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Contentious Game To Be Replayed

Posted on December 11, 2018 at 4:00 AM

After almost a month on the wait for a judgment of the controversial fixture between Hilderinc FC and Pacifire FC, after the game was brought into disrepute after the latter was caught red-handed trying to fraud the system by fielding no less than an astonishing five unregistered players, though two were given the benefit of the doubt, it has been confirmed that the tie will be considered null and void, and will be rescheduled to be replayed anew in April 2019.

At the possibility of being deducted the maximum three league points by ESPZEN in accordance to the rulebook after they were found guilty of violating Article G6b (ii) of Player Registration of the ESPZEN Rules and Regulations that states, “If proven the team fielding an unregistered player will have 1 point per unregistered player deducted from their league total (to a maximum of 3 per game)”, and having survived harsher punishment after they had carried out the same hoodwinking ruse in their previous two games since the start of the season, Pacifire FC, who as a plea bargain, offered to have the game replayed at full cost bore by them instead of being meted a discreditable punishment.

Though being confident of beating the Blacks again would have been a possible consideration too.

It was then at the mercy and magnanimity of Hilderinc FC, who also choose not to pursue further point deduction for the infringement of Article TJ9 of Team Colours and Team Jerseys which states, “Should a team not wear a full set of jerseys on match day after week 3 then the team will lose one league point.”, the Blacks, who in full consensus to correspondingly redeem themselves for the bad day at the office on 24th November 2018, duly agreed to the one of a kind request, only the third time it has been applied in ESPZEN history.

While legal repercussions for defamation still hang over after this problematic tie, Hilderinc Football Club will fully focus on footballing matters once they return to action in January 2019.

Though the fixture has been officially expunged from the ESPZEN system, the Blacks will still record it as a game played, albeit as a “friendly”, but most importantly to serve as a personal irritant that they cannot afford to be lackadaisical again after being given this reprieve.

Writer’s Note: This report has been very heavily edited for the sake of detente to one that was prepared ahead of the official announcement.


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