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Ninety Second Half Seconds Hurts Blacks

Posted on April 1, 2017 at 1:15 PM

Hilderinc FC’s upward trajectory in the ESPZEN Saturday League Division 2 table took an unexpected hit after they surrendered a 2-0 first half lead to undeservedly lose 3-2 against Mariners 11 FC.

Famed for countless extraordinary comebacks over the last 17 years, most recently against UBS United in the first game of the season, the tables were turned on the Blacks as the combination of a stupor start to the second half and, utter delusional and schizophrenic referee, who denied the Hilderincs no less than three crystal clear penalties, which video replays unequivocally confirmed.

It was no less a purposeful start from the Blacks, who were looking for a hat-trick of wins and they duly took the lead through Alberto Bartoli who finished crisply after collecting an Ian Morris through ball.

After been denied two spot-kicks in succession for blatant handballs, the Hilderincs extended their lead after Ian Morris lopped the keeper for their second goal, and looked value for the money going into the break with a two goal lead, though rightfully should have been four for the good, if only the man in the middle had any sense of what he was doing.

However, if anyone is to be liable, the Blacks certainly have to own-up for their laxly daisy resumption of the second period when they permitted a sauntering Mariners back into the game.

Despite early pressure from the opponents, the Hilderincs held their own and should have tripled their lead, but with the goalmouth at their mercy, one touch too many in box allowed the Mariners to snuff a certain goal that could have effectively ended any contest.

But having let the opponents off the hook, the inattentive Blacks were punished when the Mariners drew level with two avertible goals in 90 seconds.

Exacerbating their annoyance, the referee completed his own hat-trick by failing to penalise the Mariners for a foul on Sashikumar Mahathevan in the box, but unbelievably awarded the foul to the offender rather than the offended.

Just when it looked like the Hilderincs would suffer limited damage of a draw, they were handed a sickening sucker punch when the Mariners completed their comeback with the winner, leaving the Blacks black-faced and lost for words to explain their capitulation.

While the defeat might be damaging to their ambitions, the Hilderincs will be very keen to dust themselves off and look forward for Club M.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 2 : Mariners 11 FC 3

Goals: Alberto Bartoli, Ian Morris

MOM: Ian Morris

Yellow Cards: Alberto Bartoli, Ian Morris, Sam Thorley, Omar Mahnin

Starting Line Up

1. Lim Yong Kiat

2. Sunny Tharidu

3. Wong Yih-Khai

4. Antonio Cerveró

5. Mike Rooke

6. Sam Thorley

7. Rama Witjaksono

8. Sashikumar Mahathevan

9. Rahmat Saring

10. Ian Morris

11. Alberto Bartoli


12. Omar Mahnin

13. Nicholas Ledenmark

14. Jon Loh

15. Serhat Dalbeyler

16. Mike De Bear

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