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Groundhog Day As Hilderincs Suffer From Acute Identity Crisis

Posted on September 25, 2022 at 2:35 PM

Like stuck in the vortex with little or no escape out of its malevolent grip, the Hilderincs’ start to the season, though still at its early stages, took a further hit when they were on the receiving end of yet another mauling on Sunday.

Though several late withdrawals still wreaked havoc to pre-match plans, the eleventh-hour inclusion of Nigel Pek lifted the spirits, and up to the opening fifteen minutes, there was little to suggest that they looked proper to get a positive result to kick start their maiden campaign in the EPL Sunday League.

But, when it goes wrong, it goes terribly wrong, however, in the case of the Hilderincs, it goes wrong with such ferocity, that it leaves you utterly speechless and floored for days, because even the despised would find some mercy from heaven, but Blacks’ travails can only be the work of the mischievous footballing gods, who have made them jesters of the court, as they enjoy repeatedly bestowing calamity for their own pleasure.

Continual and unforced mistakes have become an epitome the Hilderincs in recent month, so much so that even the opponents are caught by surprise with the gifts the Blacks are generously contributing to their own league ambitions, at the expense of their own.

Confident and poised one moment, but in a blink of an eye, the Blacks found themselves two goals down, but more alarmingly, too confused and disorientated to provide an adequate response of any reasonable kind, but quickly degenerated into a disjointed and unfamiliar collection of individuals rather than a side that looked accomplished just under a month ago.

Two further goals before the break did little to calm any clamour, and injuries Lauren Larkin, Kavin Singh, towards to latter part of the game, the central defensive stalwarts and one of the five enforced variations employed last week, and Sasikumar Manirasan, added to the already exacerbating woes, which sees no abatement.

The second half was a mark difference, but despite the spirited resolve to do the improbable, the damage was already done in the first period and all the huff and puff was of little value against an opponent who had nullified the Hilderincs with a lot of help from the Blacks themselves, and had helped themselves to two more goals by the end, by which time, little semblance lingered of an organised side, which the Hilderincs started the afternoon as.

Going through an acute identity crisis must be an understatement as the Blacks, of all sudden, have taken on a befuddled persona, from which, they have to come out as quickly as possible.

Hilderinc Twā 0 : MYK FC 6

POM: Nigel Pek

O.G. Kavin Singh

Yellow Card: Nigel Pek

Starting Line-up

1. Jose Kasijo

2. Ong Ji Kai

3. Kavin Singh

4. Lauren Larkin

5. Sasikumar Manirasan

6. Daryl Wong

7. Hafiz Khir

8. Aqil Shah

9. Anthony Ferraccu

10. Sam Lindley

11. Florent Zhu


12. Basil Al Barr

13. Casimir Simon

14. Neo Yao Sheng

15. Nigel Pek

16. Ian Morris

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