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Hilderincs Held On Post-Anniversary Game

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HFC Media File Picture

Against much held 18 year tradition of not playing a game during a long weekend, Hilderinc FC decided on a friendly game two days after their anniversary, especially with attention to gear up for next week’s league fixture against Hiadis FC taking topmost consideration.

Notwithstanding the public holiday, the Blacks were in outstanding numbers as they welcomed several Hilderincs after a lengthy time-off, most notably, Diogo Bapastia and Gopal Peethambaran after months due to injury induced absence, Omar Mahnin and Basil Al Barr who returned from their Ramadan obligations, and Ryan Ng and Satoki Yoshida from their study and work commitments, while there were debuts for Kailndu Rathnayake and Shiv Tulsiani.

Taking on a familiar opponents, whom they have already met twice since March, winning both comprehensively, the Hilderincs’ focus was more for regaining match fitness and fluidity in view of the introduction and reintroduction of no less than eight in presence.

With the weather again throwing a curveball, the Hilderincs, though were the better starters, the reconnection of several was evident as they laboured to get meaning results for their dominance.

Offering little to trouble the Blacks, it was then a shock to the system when Naranja took an unexpected lead, punishing them through a counter-attack against the run of play, and needed the alertness of Gopal Peethambaran in goal to keep further speculative attempts from hurting them further.

Undone, Ryan Ng, who was a bright spark throughout, was key to everything good that the Hilderincs produced, and did excellently to lay a ball across the face of goal, but with goal at his mercy, Ian Morris messed his chance from a yard out to get the Blacks level, leaving them trailing 1-0 into the break.

The restart saw the Hilderincs ringing in a slew of changes with a brand new midfield pack as Mathew Joseph, Guihereme Imai and Satoki Yoshida played pivot to the second half objectives, as Sunny Tharidu, Basil Al Barr and Shiv Tulsiani were tasked to make a difference.

With the changes, there was a mark improvement to the Blacks’ approach as they laid siege on the Naranja half, as Satoki proving a revelation in his new role in the middle of the park.

Cranking the gears with their passing and movement, the Blacks looked the most likely to score and came within a whisker on a couple of occasions, though the opponents were forced to sit and try to hurt the Hilderincs on the break as they did in the first half.

While the game was played in good competitive nature, as with all previous meetings, an eternal irritant in the Naranja side was at his classless third-rate behaviour with his off the ball antics, drawing highest annoyance from Ian Morris, who reaching his limit after avoiding a mindless throw of an elbow to his face, reacted with “controlled” but uncharacteristic shove, earning him his first ever red card, but though poetic justice was served when the recalcitrant reprobate was himself sent-off, a more proficient referee would have dealt with the degenerate well before the incident.

However, as it was a friendly, both sides were allowed to keep the numbers and the dismissed players were replaced instead.

The flashpoint sparked renewed rigour within the Hilderinc ranks and they poured forward with increased interest.

Satoki Yoshida, who was revelling on his return, almost scored a sensational goal when he struck a prefect shot from distance, but credit to the Naranja goalkeeper, he pulled off an equally brilliant save to deny the Japanese a goal of the season contender.

The Blacks were finally rewarded for their persistence when debutant Shiv Tulsiani combined well with his new teammates to equalise close to the end.

Though it was not reflective of the Hilderincs’ overall performance, and the fact that they rarely win a game immediately following their anniversary, it was a productive outing, as match fitness and cohesion are the ultimate objectives for friendlies in the scheme of this ESPZEN Saturday League season.

