Baptista

7. Sean Tan

8. Omar Mahnin

9. Casimir Simon

10. Ian Morris


11. Basil Al Barr

12. Jon Loh

13. Kumaresan Maniam

14. Nabil Zahrif

15. Nicholas Ledenmark

16. Thenesh

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