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BLOG: Things I Do Not Understand

Posted on May 6, 2010 at 12:25 PM

Confession of a Liverpool Fan

By Ian Morris


There are many things I do not understand. Like how the galaxy works, what happened to the dinosaurs and why do some claim apes are our distant relative, though some of mine look the part. I have added one more to that list in the aftermath of Liverpool’s defeat against Chelsea last Sunday. I tried very hard to understand but it seems that my finite mind just simply failed to get it.


I could not understand just how everyone associated with Manchester United suddenly became so nice to those associated with Liverpool prior to the game. We heard a man who claimed his ultimate goal when he took over Man Utd in 1986 was to be better than Liverpool; whose life blood only runs to make Man Utd and not Liverpool the best team in England and maybe the world; someone who has constantly put down the Reds at every given opportunity and over the last 18 years have gloated endlessly over the sleeping giants of Merseyside, suddenly praising them. “They’ve been in 11 European finals and won 18 titles. Great clubs don’t throw traditions away for one game. The fans know that.” (BBC Football, 1 May 2010), he said. Did we hear him right? Alex Ferguson calling Liverpool a great team? Shall I go on to talk more about Wayne Rooney, an Everton lad playing for United asking Liverpool to do them a favour but beating Chelsea? Would such diplomatic niceties even been dreamt of should the shoe be on the other foot.


I cannot understand how anyone could think that a bitter rival who had been taunted for years because of their underachievement would do a favour from the very team that is looking to overtake them in terms of record titles. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that it does not happen that way. I could not understand the accusations and angry rants by most United fans after the game. What sportsmanship are they talking about? What favour did they expect? Roll over and die and see United crowned champions of England for the fourteenth time in the Premiership era and do one more than them? It is preposterous even to think that any Red blooded Liverpool fan would support the thought of that. It was a similar situation in Rome, Italy. Did Roma really think Lazio would beat Inter Milan so that they can be champions of Italy? It is like cutting of your own arm and giving it to the enemy before you fight him in battle. So when Lazio lost 2-0 to Inter, it was the same ranting and raving but in Italian over there.


One more game left before we know who the championships of England are going to be. Chelsea in pole position and Man United are second and hoping that Wigan will do them a favour this time around. Who is going to win? I do not want to make a call but of all that I do not understand; this I understand, it takes more than favours from others to be Championship, and Manchester United have had their fair share of that over the years and should not expect any this time around. They do not own the English league title.

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