Final Score

Naranja AFC 1 : Hilderinc FC 1

Goal: Shiv Tulsiani

Red Card: Ian Morris

Starting Lineup

1. Gopal Peethambaran

2. Glenn Sandu

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Kailndu Rathnayake

6. Jon Loh

7. Diogo Bapatisa

8. Kumaresan Maniam

9. Omar Mahnin

10. Ian Morris

11. Ryan Ng


12. Sunny Tharidu

13. Mathew Joseph

14. Nabil Zahrif

15. Satoki Yoshida

16. Guihereme Imai

17. Basil Al Barr

18. Shiv Tulsiani

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Hilderinc Football Club Revels In 18th Anniversary

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What began without any ostentatious pomp on 14th June 2000, Hilderinc Football Club marks their 18th Birthday in a display of steadfast progress.

Even holding onto the non-negotiable principles of all-inclusiveness, embracing players of all races, nationalities, gender or all other societal differences, the Blacks have been an undeniable example of a Club that truly holds dear to the value of the Beautiful Game as an unifying conduit in a divisive world.

With year old Hilderinc Twā FC, the Blacks’ Sunday side, and Hilderinc Ladies, the Club’s ever growing jewel on the crown, the Hilderincs have taken the concept of inclusiveness to a higher and more significant levels.

Always seeing themselves as, “As an all-inclusive football team which embraces people of all races, language, religion and gender with the love of the Beautiful Game as the main motivation, and as a team which strives to be competitive and successful but an exemplary outfit in the local amateur football scene, holding fast to the value of sportsmanship befitting our motto: "The Way of the Blacks - Passion, Determination, Chivalry & the Love for the Beautiful Game”, the Blacks have their eyes fixed on continued progress.

Hilderinc Football Club is and will always be a team with a difference, to make a difference!


Blacks Satisfied Despite Defeat In 7s

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HFC Media File Picture

After almost month’s absence from the ESPZEN Midweeks 7s, Hilderinc FC’s return to action proved to be a mixed bag as they ended on the wrong side of the scoreline despite playing one of their best football in the reduced pitch.

Having previously struggled with translating their 11aside poise into the 7s, the Blacks were in decent form despite not having the full supplement to take on F10 Football, who had previously in full graciousness agreed to postpone this fixture three weeks ago when the Hilderincs were even more decimated.

However, with a couple of key 7s players missing, and with the majority of the Blacks in attendance still nursing the effects of last Saturday’s heroics in the ESPZEN Saturday League, the plot was always to dictate the pace of the game, especially after the lengthy break and the limited resources.

The opening half was just that as the Hilderincs controlled the proceedings with measured passes, moving the ball across the pitch, in fashion of their usual matter in a bigger playing surface.

In possession for extended periods, the Blacks plan to hit on the break almost paid dividends on several occasions but good last ditch defending prevented any tangible headway.

For all the fluid industry, the drawback was soon to catch up with the Hilderincs as tiredness had them loss the ball at critical areas and were duly punished by F10, who waited their opportunity well, taking a 3-0 lead in the second half of the first period.

The restart was as the first half, with the Hilderincs will vast majority of the play as they continued to find a way through with some impressive football, but were with a disciplined side in F10 Football, who nicked a fourth against the run of play.

While the defeat was unfavourable in the context of the league, the Hilderincs were pleased with the improvement in play, and were certainly feeling the benefits of such high intensity midweek workout, which was always going to be their primary objective in view of the weekend league commitments.

Nevertheless, there will be a review at the end of the Midweek 7s season to assess its full value for the Club, especially when the intended beneficiaries of this training-outlet has somewhat evolved.

Final Score

F10 Football 4 : Hilderinc FC 0

MOM: Sunny Tharidu

Starting Line up

1. Sunny Tharidu

2. Dionisis Kolokotsas

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Kali

5. Chris Lim

6. Indika Gayashan

7. Ian Morris


8. Guilherme Imai

9. Jua

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Heroic Hilderincs Show Courage On A Difficult Day

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HFC Media File Picture

Hilderinc FC’s resumption of ESPZEN Saturday League duties after almost a month recess proved to be a sternest of character when took on Hibernians Athletic in a clash of the early pace setters in Division 3.

