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Hilderincs Move To Equatorial Football League

Posted on September 15, 2022 at 4:05 AM

With life all but returned to normal following the upheaval since March 2020, Hilderinc Football Club men’s sides anticipate their return to competitive football this weekend as both Hilderinc FC and Hilderinc Twā play their opening fixtures on respective Saturday and Sunday.

However, unlike pre-pandemic when the Hilderincs plied their football in ESPZEN since 2011, they will be making their debut in the Equatorial Football League (EFL), a decade later than initially expected, as EFL was indeed the first option considered when the Blacks made the move from the Agape Cup competition eleven years ago.

Despite the Hilderincs trying to change the existing football culture and mindset, the fact that players were still been lost to the mirage of playing in a league at the quickest opportunity, and at the expense of self and collective improvement, and for other logistical reasons, the Club had little or no option to resume league football earlier than planned, making the return to competitive action a “necessary evil” rather than a beneficial necessity against long-term plans.

Owing to the inactivity of ESPZEN, as far as resumption of their league is concerned, and the stubborn resolve not to return to regressive football, EFL has represented the best choice available at the moment, though it will be an honest admission that the Saturday Hilderincs are not ready for the contest, but it is a conundrum of whether to be ready and play, or play and progressively get ready.

As such, expectation will be firmly kept at the lowest possible levels, with focus on playing well and in line with principles of keeping to the Hilderinc Way of football, rather than actual results, though there will be no compromise on effort, both on matchday and trainings, which will still be the cornerstone of the Club’s philosophy.

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