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Finally! Longsuffering Hilderincs Produce A Winner

Posted on January 18, 2020 at 8:15 AM

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Hilderinc Football Club’s nightmarish six month league run at long last came to a long overdue end when they produced a battling display against Athletic Uncles FC in the ESPZEN Saturday League Division 1.

Incredibly, previously impregnable at their homeground, the Blacks’ spectacular disintegration for the past half dozen months has been nothing short of outlandish, unexplainable, and one unmatched in the 20 year history; and to add to the weird happenings, they have had a 100% win ratio in friendlies away from home, even against quality opponents in this irrational period.

With games becoming a premium going into the business end of the season, and dicing with relegation, a possibility all so real, serious soul searching was conducted after last week’s deserved failure to arrest the almost jinxed decline.

And attributing to mystical elements could offer unlikely and delusional comfort, inconsistency in numbers, and resultant matchday lineups were the more logical reasons, exacerbated by a surprise deficiency in their famous passion and fighting mentality, and now being pressed to the corner, an honest pre-match team talk set the tone for the day.

Having several of the players returning from their holidays, the Blacks were largely similar in their lineup to last week, apart from couple of changes, a rare luxury in certain times, and were quick off the blocks as they sought the initiative.

While the interest was from the Hilderincs early on, the opponents were presented with the first chance of the game when a freekick sailed narrowly pass the upright with the Blacks audience to the attempt.

Ryan Ng had the best chance for the Hilderincs as they upper the endeavour, but his goal bound shot smacked the crossbar denying the forward a second goal in as many games.

For all their devotion to the attacking front, the Blacks found themselves a goal down after the first quarter, when they stood still clamouring for an offside call when the Athletic player took all the time in the world to smash in the lead.

Annoyed at themselves, more than the referee who allowed the goal to stand, the Hilderincs, now with a kick in the rear increased the tempo and attacked in waves, looking to overturn the disadvantage before the break.

They had no less than five opportunities to take the game by the scruff of the neck with ventures from Ryan Ng, who twice drifted wide off the post, Ian Morris’ difficult diving header tip away and Bryan Simis header cleared off the line as the Blacks went into second half a goal down.

Now restricted with injuries to Nicholas Ledenmark and Joel See, the Hilderincs had to take a calculated risk by pairing James Ryall, normally a fullback, into the central defensive role alongside Dionisis Kolokotsas, but the Australian, who previously excelled in an ad-hoc defensive midfield role, proved to be a masterstroke yet again with a measured display, even though severely lacking in match fitness.

With Diogo Baptista taking up his usual place in midfield, though slightly altered to be more advanced, the shuffled allowed Bryan Simis to control the middle of the park, and that turned out to be a key change in the second period as the Blacks exerted more industry than in the earlier half.

Winning a freekick following a quick break from defending a corner, Adi Ravikumar’s freekick was fumbled by the goalkeeper into the path of Diogo Baptista, who needed no second invitation to bang the ball into the back of the net to draw parity and sparking a comeback.

And it was a prefect shot in the arm for the Blacks with slightly under 14mins gone and with enough time for further response.

It took the Hilderincs just 7mins to turn the tie on its head, and with another freekick, this time dispatched by Sunny Tharidu, plucky resolve by Gabriel Magalhães played the ball to Ryan Ng via Bryan Simis, and with the forward’s cross into the box was ineffectively dealt with, Simis was at hand to apply a sumptuous volley from the edge of the box to give the Blacks the lead.

And barely having the dust settled, the Hilderincs sealed the game with the third 3mins later, with another high pressing football, before Gabriel Magalhães lifted the ball into the path of Bryan Simis, who under the attention of the defenders, lifted the ball over the Athletic goalkeeper with a calm header for his brace and a man of a match performance in his last game of the season, and in doing so, put his name alongside some noteworthy ones in HFC history.

While the points were safe at this points, the Blacks had to make sure that they do not allow the opponents a sniff back into the game, and with the combination of the Hilderinc back four and safe pair of hands by Christopher Mark in goal, tentative efforts by the Athletics late in the game were duly nullified for a well-deserved but extremely overdue success in the league.

Though the win and points has had little effect in the short-term, especially in terms of the league standing, it sets up a massive undertaking for escaping the drop, which is pretty much the upmost objective this campaign.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 3 : Athletic Uncles FC 1

Diogo Baptista 54’, Bryan Simis 61’ 64’

MOM: Bryan Simis

Yellow Card: Sunny Tharidu

Starting Line-up

1. Christopher Mark

2. Fahmy Barker

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Adi Ravikumar

6. Sunny Tharidu

7. Koh Kah Hoong

8. Bryan Simis

9. Ryan Ng

10. Ian Morris

11. Gabriel Magalhães


12. Moncef Loukili

13. Bail Kavi

14. Diogo Baptista

15. James Ryall

16. Joel See

17. Sam Bignell

18. Samuel Lalramnghaka


Scoreline A Harsh Reflection On Hilderincs

Posted on January 11, 2020 at 7:50 AM

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While the New Year spelt fresh optimism, the prevailing issues of the year past meant that Hilderinc FC had to wait a little longer for the effects of any positivity as they resumed their league duties against perennial rivals, Mexican Aces.