During the absence of competitive engagement, the Blacks, who began the season with two wins out of two, saw their poise on the top of table altered by Super Aviators and Hibs, who had both won their games played, leaving the Hilderincs in third, albeit which games in hand of their challengers.

However, any plans to return to the top of the pile took a beating even before the Blacks took to the pitch when the already less than ideal numbers were further reduced, leaving the side with barely enough to efficiently compete against the Hibernians on their own turf at the PSA Club.

While the ever optimistic Blacks were ready to take the fight to their host, the eleventh hour availability of Liao Jinai and Michael Shankar proved immensely god-sent in what would turn out to be one of their most soul-attenuating encounters.

Already sweating on the fitness of Cristian Peligros and Kumaresan Maniam, both suffering with trauma injuries, and a less than match ready Guilherme Imai, the latter two were forced into earlier than planned action after the Hilderincs kicked-off with ten players on a sweltering afternoon as they found no favours with the referee who was keen to get the proceeding going on the dot.


If starting the game with a man less and a hodgepodge lineup, with players thrown to make a semblance of a formation was a feat enough, the heavy and soggy pitch, which took a beating after two nights of torrential squall, almost instantly shattered the Hilderincs’ whatever enthusiasm that remained.

It was a rude awakening for the Blacks who were feeling the full effects of their reintroduction to a natural grass pitch in Singapore after years of playing on artificial turf, and it was the least pleasurable experience to be said.

However, despite all the discomfort and riding out the early attention, the Hilderincs stunned the Hibernians by taking the lead after Ke Yong Xiang put Cristian Peligros through on goal, and with hitman in his element, made no mistake with his finish to continue his deadly form.

Though never really settled with the pitch, the Blacks came close to extending their lead, but the Spanish forward was unable to keep his attempt down after leaving the entire Hibs backline on his trail.

Putting on an absolute show, the Hilderincs backline, though constantly tested by the Hibs’ raids, were in superb form, with Dionisis Kolokotsas and Nicholas Ledenmark performing heroics in demanding circumstances, while Sunny Tharidu, converted to makeshift keeper, was at this vigilant best.

It was then that the Blacks felt hard done when Hibs drew level with a preventable shot that found the back of the net.

Nonetheless, it was justifiably fair that both teams headed into the break on par as the conditions equally effected the sides from playing anything more than scrappy and unattractive football.

The restart proved to be an even more daunting task as the Blacks’ limitations in resources was critically tested, and while unnecessary on both occasions, inattentiveness and carelessness left the Hilderincs trailing 3-1 with no prayer for salvation.

With players, despite their brave attempts to fight to the tilt, were withdrawn because of injury or sheer exhaustion without adequately rested replacements, leaving the Hilderincs taking an almost suicidal last stand against the Hibernians who were smelling blood at this point.

As a last throw of the dice, and with less than 15 minutes remaining on the clock, the Hilderincs brought on Ian Morris and Cristian Peligros, both who were in near crumple due to fatigue.

But within minutes of their re-entry, the duo was in the heart of things to spark an unlikely revival.

Receiving the ball from Guilherme Imai, Ian Morris skipped past two before sending Cristian Peligros through on rampage towards the Hibs goal; and with the skipper waiting for a cut-back, the forward was upended, winning a penalty, which he dispatched with calm.

Finding a second wind, the Blacks threw themselves at Hibs and were unfortunate not to claim the leveler after Guilherme was adjudged to have been offside after been found by Cristian.

There was, however, no denying the Spaniard his second hat-trick in as many league games when he marauded through on goal before slotting in the equaliser after rounding the keeper, leaving the pitch again, done in for the day.

With barely minutes remaining, all the Blacks’ bravery nearly came to naught when the Hibernians broke free on goal, but saw their attempt ricochet off the post, luck the Hilderincs perhaps earned for their doggedness.

Seeking a statement of intent before the game, the Blacks, having shown immense spirit in the most of difficult circumstances will look forward to press their claims in the Division once they welcome back the majority of the Hilderincs the next time they play a league fixture, till then they will speak of the heroics of this game.

