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Farcical Blacks Suffer Opening Day Defeat

Posted on July 12, 2015 at 10:40 AM

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Hilderinc FC were given a smack of reality after promotion when they suffered their first ever opening day defeat when they produced a self-destructing display against Vincitore FC.

Though well equipped to counter the vigours of an experienced opponent, the Blacks were at their worst, in more than one way, in a day that started with much fanfare and optimism.

Perhaps busking in the niceties of the pre-match award presentations, the Blacks were void of focus, lacking in any form of rhythm or stride, losing control of the game right from the early minutes.

Dawdling on their own misguided over confidence, the Blacks were a constant farce of losing the ball, detrimentally in their own half, alluring immediate response from the Vincitores, who did not need a second invitation.

Though living on the edge on numerous occasions, the Blacks continued with their decadence, flirting with in the inevitable and it duly translated tangibly.

Defending a succession of corners, the Blacks saw with disbelief, a speculative ball sent towards goal bundled across the line by the keeper, whose claim of a push from an opposing players was hypothetical at its best.

However, going behind to an embarrassing goal sparked the Hilderincs, who would go on to have their best phase of the game, finally showing glimpses of their usual prose.

They hit back within minutes to level the score when Alex Wong’s cross-field pass was perceptively tucked away by Sashikumar Mahathevan.

With sails up, the Blacks continued with their offensive, even taking the lead when Logaraj Sundram’s delightful cross into the box was finished off by Mitchell Keh at close range.

However, the elation was dashed when the goal was chalked off for offside, a call that would set the stage for much touchiness.

Questioning and bickering at every refereeing decision, from the pitch and the stands, the Blacks let the plot slowly slips off their hands, as their focus was diverted from upping their stalks in the game to outdoing the man in the middle.

A reckless and totally illogical backpass led to the Vincitores capitalising, putting themselves ahead, just before the break, by the way of two altruistic Hilderinc assists.

If the plans were to reclaim the initiative, it was left in disarray when a second droll own goal from the Blacks left them trailing further, increasing the frustration level, hypocritically aimed at everyone else but failing to realise it was they who were shooting themselves on the foot at every turn.

With the delusional feeling of being victimised only expanding the fault line, fuelled by the irresponsible ranting against the referee by elements within the Hilderincs, the stage was being prepared for a sorry finale to the game.

The Hilderincs’ uncharacteristic disintegration took a climax when they had a player rightfully sent off for the most outright and outrageous professional foul, and the referee pointed to the spot.

Instead of facing the task of keeping the team in the game, the Blacks’ substitute keeper went on a selfish physical invective on the referee, bringing the game and the Club into disrepute, earning a red card in the process.

Down to nine men, and feeling betrayed by the disgraceful circus, and to prevent further escalation of an already shameful and volatile situation, the Blacks’ captain, with slightly more than ten minutes to go, beseeched the referee for an early end to the game and in favour of Vincitore FC, duly accepting that they had no right for any defence.

With a Club aimed at being an exemplary outfit, were sorely let down by gross egotistical behaviour, which the Hilderincs will bear responsibility collectively.

And as the Blacks lick their wounds in self-reflection, this painful defeat will be put in honest perspective as look to bounce back from it, with damaged pride repaired.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 2 : Vincitore FC 4

Goals: Sashikumar Mahathevan, O.G

MOM: Shuichi Narita

Yellow Card: Nicholas Ledenmark

Red Cards: Nicholas Ledenmark, Lim Yong Kiat

Starting Line Up

1. Leon Lee

2. David Zheng

3. Sunny Tharidu

4. Nicholas Ledenmark

5. Alex Wong

6. Philip Vahn

7. Rama Witjaksono

8. Sashikumar Mahathevan

9. Logaraj Sundram

10. Ian Morris

11. Mitchell Keh


12. Lim Yong Kiat

13. Jeevan T Kannu

14. Andy Chang

15. Tadao “Ted” Kaneda

16. Gabir Nabil

17. Chua Yuxuan

18. Sai Ganesh

19. Shuichi Narita

20. Vijay Ramadoss

• ESPZEN Sunday League 23 Division 4

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