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Hilderincs Display Matchless Character Despite Loss

Posted on December 2, 2017 at 9:20 AM

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While some may imitate Hilderinc FC in creating websites, photo or video footage for YouTube channels, or plan oversees football trips to position themselves as a “big” or established team, the Blacks proved that it takes more than these superficial posturing by demonstrating upmost character even in defeat, expressing one of the reasons why they have been around for 17 years and counting, and not like many flash in the pan teams that sprout out like weak mushrooms.

The decimated Hilderincs, with just ten regulars, had to draw resources from Hilderinc Twā FC, the Blacks’ Sunday side, as David Zheng, Kumaresan Maniam, Darren Tan and Chua Yuxuan volunteered to put in a double shift despite having an important league game the next day themselves, while against normal Club policy, gave Wiktor Hjelm, Nabil Zahrif, their bow in a league game, and included a severally match unfit, Guilherme Imai, just to have a squad available to compete in the blistering heat, and against an opponent who had decided to win at all cost.

Starting like a patchwork with several players fitting in unfamiliar positions, the Hilderincs took an early lead when 17 year old, Nabil Zahrif, pounced on Ian Morris’ deflected freekick for a creditable start.

Keeping good momentum, the Blacks were in a position of relative comfort throughout the half as they limited the Pacifires to speculative forays with little threat to the Hilderinc backline or keeper, though a misguided vocal cheerer, one who stood out like a sore thumb, in an otherwise competitive but decent group of players, with his confused version of motivation-less and aimless "banter", if that would even be classified as a banter in any intelligent sense of the word.

With the weather taking its toll on the makeshift Hilderincs, who were stuck between a rock and a hard place, as they wrestled with the need to protect the Sunday Hilderincs against premature overtiredness, especially with their own battle 24 hours later, and matters were made challenging after the referee decided against a mid-point water break.

The Blacks though composed, had to content with the constant whining and cantankerous moaning from some quarters of the Pacifire ranks, who were taken to by the querulous before mentioned cheerer, clamouring for every decision to go for them, though the referee was able to discern the juvenile lack of understanding of the game, but one would have to question the sorry lack of leadership shown to even check their own player could have played a part in such imprudence.

It was then a shocker when the official penalised the Hilderincs for an apparent high boot in the box, though the video footage clearly showed that there was little, if any to Goh Heng Kiat’s intervention. (Note: Our reports are backed by video evidence and not any frivolous unsubstantiated claims, and are open to scrutiny)

The leveler from the spot, though Sunny Tharidu was close to getting something to it, was a turning point, as Pacifire, buoyant by the giveaway, piled the pressure on the Hilderincs.

And if not for the exceptional but insane heroics of Sunny in goal, when he pulled off a double miraculous pointblank saves, the Blacks would have gone into the half a goal down, and quite frankly, he had no right to keep them out! Simply outrageous from the defender turned keeper!

The second period proved to be a challenging one in the circumstances with rough-and-ready with players filling in just to keep formation and battling the weather, the Blacks allowed Pacifire FC to take advantage and found themselves 3-1 down, first through a deflected cross and second, a Adib Alias own goal.

The final quarter was made all the harsher when Sunny Tharidu was victim of a stuipd and senseless stomp which left the normally hardnosed player writhing excruciating pain and in crutches.

And while the Blacks will be tactful to admit it was not malicious, they were certainly censure the manner the Pacifire captain set himself out to remove all logic and opted for a win at all cost mentality, when someone’s limp was at stake when it was only in an amateur league game, perhaps a sign of undeveloped and immature bravado to impress.

In a show of faith and defiance, the Hilderincs threw Mike De-Bear to take his place between the sticks, and the defender turned emergency goalkeeper personified the Hilderinc heart, choosing to go down fighting even if they had lost 10-1, and in true spirit, he kept a clean sheet in audacity.

Sadly, in contrast, wanton gloating by one individual against the emaciated Hilderincs would be the opponents’ “glory”, and as mentioned, the lack of strong leadership to provide honourable management to stem out the crassness would be their gain along the three points they sought so badly, even in expense of not knowing how to be gracious in victory, but having said that, most of the Pacifires were commendable winners.

As for the Hilderincs, while the game was lost, they had every reason to hold their heads high, because how their response in defeat was more important on the tough day against equally tough circumstances.

With the Hilderincs glad to see the end of 2017, they will gladly go into their end of the year break, and having lost four games in a row, they will return to league action only towards the end of January 2018, and will continue their fight, whatever their battle will be by then.

“In War: Resolution, In Defeat: Defiance, In Victory: Magnanimity, In Peace: Good Will.”

Sir Winston Churchill

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 1 : Pacifire FC 3

Goal: Nabil Zahrif

                                 Adib Alias (O.G.)

MOM: Sunny Tharidu

Yellow Cards: Erdogan Albay, Darren Tan

Starting Lineup

1. Sunny Tharidu

2. Glenn Sandhu

3. Goh Heng Kiat

4. Adib Alias

5. David Zheng

6. Kumaresan Maniam

7. Erdogan Albay

8. Diogo Baptista

9. Wiktor Hjelm

10. Ian Morris

11. Nabil Zahrif


12. Mike De-Bear

13. Basil Al Barr

14. Darren Tan

15. Muhammed Noorfarhan

16. Guilherme Imai

• ESPZEN Saturday League 18 Div 3

• HFC Players’ Stats

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