Final Score

Hibernians Athletic 3 : Hilderinc FC 3

Goals: Cristian Peligros (3)

MOM: Cristian Peligros

Yellow Cards: Nicholas Ledenmark, Nabil Zahrif

Staring Lineup

1. Sunny Tharidu

2. Parthiban Aruchamy

3. Kavin Singh

4. Nicholas Ledenmark

5. Dionisis Kolokotsas

6. Nabil Zahrif

7. Ke Yong Xiang

8. Kumaresan Maniam

9. Cristian Peligros

10. Ian Morris

11. Guilherme Imai


12. Liao Jincai “JC”

13. Glenn Sandhu

14. Jon Loh

15. Michael Shanker

• ESPZEN Saturday League 19 Division 3

• HFC ESPZEN League 19 Season Player Stats

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Blacks Arouse From indifferent Start To Draw

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HFC Media File Picture

If it was a less than desired second half performance from Hilderinc FC last week, it was one of the most tepid starts from the Blacks this time around as they geared up to return to league duties with a friendly game against Mavericks FC at Naval Base Secondary School.

Apart from the rarest weather reprieve they have ever had whenever they played in Yishun, it was a half to forget, as the Blacks looked disjointed and lackadaisical for most parts, though the occasion prompt of their potentially deadly self was fleeting even against an opponent who did little to impress apart from blunt incursion, which caused minimum bother for a backline, which were spared the quandary by the late addition of Glenn Sandhu and the willingness of Nabil Zahrif, after a couple of no-shows threaten to obviate planned objectives.

It was then that the Hilderincs were given a genuine reason for utmost annoyance at themselves after they were penalised with a penalty after one of the most blatant foul a player can commit inside the 18-yard box, resulting in an unnecessary goal for an otherwise uningenious Mavericks.

The half-time break provided an opportunity for refocus, and with a slightest tactical adjustable, the Hilderincs started the second period a different proposition.

Reverting to the usual passing football, the Blacks were level within three minutes of the restart after Kumaresan Maniam floated in a delightful ball for Logaraj Sundram to head it into goal for the equaliser.

Not done by the early response, it took the Hilderincs an incredible 11 seconds from the resumption of play to take the lead after Ian Morris robbed former Blacks’ midfield general, Andrew Bai, before laying off to Cristian Peligros to smash in the lead.

Turning the game on its heed, the Blacks were inches from extending their lead when Logaraj Sundram’s class volley flew pass the face of the goal, after being picked by Cristian.

However, the renewed initiative took a dent when Andrew Bai leveled from distance, making up for his earlier mistake, but it was more of the Hilderincs failing to give due attention to the threat.

The infuriation was doubled just moments later when the Hilderincs conceded a carbon copy of the goal, failing again to deal with an inoffensive threat instead of reacting to the damage.

Unlike the first period, the Blacks were in for the fight, and with the front three pressing high, the momentum was with the Hilderincs and they constantly probed and prodded the opponents for the breakthrough.

And it finally arrived after Ian Morris taking a quick throw-in to Cristian Peligros, watched the forward smashed it his second and the Hilderincs third to bring the game into parity.

While a draw proved to be somewhat a fair result, the Blacks resurgence in the second half should have won them the game, had they paid that little more attention in their own half.

Though performances like the first half’s would be catastrophic against Hibernians Athletics next week in the league, the Hilderincs will be fully aware that they have to turn up with a focused and determined mind to keep their campaign on track.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 3 : Mavericks FC 3

Goals: Cristian Peligros (2), Logaraj Sundram

Yellow Card: Nicholas Ledenmark

Staring Lineup

1. Na Byung Hee

2. Glenn Sandhu

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Nabil Zahrif

6. Mathew Joseph

7. Kumaresan Maniam

8. Jon Loh

9. Cristian Peligros

10. Ian Morris

11. Glenn Char



12. Liao Jincai “JC”

13. Darren Tan

14. Ke Yong Xiang

15. Logaraj Sundram

16. Parthiban Aruchamy

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Hilderinc Ladies Turn 1

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Hilderinc Ladies during the Women's Day 2018

A revolutionary revision, a chanced meeting, a bold decision and an unsure project; the beginnings of Hilderinc Ladies has been nothing short of opportune coming together as they mark their 1st Anniversary today.