Without a whole host of players who were yet to return from their holidays, the Blacks were frame-only, and though enough quality was present for any fight, limitations in the fullback and midfield options meant that they were, as they were for much of 2019, makeshift at best.

Late withdrawals left the Hilderincs with only 13 players, but the late availability of Basil Al Barr, albeit for the first half, and the eleventh hour inclusion of Iwan Thomas and Roshan, both who were registered only at 3pm, gave a semblance of a healthy bench, but the Blacks were happy to have some choices rather than none.

As with previous meetings between these sides, the initial phrase was more like a chess game than a football match, as they looked to find a gap to exploit.

And while the Blacks looked less composed of the two, they did not deserve to be a goal down early in the game when an unfortunate defensive header from a corner took a wicked change of direction to sneak into the top corner for an own goal.

Unbelieving of their luck, or lack of it, the Hilderincs tried to find answers of their own with several promising move, but always looked a piece short of a complete picture, but at the same breath, they were equally fortunate to have been let off by the Aces on couple of occasions.

With only a goal behind, the second half held potentials to get right back into the game, especially when the Hilderincs sent out a changed and fresh-looking side.

They can be forgiven to thought that they had equalised when Roshan’s cross was met at the near post by Ian Morris, who was convinced that he had scored, only to be denied by the Aces’ keeper, who had personally deprived the Hilderinc number 10 on numerous occasions since their sparing began.

The attempt proved to highly significate considering the score at 1-0, a HFC goal would have put them right into the mix.

However, the Blacks’ improvisation was cruelly exploited by the Aces in quick succession as they scored twice in matter of minutes to pull clear of their rivals.

Having a mountain to climb after a positive start, they Hilderincs were painstaking in their attempt to claw back into the game, and after prodding incessantly, they were finally rewarded for their endeavours when Ryan Ng pulled a goal back with a freekick which took the slightest of deflections to nestle into the back of the net.

With the deficit reduced, the Hilderincs SHOULD have levelled the score with two guilt-edge opportunities, but having failed to convert the begging chances, the Blacks would pay the ultimate price, made worst by a fourth from the Aces, with the last kick of the game, to give a unpleasant outlook to the game, as far as Hilderinc FC were concerned.

The remaining six games will give the Blacks opportunity for salvation, but what happened in 2019 has to stay in the vaults and not revisited every time by deficiency in numbers.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 1 : Mexican Aces 4

Ryan Ng 68’

MOM: Bryan Simis

Starting Line-up

1. Christopher Mark

2. Basil Al Barr

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Joel See

6. Koh Kah Hoong

7. Samuel Lalramnghaka

8. Gabriel Magalhães

9. Ian Morris

10. Ryan Ng

11. Fahmy Barker


12. Byran Simis

13. Marc Trotter

14. Sunny Tharidu

15. Iwan Thomas

16. Roshan


The Hilderincs Kickoff 2020 With 20th Anniversary Celebratory Match

Posted on January 4, 2020 at 10:20 AM

HFC Media Picture

With 2020 significantly special for Hilderinc Football Club, the Blacks kicked off the year long 20th Anniversary celebrations with Hilderinc FC, the Saturday side, bolstered by the Hilderinc Ladies, taking on Hilderinc Twā, the Club’s Sunday team in a commemorative “within the family” friendly game.

Besides the occasion, the bragging rights as to who is the loftier of the sides was always going to be on the agenda for both camps, and more so for the Hilderinc FC, who were yet to taste victory in the past two similar additions; first in 2015 when they came short against the HFC All-Stars (former players) in a 15th Anniversary charity match, and in 2017 when they came short against the newly formed Hilderinc Twā, which also saw the involvement of the Hilderinc Ladies for the first time.

Added significance was given to the proceedings as it was also the first time a father and son pairing took to the pitch as Ryan Ng and his dad David were fielded, albeit in opposite sides, while Marc Trotter and Nina Li became the first couple to play for the men’s side, truly giving it a special feel.

Evenly setup, both sides were quick off the mark, seeking the early initiative against the other, but the three week end of the year collective recess was evident as the start was patchy rather than poised, though Hilderinc Twā, playing in their away green kit, had the perfect opportunity to take an early lead inside 3mins, only for Aamir Fikri to comically lose his footing when it mattered most, much to the amusement of those present, though the droll self-trip in a competitive game would have brought a different reaction from the touchline.

Ironically, the next best chance would fall to the same player, and yet again the youngster missed the target when he was on the money to find the back of the net, letting his “parent side” off the hook, and not everyone was smiling this time around.

