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Utter Capitulation Leaves Humiliated Hilderincs With No Place To Hide

Posted on March 19, 2023 at 11:50 AM

To say it was a bad weekend for Hilderinc FC would be a gross understatement, and would do significant disservice to the word itself, as the Blacks suffered their worst defeat in their 23 year history after a shambolic outing against Exiles FC.

Playing their second Equatorial Football League Saturday QD1 in just over 24 hours after their dreadful trip to GESS for a 1pm kickoff, the Hilderincs’ self-mutilation at the hands of the same opponent, against whom they had their best display just three weeks ago, leaves more questions than answers, though every plausible reasoning cannot hide the sheer hurt for a proud Club.

Starting the game with 10 men, this including help from Hilderinc Socials’ Calvin Chaim, which otherwise would have left the Hilderincs in deeper mire than what they found themselves in, the annoyance at their own tardiness was significantly apparent.

Putting round pegs in square holes, despite a reasonable start, the Blacks were unhinged within 5minutes, but their response to going behind gave little or no indication that they would self-imploded later on, as they showed determination in disadvantage, seeking an immediate way back into the game.

This true even when they went two behind, but there was no explanation to the shocking collapse thereafter when they had the full complement of eleven players on the pitch.

Inactive and lacking in composure, the Blacks allowed the Exiles to punish them at will, who were wise to the instability of thoughts of the Hilderincs, as they drew their sword repeatedly.

If the first half was a shamble, words are inadequate to describe the second half pretense of a football club as the Hilderincs were at the worst.

While Ryan Ng’s audacious freekick goal gave some life to a failing pulse, a missed penalty by skipper Ian Morris did not aid in any localised revival.

However, in the deepest of despair and awful chastening, an amber of the Hilderinc Spirit flicked as the Blacks staged a late rally, more in defiance than anything meaningful against the total obliteration.

After a bleak weekend, the wounds are raw and bedeviling, but the Hilderinc will not hide, and as much as it is emotionally depleting, tomorrow will be new day, and they will fight again…

Equatorial Football League QD1

Hilderinc FC 1 : Exiles FC 12

Ryan Ng 67’




O.G. Daryl Wong

Yellow Card: Ian Morris


Starting Line-up

1. Gowtham Durai

2. Thuwun “Tutu” Soe

3. Venkat Kalairasan

4. Sai Ganesh

5. Sean Rajah

6. Daryl Wong

7. Ryan Ng

8. Aqil Shah

9. Calvin Chaim

10. Ian Morris


11. Basil Al Barr

12. Hafiz Khir

13. Melvin Sim

14. Nicholas Ledenmark

15. Sasikumar Manirasan

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