What began with a foresighted amendment of Hilderinc Football Club’s constitution to be gender neutral in its entirety during their Annual General Meeting in February 2017, the unprecedented move was a prophetically set stage for Munya Ahmed become the first ever female player to join the Blacks two months later; this in itself a fulfilment of a dream conceived more than a decade ago.

While being a true Hilderinc on the pitch amongst the men, braving the heat and breaking down stereotypes, the Aussie lass was the fulcrum for the Club to dive into, what was then a tentative project, to start an all-women’s football team.

Hence on Thursday, 25th May 2017, first to heed the broadcast, Survai Kar, became the first members of Hilderinc Ladies, alongside Munya, joining the Hilderinc’s Saturday and Sunday boys for training at Home United Youth Academy (HYFA).

First ever Hilderinc Ladies training with Munya and Suravi

Like an increasing swell, the numbers grew by the week, and in August 23rd, the Ladies stepped out with their own training sessions on Wednesday evenings.

Hilderinc Ladies grows

What began with two a year ago, the Hilderinc Ladies are now a formidable group with over thirty active and willing ladies, who are nothing short of outstanding in more ways than one, often setting the bar for the menfolk in commitment, enthusiasm and even the quality of football.

The Ladies in action

Having taken part in their maiden competition in the AFC/ FAS Women’s Day 7s in March this year, the Ladies are currently gearing themselves passionately for the SMU Diva La Futbol XVI come June.

In keeping with Hilderinc Football Club’s enduring philosophy of being all-inclusive; coming together from various nations, race and language, and with beginners to the accomplished in their ranks, the Hilderinc Ladies are a growing gathering of women who are exemplary and inspirational, befitting the Beautiful Game, and a pride of the Hilderinc brand, this first year is just one of the many milestones they will reach in this exciting journey.

All at Hilderinc Football Club wishes the Hilderinc Ladies a Happy 1st Anniversary!

Hilderincs Gutted By Forward's Injury

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HFC Media File Picture

Just when Hilderinc FC were reeling from former Player of the Season, Adib Alias’ long term withdrawal through a recurrence of his ACL condition, the Blacks are rocked by Mitchell Keh’s serious knee injury.

Injuring himself two week ago during a friendly against AFC Naranja, it was confirmed that the forward had torn his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) and Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL), along with his meniscus, in a somewhat innocuous fall, but one that has cause dreadful damage, which will now require surgery, and could put a permanent halt to his amateur football.

Manner and seriousness of the injury has reopened examination on wearing proper footwear on artificial grass (AG), consistent fitness regimen and proper per-match preparations.

While his absence will be keenly felt, both on and off the pitch, all at the Club wishes Mitchell, a speedy and complete recovery.

https://lifesworkpt.com/2015/02/knee-ligament-injuries-acl-pcl-mcl-lcl-injuries/" target="_blank">Understanding Knee Ligament Injuries

Unnecessary Goal Annoys Hilderincs

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HFC Media File Picture

It was a day of mixed showing from Hilderinc FC, who suffered an unmerited hiccup against Band of Brothers FC in a tightly contested game, one that was settled the odd goal after the Blacks, for the first time this season, failed to find the back of the net.

While missing several players would have been a perfect excuse, the Blacks had themselves to fault for an inconsistent display when they could have seen off the challenge in the first half, had they kept the initiative.