It was highly inspiring, that two of the Hilderinc Ladies, Belle De Leon and Nina Li were the likely outlet to opening the scoring for the Blacks with the chances that came their way; the former almost finding herself at the end of a brave diving header and the latter displaying her shooting prowess, regularly witnessed during the Ladies’ Wednesday football sessions.

The Ladies contingent continued to excite with Lim Yuan and Ashley carrying on the impressive approach as their worked hard to influence the game in their given positions.

However, it was Hilderinc Twā who would take the lead before the break when Nabil Zahrif picked Gary Choo with a floater, and though the forward looked miles offside, he kept his composure to put the ball into the back of the net.

With a goal adrift, HFC decided to pull all the stops in the 2nd half, as they set out an attacking side to get themselves back on parity before the final quarter of the game.

Addressing the issue, the Blacks but the Twā on the defence with their high press, forcing a tilt to the first half flow.

The game, now confined deep inside the Hilderinc Twā’s half, dogged defending and inspiration goalkeeping by Club President, Simon Khaw, who was in rousing form, first tipping Fahmy Barker’s goal bound shot over the crossbar, but Naithan Reheja was highly unfortunate to not to score when his header from the resultant corner was cleared off the line and onto the woodwork by Basil Al Barr.

Having seen Gabriel Magalhães narrowly miss with his attempt, the Hilderincs thought they had levelled the game when Bali Kavi found himself at the end of an Ian Morris cross, but with his header heading into the top corner, Simon Khaw pulled off an exceptional save to deny the forward a proper goal.

And just when it was looked like it was not going to be their day, HFC finally broke their brothers’ resolve when Gabriel Magalhães finally levelled the score with a move he had started, rounding the keeper after been found by the ever impressive Ryan Ng.

Into the last quarter of the game, the game remained on par following the combination of wasteful finishing by Ian Morris, and the determined endeavour of Simon Khaw in goal as the Blacks unleashed the full complement of the Ladies alongside the menfolk.

However the Club President was hard-done to be beaten for the winner when Samuel Lalramnghaka bulldozed his way into the heart of the Twā backline before slamming in his goal to finally break Hilderinc FC’s hoodoo.

Notwithstanding the final result, it was a perfect day for the Club as they look to carry on the festivities throughout the rest of the year with more such events planned to celebrate 20 years.

A feat incomparable, considering the fact that the Hilderincs are not resembled by any common denominator of any particular race, school, affiliation, location or any other comfort zone many teams are formed with, but with players from all walks of life, culturally and ethnically diverse with inclusivity the core value highly held, and while some may boast in the trophies they may have won, but only to disappear from the scene after a while, the Blacks continue to grow in substance and strength, demonstrated by the over 100 members across the Hilderinc FC, Hilderinc Ladies and Hilderinc Twā sides. Now, that is a reason enough to celebrate.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC/ Hilderinc Ladies 2 

Gabriel Magalhães 53”, Samuel Lalramnghaka 67”

Hilderinc Twā 1

Gary Choo 28"

Hilderinc FC/ Hilderinc Ladies


Bali Kavi

Belle De Leon


Christopher Mark

Dionisis Kolokotsas

Famy Barker

Gabriel Magalhães

Gowtham Durai

Ian Morris

Jon Loh

Khairil "Khai" Kamis

Lim Yuan

Naithan Raheja

Nina Li

Marc Trotter

Samuel Lalramnghaka

Ryan Ng

Hilderinc Twa

Aamir Fikri

Amsyar Shah

Basil Al Barr

Darren Tan

David Ng

Gary Choo

Kumaresan Maniam

Liao "JC" Jincai

Mathew Joseph

Nabil Zahrif

Nicholas Ledenmark

Eddie "Ruddy" Rudini

Simon Khaw


Hilderincs Glad To See Out A Dreadful 2019

Posted on December 7, 2019 at 8:15 AM

HFC Media File Picture

In what started off with much excitement, opportunism and poise, turned into an outrageous six months since June for Hilderinc FC as they suffered the worst run of their near 20 year history, and they could have been forgiven to be delighted to see the back end of 2019 with the final game of the year ahead of the festive break.

Having struggled with restricted, sometimes decimated matchday numbers, mainly due to high count of injuries and work induced unavailabilities, the ride was been nothing short of excruciating torment every other week.

Lacking any semblance of consistency and options in every line-up for the last half a dozen months, the Blacks were pleased to have a good squad present, albeit containing two debutants, recent inductees and several others who returned after spells away.

Eager to give a good account of themselves, whatever the outcome might render at the end of the day, the Hilderincs were in fine form from the get go, and were active in staking their intentions early on.

Keeping the ball with crispy passing and movement on and off the ball, the Blacks looked good despite their newness in some departments.

Prodding persistently, they drew first blood when a quick touch and go move between Gabriel Magalhães and debutant Fahmy Barker saw the latter send in a delightful ball, setting it on the platter for Ian Morris to bury his header into the back of the net from close range.

It was a prefect shot in the arm for a side who needed some love from the footballing gods more than anyone this year.

