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1st Half Jinx Strikes Again

Posted on March 25, 2023 at 10:15 AM

What has become the Achilles' Heel for Hilderinc FC since the start of their debut season in the Equatorial Football League (EPL), and one that looked to have been countered since the turn of the year, looks well and truly back, especially taking into account the results of the last two weekends.

Penchant for needless and naive, unforced errors, particularly in defensive areas, which then gets brutally punished by wily opponents who have become grateful beneficiaries of Hilderinc charity, leaving the Blacks looking like hapless and inane benefactors who repeatedly look impecunious.

With another threadbare squad, with no less than eight regulars missing yet again for various reasons, though the quality of the first eleven would have given confidence of at least a fight against the Dutch who have at least one hand on the league title, but with Oranje turning up with a formidable lineup to ensure they went home with all three points, the Blacks had their work cut out with such scrawny numbers.

Whatever resolve the Hilderincs might have had, it all started to unravel within 5mins of the start, and up the time both teams went into the break, the Hilderincs found themselves four goals down, all through charitable acts of kindness.

Facing another needless mountain to climb, and with no probable way back into the game against the determined Dutch, the Hilderincs had to change their approach, after a submissive and timid display.

Ditching the earlier passive attitude, the Blacks, though with not much options on the bench, pushed against the orange wall, finally giving a proper account of themselves, but frustratingly, belatedly yet again.

While not significant to threaten Hollandse’s position, the Hilderincs managed to make life a little uncomfortable, and could have had at least two goals to their name, had they not missed a second penalty in as many games, and if only Ryan Ng’s incredible swirling freekick had not crashed against the angle of the woodwork.

With just two games remaining in a challenging debut campaign, much of the hardship their own undoing, plans are already afoot to prepare for next season, and work is expected to start as early as next week.

Equatorial Football League QD1

Hilderinc FC 0 : Hollandse FC 7


POM: Gibson Chia


Starting Line-up

1. Faz Juma’at (GK)

2. Fahmy “Ollie” Barker

3. Gibson Chia

4. Nicholas Ledenmark

5. Daniel Chin

6. Christopher Collick

7. Basil Chai

8. Ryan Ng

9. Melvin Sim

10. Ian Morris

11. Thuwun “Tutu” Soe


12. Jose Kasijo (GK)

13. Tan Euren


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