Making six changes to the starting lineup from a week ago, the Hilderincs’ bench was no different as the friendly provided the opportunity for debuts and experiments, as Adi Ravikumar and Alexander Bechter made their bows, while Ke Yong Xiang and Chan Chee Yong added extra minutes to their previous starts.

The Blacks were spritely starters and they were in full throttle in their early approach, passing and pressing high inside the Brothers’ half, leaving them to chase shadows, giving them not even as much a sniff in the proceedings.

Despite the occasional youthful attempted flamboyance and bravado to take matters into their own hands, the Hilderincs’ first clear chance of the day fell to Nabil Zahrif, but the youngster’s slight application was kept out by the goalkeeper.

Perhaps due to the early exertions, the Blacks eased off the control and allowed the Brothers into the game with their rushed advances, but though the opponents offered little to trouble a well-marshaled backline, they needed young goalkeeper, Na Byung Hee’s brave save to spare the blushes after a rare mis-step, taking both team into the break on a stalemate.

If the first period provided decent challenge, the restart would begin with feeble sulking from a minority of the Brothers, who would have been more apt with a game on an Xbox than an actual contact sport, as they took to clamouring about every touch and contest from the Hilderincs.

The Blacks, for their part, looked spent and under value, often choosing the hit and run, rather than their usual composed and positioned flowing self, resulting in scattered and un-pretty football.

However, it was a fact, putting into prospective, was a result of the Hilderincs were highly trialing players and positions, which at times gave an impression of disjointedness at times.

Best chances for the Blacks would fall to Ian Morris, but without his usual partners around him, looked lonely and isolated, and while couple of his efforts were saved by the keeper, other opportunities were rendered ineffective with his wrong choice of judgment.

As just the game was petering towards a rare goalless draw from the Hilderincs, a shot from distance would break the hearts of the Blacks, who were then unfortunate not to concede a second at the dead, after another calamitous error.

While any defeat is highly hurtful for the Hilderincs, who set high standards for themselves; these friendlies are geared towards refining issues, especially with new and returning players assimilating and regaining match fitness respectively, though with league commitments resuming soon, time is on a luxury for the Blacks.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 0 : Band of Brothers FC 1

Yellow Cards: Ke Yong Xiang, Glenn Sandhu

Staring Lineup

1. Na Byung Hee

2. Glenn Sandhu

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Alexander Bechter

6. Sebastian Eraso

7. Kumaresan Maniam

8. Jon Loh

9. Travis Fujii

10. Ian Morris

11. Nabil Zahrif



12. Liao Jincai “JC”

13. Adi Ravikumar

14. Chan Chee Yong

15. Ke Yong Xiang

16. Mathew Joseph

17. Riley Aiman

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Blacks Keep Poise In Sizzling Yishun

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HFC Media File Picture

Despite the Hilderincs’ desire to go full swing in the league, especially after last weekend’s canter against GST, administrative reasons meant that a friendly was on the agenda instead.

Ever the optimists, the Blacks took the opportunity to refine any chinks and trial variations in view of a long campaign, as well to deal with the fasting month which will render several players temporarily unavailable.

While numbers were credible, conditions at an exposed Naval Base Secondary School pitch meant that the afternoon’s contest was going to two-fold, one against the elements, and the other against AFC Naranja, an all too familiar opponent with whom attention-grabbing sub-plots have been customary.

However, with the weather not allowing attention for extra-curricular interest, it was full focus from the Blacks as they sought to impose themselves from the start.

And within four minutes, the Hilderincs were in front, somewhat fortuitously, when Ian Morris’ pressure on the Naranja backline resulted in the goalkeeper’s attempted clearance cannon off the forward’s shoulders and into the back of the net, akin to recent trending James Milner and Marcos Alonso goals.

Though the initiative and purpose was with the Blacks, a casual lapse caught them flatfooted and gave the opponents an underserved, but well-taken goal after just seven minutes of going ahead.

Bridled with annoyance, the Hilderincs started to force the issue once again, gaining control of the game.

