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Blacks Gear-up For Strollers With An Adequate Display

Posted on March 19, 2017 at 6:50 AM

With the Hilderincs given another unwelcomed recess from ESPZEN League duties, the Blacks occupied themselves with well worked win over Boundary Ville FC, much in preparation against TGA Strollers FC, a week on Saturday.

While trying to recreate the intensity of competitiveness in a friendly game as supposed to a league fixture was always a challenge, the Blacks took full advantage of the opportunity to run the paces, especially benefitting the ones who were returning to the fold after injury or commitment induced breaks.

Having played the Villes under a month ago, the latest acquaintance was an upgrade of the first, as the Blacks were given a better sparring.

However, for all the elevation of the challenge, the Hilderincs were top off the blocks, keeping the opponents pinned inside their own half for long durations at a time.

Playing some of the most flawless football, it was clock-work by the Blacks as they dominated as a complete unit.

Veterans Denis Lobov and Kavin Singh, with a combined age of 84, turned the years and were peerless as they won everything that were launched at them, while David Zheng and Kumaresan Maniam were efficient in keeping the wingers at bay, leaving Axel Blomgren unemployed in goal.

It was nearly a field day for Jon Loh and Rama Witjaksono, the Blacks’ midfield masters, as they proved to be the deadly launch pads from all of the attacks originated.

Alberto Bartoli, playing only in his second game for the Blacks, was full of industry, so was Mathew Joseph, who arguably had one of his best games in the colours.

While Sashikumar Mahathevan and Logaraj Sundram were a constant menace to the defenders, they were, especially the latter, were just shy of providing the finishing touches to well-worked moves which deserved application.

However, in his defence, Logaraj was unjustified to have been denied a stonewall penalty after he was put through by an impressive Denis Lobov pass.

Hence, for all the industry, the Blacks were held to a scoreless half heading into the break.

For the second half, the Hilderincs brought on Lim Yong Kiat, Nicholas Ledenmark, Parthiban Aruchamy, Rahmat Saring, Omar Mahnin, Ian Morris, and the biggest cheers reserved for Mike De-Bear, who was returning to action after almost three months following a knee and ankle injury.

And there was more direct intend after the restart, as both teams increased the tempo while they sought to break the deadlock.

Alberto Bartoli was the first to launch a salvo but young Italian was denied by the goalkeeper who stopped his shot well.

But there was no denying the Hilderincs the lead when Rama Witjaksono threaded a precision ball to Omar Mahnin, and the Dutchman shrugged off any thoughts of jetlag to bravely slide the ball pass the keeper and into back of the net for a perfectly deserved goal.

The Blacks doubled their advantage when Kavin Singh’s huge freekick from inside his own half was met by Ian Morris, whose deft header sent the ball looping over the keeper and into the goal.

While the proceeding looked comfortable for the Blacks, a rare momentary lapse in concertation allowed Boundary Ville FC fortuitously back in the game.

Though the Hilderincs could have and should have sealed the games moments later when an unselfish Omar Mahnin decided to lay the ball unto Logaraj Sundram, even though the goal was at his mercy, only for the forward to crash his shot against the bar from a yard away.

Annoyingly, in what had been a well contested and even mannered tie over the two games played; owning to one undesirable character within the Ville ranks, the remaining minutes descending into an irritating farce, and precipitously change the complexion of the tie.

However the Blacks cantered to end the game victorious but was more delighted to see the back of the detrimental fire starter with the final whistle.

While it proved to be a beneficial outing, the Hilderincs will be firmly focused on a much tougher challenge against an in-form TGA Strollers FC next week.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 2 : Boundary Ville FC 1

Goals: Omar Mahnin, Ian Morris

Yellow Card: Denis Lobov

Starting Line Up

1. Axel Blomgren

2. David Zheng

3. Denis Lobov

4. Kavin Singh

5. Kumaresan Maniam

6. Rama Witjaksono

7. Jon Loh

8. Sashikumar Mahathevan

9. Logaraj Sundram

10. Alberto Bartoli

11. Mathew Joseph


12. Lim Yong Kiat

13. Omar Mahnin

14. Rahmat Saring

15. Parthiban Aruchamy

16. Mike De-Bear

17. Nicholas Ledenmark

18. Ian Morris



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