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Debilitating Self-Infliction An Infuriating Repeated Torture

Posted on December 4, 2022 at 8:10 AM

Coming on the end of a heavy thrashing just a week ago, the Hilderinc Twā jinx condemned the Blacks to an undeserving defeat as gross ineptitude repeated itself in a maddening 7min spell in the first half, cruelly halting what was turning out to be a positive afternoon.

Perhaps apart from the game against VFC back in October, not sugarcoating the facts, repeated unenforced, ridiculous, and indefensible blunders have been, if not the sole reason for the state the Hilderincs find themselves in.

Playing some of the best football seen in months, the Hilderincs, albeit with a rough and ready centreback pairing, their sixth different configuration in as many games since the start of the season, and several drafted from both the Saturday and Hilderinc Socials sides, the Blacks looked value for money to finally get something, at least a point on the league table, as they looked to have returned to their effective pass and move football.

Enjoying the elephant’s share of the possession, the Hilderincs looked composed and ready, though they were shy on foraying into the opponent’s half despite their collective endeavours; however, with little hint of any discomfort from the Saints’ counters, it was immeasurably galling that a hat-trick of incompetence at this level in quick succession rendered every ounce of toil up to that point useless, while cruelly setting the side to climb an unnecessary mountain needlessly.

Such immense was the annoyance from the touchline that the Blacks had a forward playing in goal in the second half, an exasperating, but desperate response to damage control that has repeated for the past three games in succession.

While the Hilderincs’ retort was blunted by the substantial deficit, they did put a brave fight to claw back, and unlike the earlier period, they were more expansive with their approach, but they had to content with a scoreline that did not truly reflect the proceedings but cannot deny the reasons for it.

Hilderinc Twā 0 : St David’s of Wales FC 6

POM: Lim Yang Shan

Starting Line-up

1. Simon Khaw

2. Ong Ji Kai

3. Al Shafiq Bakhitar

4. Mohd Khidir

5. Sasikumar Manirasan

6. Lim Yang Shan

7. Melvin Sim

8. Davy Dujardin

9. Anthony Ferraccu

10. Zac Soh

11. Lim Chew Beng


12. Mohd Anis

13. Mohd Hilman

14. Thuwun Soe

15. Vinod Kumar

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