While keeping their intensity and seeking a second to solidify their lead, lack of attention defending a corner allowed Magista to drew level with their first real opportunity of the game and within 7minutes of their opener, much to the annoyance to the Hilderincs, who up to that point looked rock-hard defensively, though they continued to look unsure dealing with corners for the rest of the half, perhaps the fresh coming together of many a mitigating factor.

Taking advantage of the mid-game water, the Blacks refreshed the personnel, taking into account the high pressing game they were employing.

However, testament to their luckless pickles in the campaign played out so far, while seeking to reclaim their lead, a highly sloppy mistake under zero pressure allowed the opponents to capitalise, with the Hilderincs architect of their own punishment, a needless on at that.

Undaunted, the Hilderincs continued to ask the right questions and everyone on the ground thought they had levelled it before the break when the impressive Fahmy Barker and Vivek Kalyan combined to draw the keeper out of position, however Adrien Kwong’s attempt to put the ball into the empty net missed the mark by inches.

And that would have given the game a vastly different outlook had that gone in, especially heading into the break.

Having to chase the game, the Blacks alternated their formation during the recess in an attempt to pursue parity, while countering the hit and dash football the opponents were positioning.

With the way things have been going, “everything they hit goes in” concept took a life on its own as the Hilderincs found themselves picking the ball out of the net within 2minutes of the restart after Magista’s forward proved to be a classic number 9 the Blacks have been crying out for.

Unrelenting high pressing from the Blacks meant that the rest of the game was played out in the opponents’ half, save for occasional forays which were dealt with relative comfort, though the HFC’s insistent attention at the other end of the pitch was equally countered, though Bryan Simis and Fahmy Barker were unfortunate not to add their names onto the final tally with the chances that fell their way.

Having started the day with disregard for the result in exchange for a good showing, the Hilderincs can be calm with the fact that when they do have proper numbers, they will give a good showing of themselves, though they will most certainly put 2019 in context for being unquestionably shocking, and with their position in the ESPZEN Saturday League Division 1 table precarious, they cannot effort to enter 2020 ill-prepared, especially that been their 20th Anniversary year.

Till January, when the Blacks will resume action, it will be a time to say Good Riddance to 2019.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 1 Magista FC 3

Ian Morris 9’

MOM: Muhd Mikhail

Starting Line-up

1. Lim Yong Kiat

2. Sergey Darovskikh

3. Bryan Simis

4. Muhd Mikhail

5. Santiago Guerrero

6. Sunny Tharidu

7. Samuel Lalramnghaka

8. Koh Kah Hoong

9. Gabriel Magalhães

10. Ian Morris

11. Fahmy Barker


12. Christopher Mark

13. Adrien Kwong

14. Basil Al Barr

15. James Ryall

16. Sanil Khatri

17. Vivek Kalyan



Porous 20min Spell Undo The Blacks

Posted on November 30, 2019 at 9:15 AM

HFC Media File Picture

While consistency with matchday numbers has been a commodity Hilderinc FC has been crying out for the entirety of the ESPZEN Saturday League season for far, the lack in regularity of fielding an unchanged lineup has been a telling contributor to the Blacks’ horror start to the campaign.

For every game since June, when the momentum began to suffer, the Hilderincs have chopped and changed the squad, more out of wretched necessity rather than choice, and that was a repeated situation again as the Blacks started with an almost unrecognisable backline, including the goalkeeper.

Despite having five custodians on the books, it was Sunny Thairdu, already has been deployed in an altered position for much of the season, who kept the gloves, while only Sergey Darovskikh remained in defence with three alternations made from last week, with Denis Lobov, who last played for the Blacks more than year ago, kindly filled in the gap, while Nicholas Ledenmark, out of action for almost two months through injury, was jettisoned prematurely alongside the veteran, with Santiago Guerrero, playing his first competitive game, tasked with the leftback role.

Adding to that, the midfield part was occupied by Sam Bignell and Sunday Hilderinc, Tan Kah Hoong, in his first outing with the Saturday side, and mainstay, Diogo Baptista, leading the command.

Looking to erase the memories of the last meeting, when the Hilderincs suffered their worst competitive defeat in their almost 20year history, the Blacks made a decent start with their quick press.

However, as how their luck has panned out so far, Denis Lobov was highly unfortunate to divert the ball into his own net just inside the 7th minute mark.

The Hilderincs response, nevertheless, was swift as they resumed their exertion to restore parity.

And just when they thought they had found their way back into the game when Gabriel Magalhães was bowled over in the box, astonishingly, what looked to be an undeniable penalty was waved away by the referee, not for the first time this season, as the Blacks have been denied a stonewall spot-kick no less than three occasions prior to the this one, and it proved to be a key moment in the game, as far as the Hilderincs were concerned.

While in arrears by a slender disadvantage, the Blacks looked good for the money to stay in the contest as they kept knocking on the SNL door for a way through, until they had to break from the mid-point water break.

Perhaps taking the game to match a more mobile and youthful side, the resumption was anything the Hilderincs could have hoped for.

