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Curious Case Of Hilderinc Football Club

Posted on May 21, 2017 at 12:45 AM

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After the highs of last weekend’s heroic display despite severe depletion, Hilderinc FC were dragged back to earth in the most cruel of circumstances as they fell to another disorienting defeat against bottom of the table Hiadis FC, amazingly, crediting themselves with the unflattering distinction of inadvertent assist in all four of the opponents’ goals.

While the prospect of visiting Orchid Park Secondary School, a pitch in which the Blacks had failed to win any of their previous ESPZEN fixtures since 2011, was daunting enough, they had do it with their attire set of regular midfielders absent; and to add to their uneasiness, goalkeeper Lim Yong Kiat was withdrawn mere hours before kickoff due to illness, forcing the Hilderincs to deploy defender Sunny Tharidu in goal.

Though the Hilderincs had enough determination in them despite a mix and match midfield partnership, all well thought of ideas lasted barely fifty seconds when they were caught out after a careless pass was intercepted, leaving them trailing even before they broke any sweat in a sweltering afternoon.

With all of the match still to be played, the Blacks’ response was swift as within minutes, Sashikumar Mahathevan forced the Hiadis keeper into a save after he was put through by Erdogan Albay.

And with Hiadis content to play with ten men behind the ball and seeking to undo the Hilderincs on the counter, one would have put his money on the Hilderincs to get back on level terms, especially with their probing since they went behind.

However, as it was with the first, the Blacks handed, quite literally, a second to Hiadis after an innocuous cornerkick was bundled into goal by stand-in keeper Sunny Tharidu to the utter perplexity of his mates, and pleasure of the opponents who could not believe the Hilderincs’ gifts.

For all the possession that the Blacks were having against a team contented to soak up the pressure, especially with a two goal lead, it was generally a toil as they sought a way back, but they eventually found the breakthrough after Michael De Bear spot picked Logaraj Sundram from inside his own half.

And with the deadly forward in full motion, deftly lifted the ball over the Hiadis keeper to breathe life into the Hilderincs’ cause just before the break.

It was all Hilderincs in the restart as they did everything they could to level the score and looked good for the money to do so as they pinned the Hiadis inside their own half, in fact that was how the entire match went.

But yet again, it was the Hilderincs’ own indiscretions that sealed their fate when they put the ball on the platter for the opponents to score in comical fashion.

The whole complexion of the game could have been vastly different had Denis Lobov’s glancing header off Erdogan Albay’s corner had not missed its mark by inches, if Rahmat Saring’s thumping shot not crash off the post with the keeper well beaten, or if Sashikumar Mahathevan’s lunging attempt found the mouth of the goal instead of the side netting.

As if being stuck in a repeating nightmare from which one is unable to wake from, the Hilderincs were appalled to see yet another misdemeanour unduly punished as Hiadis FC compounded the Blacks’ misery and the Hilderincs completed their count of assists for the opponents.

While the defeat was damaging in itself, the full picture of what it does to their season will unveil itself in the coming weeks, and the Hilderincs will certainly hope that they will not rue this day more, come end of the campaign.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 1 : Hiadis FC 4

Goal: Logaraj Sundram

MOM: Michael De Bear

Yellow Card: Charles Chukwuka

Starting Line Up

1. Sunny Tharidu

2. Edmund Anthony

3. Denis Lobov

4. Nicholas Ledenmark

5. Michael De Bear

6. Erdogan Albay

7. Raihan Hamzah

8. Sashikumar Mahathevan

9. Logaraj Sundram

10. Ian Morris

11. Rahmat Saring


12. Liao Jincai

13. Vaishakh Pillay

14. Jeremy Tatton

15. Charles Chukwuka

16. Steve Tan

• ESPZEN Saturday League 17 Division 2

• HFC ESPZEN League 17 Season Player Stats

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