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Decent Contest Marred By Inanity

Posted on July 5, 2018 at 12:25 AM

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As the inaugural ESPZEN Midweek 7s League draws to a conclusion, Hilderinc Football Club wound down the competition, taking on IGU FC which, unfortunately, will be remembered for reasons other than the pulsating match.

Despite the Saturday League Division 3 title challenge the topmost priority, the Blacks were decked in good numbers as they looked to end the campaign strongly, though the objective has always remained to consider this tournament as a fitness supplementary in benefit of the aforementioned task.

While reports about IGU FC heard from rest of the 7s casts had been far bit negative, the Blacks were offered grace by the opponents who affably agreed to outlook the Blacks’ shortcomings for the game to proceed.

Given the “reprieve”, the Hilderincs wasted little time to focus on the game, taking an early lead through Rupi Dhillon after a quick inter-passing play.

The Blacks soon extended their lead through Ian Morris who took full advantage of a deft pass from Shiv Tulsiani to put the ball pass the goalkeeper.

Though they were looking good for their lead, the Blacks were punished for their inattentiveness, allowing IGU to pull level with two quick goals while they slipped into their 11-a-side style defending.

With the game taking a tight tussle thereon, chances for both sides made it an exciting affair.

The impasse was broken just before the break when the Hilderincs restored their lead through Ian Morris whose quick shot deflected pass the keeper.

It was an annoying restart for the Blacks who again saw their lead erased straight from kickoff as IGU equalised with their direct approach.

The game descended into another protracted deadlock with both teams trying to advance their cause against the respective tight defensive line, though the Hilderincs were more industrious with their endeavour.

For the third time in the game the Blacks found a way to the front when Parthiban Aruchamy’s freekick made its way into the back of the net after Omar Manini’s almost magical dummy deceived the goalkeeper into applying the slightest of touches to legitimise the effort.

With the Hilderincs pressing hard to finish off the game, they were presented a perfect opportunity when Ian Morris was bundled in the box for a stonewall penalty.

For unbeknown reasons, one element of an otherwise competitive but genial IGU side decided to set the tone for utter imprudent obnoxiousness as Ian Morris set himself to take the spotkick.

When the resultant penalty was missed, the arithmetically challenged person, who was not even officially registered as a player, went on an immature buffoonery, mocking the forward, displaying wanton third class asininity, devoid of the slightest capacity for dignity and self-respect.

Extremely provoked by the highest order of cerebral impotence, the skipper responded with uncharacteristic self-indulgence against the tomfool caper, inadvertently exposing the Blacks to unnecessary distraction.

Possibly the veteran’s venting his spleen may have be an debatable consequence, but the Hilderincs were undone by a very late equaliser when IGU FC scored with virtually the last kick of the game, which again prompted further show of classless antics unabated from the dullard.

Despite being aggrieved by several factors, the Hilderincs proved to be the better by still presenting their customary token of appreciation, which is prepared beforehand and given to every opponent at the end of the game, despite the result, because whatever the competitiveness on the pitch, the Blacks hold to their value of sportsmanship and respect for their adversaries, which unfortunately was devoid from one person who betrayed the Beautiful Game and should consider not dishonouring it further.

A good game laid waste by one cretin.

Writer’s Note: Sentiments expressed are of the writer and may not reflect the views of Hilderinc Football Club.

Final Score

IGU FC 4 : Hilderinc FC 4

Goals: Rupi Dhillon, Ian Morris (2), Parthiban Aruchamy

MOM: Adi Ravikumar

Starting Lineup

1. Adi Ravikumar

2. Nicholas Ledenmark

3. Sunny Tharidu

4. Rupi Dhillon

5. Satoki Yoshida

6. Ian Morris

7. Shiv Tulsiani


8. Darren Tan

9. Kalindu Bandara

10. Omar Mahnin

11. Parthiban Aruchamy


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