Leaving pockets while in pursuit of an equaliser, the Blacks were hit for four more goals in a 20min spell between the restart to the second half break, but frustratingly, majority of them would have been kept out on any other day.

The half time recess allowed the Hilderincs to reshape and reorder their resources, though the heroic effort of Nico Olvera (hernia) and Adi Ravikumar (slipped disc) to even try to lend their stricken bodies for the Blacks’ cause did not allow much leeway to provide choices on the bench, which now included Nicholas Ledenmark who was feeling the niggles of his still recovering ankle, leaving Marc Trotter the only exhausted but fit option.

Despite the shortcoming, the Hilderincs produced an outstanding stand against a side, who may have taken the foot of the gas with the lead they had established in the first period, but it was a credible effort from the men in black, more so considering the lack of fit alternatives.

Though result was not pleasing in any sense, the injury to Marc Trotter, who was suspected to have dislocated his shoulder following a reckless and needless tackle, which again went unpunished, put the greater perspective on the day.

The Hilderincs will put football aside and will hope for a speedy mend of their mate who has been a committed and integral part since his debut.

All at Hilderinc Football Club wishes Marc Trotter a complete recovery.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 0 : SNL FC 5

MOM: Bryan Simis

Starting Line-up

1. Sunny Tharidu

2. Sergey Darovskikh

3. Denis Lobov

4. Nicholas Ledenmark

5. Santiago Guerrero

6. Sam Bignell

7. Diogo Baptista

8. Tan Kah Hoong

9. Gabriel Magalhães

10. Ian Morris

11. Marc Trotter


12. Adi Ravikumar

13. Bryan Simis

14. Nico Olvera

15. Samuel Lalramnghaka


Old Problems Return As Another Late Collapse Exasperates The Hilderincs

Posted on November 23, 2019 at 8:10 AM

HFC Media File Picture

What started as a buoyant week with Hilderinc FC boosting a formidable line up ahead of the meeting of the basement dwellers of the ESPZEN Saturday Division 1, recurring pattern soon creeped in yet again as the numbers were stripped away, and rendering the Blacks without much options before kickoff time.

So laughable the situation that the Hilderincs had Nico Olvera in goal, while Basil Al Barr started in the heart of midfield, leaving Naithan Raheja the only available substitute to call upon, and that luxury only because Samuel Lalramnghaka managed to rush down before the ball was kicked after ending work at 2:40pm in Jurong West!

However, having done the double over their opponents in last season, the Blacks had reason to be optimistic of a favourable outcome, notwithstanding that both sides have had an appalling start to their respective campaigns following promotion.

It was thus understandable that it was a cagey start with neither team eager to make the first mistake to put themselves chasing the game early on, setting up for a tepid affair, as both cancelled each other out in a midfield battle.

With Christopher Mark restored in goal, and the backline in disciplined mood, the Blacks looked good to nullify Club, though they had Dionisis Kolokotsas to thank after he cleared the ball as it looked to creep into goal after the former had denied the opponents with a save, and that provided the only notable action of the first period.

Though having to manage the squad with impoverished alternatives, the Hilderincs began the second half in blistering pace, spending extended time in the Club M’s half, while the defensive quartet were in fine form, countering the youthful expedition the opponents had deployed since the break.

Pressing high and relentlessly, seeking the slightest inch to capitalise, the Hilderincs came close to edging ahead in a tight contest through efforts from Diogo Baptista and Marc Trotter, but their exertions failed to break the deadlock.

However, with Basil Al Barr’s time reaching its end with him withdrawn to allow him to race back to camp for his National Service duties, the Blacks found themselves with just men on the bench, and that would prove telling as the game headed towards the final quarter.

With just slightly over 10 minutes remaining on the clock, and with the game looking likely to be heading to a hard fought and deserved draw, the Blacks’ brave effort in difficult circumstance was ripped off their hands when a howler from a causal cross fell across the line.

And the vexing goal literally sucked the verve out of the men in black, and though they threw everything to desperately crawl their way back into the game in the remaining minutes, they were hit by further three goals by an opponent who themselves looked to be clinging on for shared points just moments ago, to condemn them to yet another late capitulation, a recurring theme in an exasperating season.

With games dwindling, the fight to stay in the top flight will be the top priority now, if that was not already on the minds before this damaging defeat.

The Hilderincs will have to find a way to reverse the tumble, but addressing weak matchday numbers will be the only tangible way forward.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 0 : Club M FC 4

MOM: Gabriel Magalhães

Yellow Card: Naithan Raheja

Starting Line-up

1. Nico Olvera

2. James Ryall

3. Dionisis Kolokotsas

4. Sunny Tharidu

5. Sergey Darovskikh

6. Basil Al Barr

7. Diogo Baptista

8. Samuel Lalramnghaka

9. Gabriel Magalhães

10. Ian Morris

11. Marc Trotter


12. Christopher Mark

13. Naithan Raheja


Much Changed Hilderincs Put In The Shift

Posted on November 16, 2019 at 9:35 AM

HFC Media File Picture

Despite only five of those who started last weekend’s game in the starting line-up for the friendly, a substitute game arranged in place of the postponed league fixture, Hilderinc FC put on a creditable performance against a youthful Apache FC to keep up their progressive improvement with affairs on the pitch.

