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Rebooted Hilderinc Twa Off The Mark With Impressive Display

Posted on May 22, 2022 at 10:45 AM

Again, as it was with the Hilderinc Saturday side, it was 800 days between their last game and now, but a completely brand new Hilderinc Twā side returned to playing and produced a calculated display of the Hilderinc style of football the Club has been striving to build since June 2020.

With only seven players surviving a ruthless culling of canker, the complete rebuild which began a year ago proved justified as the Sunday side looked to be the trend setter as far as the Hilderinc Revolution is concerned.

Though having had a head start to proper full team training as compared to the Saturday Blacks, the Twās were a little start, but an early goal from Charlie Richiardi calmed any nerves against a youthful and energetic Dave’s Foundation Football School side, allowing them to control the proceedings thereon.

Having to contend with several robust challenges, the Hilderincs were a picture of calm and composure as they were fully focused on their own football and strength rather than being ruffled by externals, though tiny adjustments were made at the halfway point to infuse better fluidity to their game, and they duly obligated.

With the backline in imperious form with veteran Kavin Singh, Uwais Yahya, Lim Yangshan, and a highly impressive Ong Ji Kai invalidating any threat, a stonewall midfield provided the perfect cover, allowed the frontline to constantly prod a way through.

Presented with several opportunities, one from Hafiz Khir, who nearly destroyed the goal post with his smacker, Md Aqil’s gentle finish extended the lead from the Blacks, taking them in a comfortable situation going into the break.

The restart was different from the first as the opponents, whose impassioned approached was effectively snuffed out by the Blacks, who transited to game management, especially in an unforgiving heat, with was a greater discomfort for both sides than each other.

Charlie Richiardi’s brace further pulled the game away from the opponents, unjustifiably to an extend as far as the DFFS goalkeeper was concerned, as he was performing heroics between the post pulling off specular saves, denying Md Aqil a sensational overhead kick goal and a point-blank save on the follow up just moments before the third.

Lim Chew Beng rounded off the scoring with the Blacks fourth, though a VAR-istic delay allowed a moment of delayed celebration.

Though more goals could have been scored, the manner in which the Hilderincs managed the game from start to finish was something to be pleased about, and while more experience teams will come along the way, the foundation has been laid to expect greater showings from the Blacks moving forward.

Hilderinc FC 4 : DFFS 0

Goals: Charlie Richiardi (2), Md Aqil, Lim Chiew Beng

Starting Line-up

1. Jose Kasijo

2. Ong Ji Kai

3. Kavin Singh

4. Uwais Yahya

5. Lim Yangshan

6. Sam Lindley

7. Daryl Wong

8. Hafiz Khir

9. Casimir Simon

10. Charlie Richiardi

11. Md Aqil


12. Simon Khaw

13. Melvin Sim

14. Lim Chew Beng


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