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Demise of the League Cup

Posted on November 20, 2010 at 6:55 PM

It was been rather interesting and somewhat puzzling to note in the last couple of years, the English League Cup has vanished from our television sets. I am wondering if anyone even noticed its demise. Did Starhub and Singtel forget about this lesser Cup tournament in the midst of their battle for the Premiership? Maybe, they do not have the spare change to buy the rights for it after the World Cup debacle. I really would like to know though.

Singtel has been trumpeting their 'Premiership success' over Starhub with their thinly veiled red verse green commercials, which by the way, I find rather per-mature considering that they have yet prove themselves a worthy and welcomed English football broadcaster in Singapore.

Many of us still fear that we might be frozen out at the most crucial moment by Singtel's now infamous technical glitches just when our beloved team is about to score a goal. It is also some getting use to when some of England 's home games are shown on Singtel's ESPN and away games on Starhub's Football Channel. I have to admit it is harder than ever to be an English football fan because you have to be constantly on your toes to figure out which set-top box to turn to for your fix.

Starhub has lost quite a bit when the Premiership was snatched out of their hands and they have not done enough to retain some football fans with their own much hyped up football spread. Brazilian football when most of the viewers are at work? Spanish football at close to 4 am Monday mornings? We do have to work to pay for subscription if they are unaware of that fact.

German football is not something many would ditch their mates or girlfriends for. Let me not get started with the S-League shown on two cable channels when it is on free to air Channel 5. Goal TV 1 and 2 was refreshing with its magazine shows until the plug was pulled on that. The English Championship previously shown on Goal TV gave some fans the chance to see their teams play even when their not in the top flight.

Coming back to the League Cup, why has one of the domestic English cup tournament relegated behind Brazilian, Japanese, German and even the S-league that is does not even get a broadcast of the semi-finals or Final itself? Did the corporate people ask the fans what they wanted to see or they are just concerned about dishing out whatever that is cheaper but grab the football fans their hard earned money?

I would like to sincerely request the corporate bosses of Singtel and Starhub to provide what the football fans what before putting stars on their report cards.

An article by Ian Morris published on Footballopod

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