Though keen to have met Club M in the originally scheduled ESPZEN Saturday League Division 1 tie, the deferment allowed the Blacks to bed in several recent additions, while strengthening further with the introduction of Bryan Simis and Santiago Guerrero, in a less than intense atmosphere, as supposed to a competitive outing, which also saw the return of Gopal Peethambaran between the sticks in a rare outing in the colours for the goalkeeper who has since being focused on his executive position in the Club.

While the game was delayed by a heavy downpour, a rare happening for the Hilderincs whenever they have turned up at this part of the island to play, they almost made an instant impact in the opening couple of minutes when Adrien Kwong tested the Apache backline with a well-taken shot, only to be kept out by last-ditch defending.

However, the Blacks took under ten minutes to edge their noses in front when the ever lively Gabriel Magalhães was apprehend in the box as he ran clear onto goal for the referee to point to the spot, and while it look anything but a penalty in real time, video replays proved that the official was spot on with his call.

And with the regular takers absent, skipper Ian Morris returned to his previously relinquished duties to make no mistake for the opener.

With the backline of Dionisis Kolokotsas, Jegan Krishanmoorthy, Joel See, James Ryall and later Naithan Raheja in superb form, and shielded by an impressive midfield of Bryan Simis, Sam Bignell and Guerrero, all three playing with each other for the very first time, the Hilderincs were watertight at the back, while industrious in the middle and frontline, but though they had several opportunities to extend their lead before the break, they were unable to find the final application to make them count.

It was no different at the restart when the Blacks could have been ahead further inside the first minute, but having found himself in a glorious position inside the box, Gabriel Magalhães fluffed his shot wide.

Marc Trotter, whose cheeky improvisation set up Magalhães earlier, was again the architect of a move than almost reaped the rewards, but his drag back across the face of the goal was not put away by the tardy arrival of Ian Morris at the end of it.

However, the Hilderincs finally got the second when Basil Al Barr, deployed in midfield, won the ball in the middle of the park before teeing Gabriel Magalhães, who more than made up for his earlier miss by finishing on off the post with just five minutes played.

While it was looking comfortable for the Blacks in all departments despite some increased endeavour from the opponents, a mistake by Ian Morris in midfield allowed Apache FC to capitalise against the run of play to half the advantage with an unnecessary goal.

Making amends, the forward restored the Hilderincs two goal lead when he chased down the Apache goalkeeper before pickpocketing him to score from a tight angle.

The Blacks could have added a couple more goals to the tally but with Dionisis Kolokotsas’ shot cleared off the line and Marc Trotter denied by the goalkeeper, they had to settle for a well-earned 3-1 win against a decent side.

Most importantly, it was the highly disciplined and industrious display by all the players, notwithstanding the fresh coming together amongst some, proved to be the greater takeaway than the result in itself.

With the anticipated clash against Mexican Aces coming up next in the league, the mood is buoyant in the camp, especially when the rest of the Blacks set to return to give them the depth they have so missed since June.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 3 : Apache FC 1

Goal: Ian Morris (Pen) 9’, 61’, Gabriel Magalhães 44’

Starting Line-up

1. Gopal Peethambaran

2. James Ryall

3. Dionisis Kolokotsas

4. Jegan Krishanmoorthy

5. Joel See

6. Bryan Simis

7. Santiago Guerrero

8. Sam Bignell

9. Gabriel Magalhães

10. Ian Morris

11. Adrien Kwong


12. Aymsar Khan

13. Basil Al Barr

14. Marc Trotter

15. Naithan Raheja


Groundhog Day But Result Not Indicative of Hilderinc Endeavour

Posted on November 9, 2019 at 10:05 AM

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To say the least that football is a strange game proves to be a repeated theme for Hilderinc FC, as they looked to have been handed the longsuffering character part yet again, rather than the prevailing protagonist when they came undeservedly short against Rivals FC in the ESPZEN Saturday League Division 1.

Like from the pages of an Alfred Hitchcock plot, HFC had a day eerily parallel to the one they had last week against Fighting Cocks FC, the only dissimilarity being the Blacks had the plum numbers while the opponents had one on the bench, a situation well empathised by the men in black, though putting into perspective, the squad comprised of five from Hilderinc Twā, the Blacks’ Sunday team, couple of debutants, and two more who were returning to the side following lengthy injury and work induced layoffs.

The opening minutes were tentative between two sides, who can count eventful encounters over the years as they usually serve up high scoring games, though the Rivals have had the boosting rights in recent times.

