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Posted on November 27, 2010 at 6:55 PM

In the recent month or so, the local papers have been covering quite a fair bit about youth street gang violence. Many have been left shocked and aghast at the level of senseless violence on the streets.


I reckon these people have not been to some of the weekend football games played here in Singapore. How many of us would raise our hands when asked if we have witnessed footballers brawling on the pitch? Perhaps it would not be surprising if some of us have been involved in such fights ourselves.


Having played football since age 8, I have seen my share of ugly brawls on the pitch and have had been unfortunate to have played in games that were disrupted by such unsavoury events. One has to only talk to some local referees to hear of tales from the pitch that would make Vinny Jones squirm. The recent incident involving the Young Lions during a S-League match proves that it is a topic worth talking about.


I would therefore, like to attempt an objective assessments to justify as to why footballers fight on the pitch, using my finite understandings to do so of course.


1. Players who fight are Steadfast Football Traditionalist.


In my first point of assessment, I would like to highlight a strong possibility that players who fight belong to an ancient sect that seeks to hold onto Football’s traditional roots, something like the Templar’s Knights.


Football after all has some roots from the Incas of South America who played a ball game where the losing team gets their heads cut off. Maybe it could be the game of medieval Europe where true footbawl was played between villages and towns with massive carnage at the end of the day.


This deep sense of history and tradition inspires the modern day players to fight on the pitch. Perhaps the term “Weekend Warriors” coined by a local newspaper that ran articles on local social teams had something to do with it too.


2. Football is a Non Contact Sport


Secondly, through years of playing and watching football, I have come to realise that the majority of those who play the game believe in a myth that football is actually a contact sport. In fact, football is a non contact sport where players are not allowed to touch each other at all. It is a game for the gentlest of the gentlemen.


Look at it, most fights occur when one player tackles hard or nudges the other off the ball. So if that theory applies, no fights will happen as long as no one touches each other.


Writer’s Thought:


Though no one condones unsporting play, how much of a sportsmanship is it to fight with another player? (Selah: meaning, Pause and Think)


3. Football is a Mating Game


I am one who never subscribes to the notion of man evolving from animals thus we all have animal instincts and react according to it. Strangely, I have resisted hard the urge to believe that it might be true especially when I see some players behave on the field whenever there is a female Homo sapiens somewhere in the crowd.


I have seen this strange paranormal as there would be electricity in the air as some players would suddenly start warming up, strutting around and showing off their footwork in the eyeshot of the ladies present to watch the game.


Just like what I have seen in Animal Planet, when male species would do their thing to impress the female in order to get her approval to mate. Most of the time, they would have to fight off competitors for the right to mate.


As I can see some parallel, I would like to conclude that Football is actually a mating game. Whenever there is a lady in the crowd, some players will try to outdo his mates in order to prove his worth to her.


That is not a problem you might say, but it is when the boyfriend who brought her along is pissed off with this showboating and intensifies his own ego trip. Put twenty two highly charged men in a testosterone fare, only one thing can happen. Yes, you guessed it, a footbrawl.


I have highlighted three highly possible and objective justifications for football players to fight on the pitch, and I would like to conclude that as nonsensical as it all sounds, in reality there is no justification to fight on the pitch. Football is a Beautiful Game; let us keep it that way. If anyone wants to fight, please take up boxing instead.

An article by Ian Morris published on Footballopod

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