Just as the Blacks were finding their stride, they were forced into an early change when Sergey Darvoskikh was withdrawn with an hamstring compliant, forcing Samuel Lalramnghaka into the rightback slot while Kevin McCullagh was handed an earlier than planned bow in the colours.

With both teams locked in a midfield skirmish, there was little opportunities for both the keepers to be tested, though Liao Jincai, called upon in the absence of the suspended Christopher Mark, had to be the more alert of the two, even when the Hilderincs were on the front foot for extended periods going into the water break.

Recognising fault-lines in the opponents, the Blacks made couple of changes to personnel and approach to effect the game, and it took less than a minute from the restart to pay dividends when Nico Olvera made an instant impact off the bench, lifting the ball into the back of the net after receiving a perfectly weighted pass from Samuel Lalramnghaka following a flowing move involving highly impressive Joel See and Gabriel Magalhães.

Within two minutes of taking the lead, the Hilderincs nearly doubled their advantage when Dionisis Kolokotsas was unfortunate not to score a goal of the season contender, when his long freekick was tipped onto the crossbar by the fully stretched Rivals keeper.

Despite their industrious crisp passing attacking intent, the Blacks were left frustrated to let the Rivals draw level after failing to deal with the second phase of the cornerkick, just as they looked to have cleared the danger.

On parity in score and play approaching the halfway mark, the Hilderincs were livid when they found themselves behind against the run of play when yet again they were caught napping for another highly preventable goal.

Not wallowing, the Blacks’ response was swift, and they thought they had equalised through Nico Olvera’s thumping freekick, but the Rivals keeper, who yet again proved to be the difference when he palmed away the belter, while Dionisis Kolokotsas’ follow up chip was headed away before it dropped into the back of the net, before the former’s shot from the subsequent corner took a huge deflection as it looked to creep in on the blindside.

For all their effort, the Hilderincs were curiously trailing after they had taken the lead for the second time in as many weeks.

With not everyone completely up to speed, the Blacks regulated their numbers, and there was a welcomed return by Sebastian Eraso, whose tenacity has been sorely missed, as an early goal was an immediate target for HFC, and they laid down the marker with Logaraj Sundram firing the first shot of the second half, which sailed past the post.

Virtually encamped inside the Rivals half for the opening quarter, the Hilderincs were relentless with their high press, and the Blacks came inches from the leveller when the effervescent Samuel Lalramnghaka struck the crossbar with a long ranger screamer, and though Gabriel Magalhães put the rebound away, he was called offside by the referee.

Undeterred, the Hilderincs were finally rewarded for their persistence with a goal that was worked from the back to front following a five player move, with Magalhães clipping a pass into the path of Sebastian Eraso, who hit the ball with such venom that it almost ripped the net.

As when the Blacks were on the ascendency, their wings were harshly clipped when they were penalised for a foul inside the box, the validity of it to be left to the video replays to debate on, and the Rivals retaking the lead from the spot with under 15 minutes left on the clock, again exactly like the inexplicable situation they found themselves in just a week ago.

With the clock ticking, the Hilderincs pulled all the stops and Adrien Kwong’s well-struck shot was frantically held on by the goalkeeper to deny another comeback, and even at this point, no one would have bet against the Blacks from clawing their way back.

But with bodies committed, the Hilderincs’ fight was finally put to death as Rivals scored further two very late goals, and they even had time to miss a penalty, to consign the Blacks to a defeat that was cruel and completely unmerited.

However, while the result would hurt, the Blacks look, gradually, like their usual persuasive self, though they will have to carry on with the improvement without a stable side, as they will have to shuffle their pack again in the coming weeks, but new additions in Joel See, Sam Bignell and Kevin McCullagh will add to their endeavours, as they look to be at the threshold of a massive upturn.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 2 : Rivals FC 5

Goal: Nico Olvera 21’, Sebastian Eraso 58’

MOM: Samuel Lalramnghaka

Yellow Card: Sunny Tharidu

Starting Line-up

1. Liao “JC” Jincai

2. Sergey Darvoskikh

3. Dionisis Kolokotsas

4. Sunny Tharidu

5. Joel See

6. Samuel Lalramnghaka

7. Diogo Baptista

8. Sam Bignell

9. Logaraj Sundram

10. Ian Morris

11. Gabriel Magalhães


12. Adrien Kwong

13. Darren Tan

14. Jegan Krishanmoorthy

15. Justin Chua

16. Kevin McCullagh

17. Nico Olvera

18. Sebastian Eraso


Stripped-Bare Hilderincs Fall After Going A Man Down

Posted on November 2, 2019 at 9:25 AM

HFC Media File Picture

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat." 

Theodore Roosevelt "The Man in the Arena"

For the second matchday in succession, Hilderinc FC found themselves with a barely there squad after several withdrawals at the eleventh hour, left them with a frustrating fight against a well-stocked Fighting Cocks FC.

Unlike two weeks ago when a lightning risk warning bailed them out, there was no reprieve for the attenuated Blacks who played with two fullbacks returning from injury, a debutant thrust into a makeshift midfield and a rickety formation which was meant to hold the fort more than making a statement in the face of zero options for even a desperate breather.

Stuck between the rock and a hard place, the Hilderincs were handed the tough question of exposing themselves against the vivacious Vietnamese or to sit deep and invite even more attention in the defending third.

And as anticipated, the Blacks were pressed from the start, and only the proficiency of the backline in dealing with the Cocks’ interest.

But despite the tentative start, the Hilderincs progressively found their way into the game, first nullify the opponents and increasingly asking questions of their own.

At times playing with ten men, owing to players taking a time out, while the rest reorganised to give their mate a respite, the arrival of Samuel Lalramnghaka gave a prospect of a proper substitute, albeit only one on the bench.

With another natural midfielder finally in the configuration, the Blacks were able to make sense to their approach and it duly paid dividends when they took the lead against the valid circumstances.

Gabriel Magalhães’ sheer grit saw him fight his way into the box against the clutch of defenders before putting the ball into the back of the net to unbridled elation.

However, the Hilderincs’ lead would last mere minutes as casual awareness at the edge of the box allowed the Cocks to level the score to bring both teams even going into the break.

More than planning strategy for the second half, the Blacks were in discussion as to who can be afforded much needed rest, with several brave warriors volunteering to carry on with the fight despite battling pain and increasing fatigue themselves, with the Hilderincs ready to play a man short if there is a pressing need.

Despite of the positive start, the Blacks found themselves behind early after the restart after an opportunistic but well struck shot flew into the net to annoyance after having lost the ball inside their own half.

Undeterred, the Hilderincs carried on with finding a way back into the game, with Marc Trotter and Gabriel Magalhães showing great industry to force the issue.

Deservedly, the Blacks drew parity when Marc Trotter toe-poked the ball from close range following a melee right in front of the goalkeeper following a probing freekick from Dionisis Kolokotsas.

With slightly under ten minutes remaining on the clock, and with a draw a proper result considering the defiant endeavour from the razor-thin Hilderincs, the game’s significant flashpoint, out of couple of sporadic ones in the course of the afternoon, saw the Blacks reduced player after their goalkeeper, Christopher Mark, was given the march orders following an altercation with one of the Vietnamese players.

Having to fill in fullback, Adi Ravikumar, between the sticks, the Blacks’ defensive shape was left compromised, and despite their best efforts to see out the game with a draw, the Hilderincs were exposed in the dying minutes to cruelly end the game on the losing end.

Brutal it may have been, but with numbers contemptible of a Division One side, the Hilderincs have only themselves to reflect upon and drastic actions will need to be take to arrest the six month running numerical slump.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 2 : Fighting Cocks FC 4

Goal: Gabriel Magalhães 27’, Marc Trotter 53’

MOM: Gabriel Magalhães

Red Card: Christopher Mark

Staring Lineup

1. Christopher Mark

2. Sergey Darovskikh

3. Dionisis Kolokotsas

4. Sunny Tharidu

5. Adi Ravikumar

6. Sam Bignell

7. Jon Loh

8. Gabriel Magalhães

9. Adrien Kwong

10. Ian Morris

11. Marc Trotter


12. Samuel Lalramnghaka

Hilderincs Finally On The Board With A Gift

Posted on October 12, 2019 at 8:50 AM

Billed as the clash of the basement dwells in the ESPZEN Saturday League Division 1, Hilderinc FC’s game against fellow strugglers, Mariners 11 FC was significantly important for the Blacks, if not for both teams, who were handed inimical fixture list where they had to face-off against seasoned top trier contenders, though injury and unavailablities amongst the ranks handed HFC an ill-prepared start to the season.

Added with depleted matchday numbers and several curious refereeing decisions against them, rendered the Blacks utterly disallowed by Lady Luck, as they cried out desperately for a change of fortune, especially after they had to rewrite the record books twice in a matters of two months with heaviest defeats in their long history.

Hence, the tie against the Mariners, whom the last met in 2017 in Division 2 after their migration from ESPZEN Sunday football, was a mammoth one, for more than one reason, and one that would certainly define their place amongst the elite.

However, the Hilderincs were handed a huge shot in the arm, and one which perhaps kick-start their flagging campaign, when they were handed a walkover win after Mariners 11 FC failed to field a squad.

Though the inclement weather may have given a reason to wonder if the game would have indeed proceeded had the opponents turned up, the Mariners’ decision to forgo handed the Blacks a 3-0 win and important, but long overdue, three points in the bag, after the sixth attempt.

While the Hilderincs would have always preferred to have played and win the tally on merit, they will not begrudge the early Christmas gift.

Not time for jolly, the Hilderincs were already hard at work to ensure that they work in tandem with the stroke of luck to improve their standing in the league, and still hurting from their opening day dismantling, the Blacks already have Honey Badgers FC on their sights.

Final Score

Mariners 11 FC 0 : Hilderinc FC 3

Walkover Win