But just as the Hilderincs were in their stride, an unfortunate injury to Mitchell Keh took all attention and concern, and rightfully so as the forward could face some time on the sidelines after his right knee buckled, leaving him in excruciating pain as he was withdrawn.

As an alternative, the Blacks brought on sixteen year old Amir Saarin, though raw at times, good potential for the future.

Picking up from where they left off, the Hilderincs soon were rewarded with the lead after Cristian Peligros got himself in on the act, heading in an Ian Morris’ cross following measured build up by Rama Witjaksono, Sebastian Eraso and Melvin Tan.

Within two minutes, Rama Witjaksono, who is usually extra enthused in this meetings, split open the Naranja defence to find Cristian, who did not a second invitation, as he double his tally by picking his spot at the top right corner.

It could have been a quick hat-trick for the Spanish forward when he all but looked to finish off a pinpoint pass from Kumaresan Maniam, but an extraordinary save from the stand-in goalkeeper kept him at bay, who in fact produced another excellent quick save from Dionisis Kolokotsas after a resultant corner.

There was no stopping Cristian Peligros and his third triple in as many games when he smashed in the Hilderincs’ fourth on the turn to give the Blacks a 4-1 lead into the break.

The second half was more orchestrated from HFC, as they worked to counter the elements as well as the opponents who offered more as a contest, though both sides were tepid at times as they sought relieve from the muggy heat.

In keeping with to the objectives, the Blacks offered alternatives to several midfield positions, though Danish Saarin’s injury coupled with Mitchell Keh’s in the first half reduced options in the attacking third, while Nicholas Ledenmark, Dionisis Kolokotsas and Glenn Sandhu held the fort at the rear without reinforcements to give them any sort of reprieve against the Naranjas, who had more than desired forays into the defensive third.

On a constructive note, Mathew Joseph, who was fitted in an untested deep laying defensive midfield role, proved to be a huge hit as he played his part admirably in the grand scheme of things.

While the opponents’ high line provided ample opportunities for the Hilderincs to overrun the scoreline with good interplaying pass and move football, Cristian Peligros’ fourth on the day was the only tangible count, though Mike De Bear had an effort ruled out for offside, while Dionisis came within another header to register to first goal for the Club.

With the Hilderincs progressing as a unit and still yet to hit top gear, especially against higher caliber opposition, all efforts now are only parts in an overall puzzle that is slowly being worked.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 5 : AFC Naranja 1

Goals: Ian Morris 4’, Cristian Peligros 17’, 19’ 32’, 70’

Yellow Card: Amir Saarin

Starting Lineup

1. Liao Jincai “JC”

2. Glenn Sandhu

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Melvin Tan

6. Sebastian Eraso

7. Rama Witjaksono

8. Jon Loh

9. Mitchell Keh

10. Ian Morris

11. Cristian Peligros


12. Mike De Bear

13. Kumaresan Maniam

14. Danish Saarin

15. Amir Saarin

16. Ke Yong Xiang

17. Mathew Joseph

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Bad Evening At The Office For The Blacks

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It was a night to forget for Hilderinc FC when they came heavily undone against Bayern de Monique in the ESPZEN Midweek 7s League.

Though challenging for honours in the 7s was a distant objective, being hit for a dozen was certainly a sobering experience for the Blacks who found themselves curiously in the wrong gear from the start, all too often amplifying the fact they are predominantly an 11aside outfit.

A late rally, notwithstanding the predicament, and a consolation did give the Hilderincs a better account of themselves in the closing stages, but the damage was already done to salvage anything meaningful.

While losing a game when underserved was never going to be an issue, the sheer volume of goals conceded had bruised the Hilderincs ego, which will be nursed in time for their next game.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 1 : Bayern de Monique 12

Goal: Edgar Cascan

MOM: Edgar Cascan

Starting Lineup

1. Adam Dang

2. Kavin Singh

3. Indika Gayashan

4. Nicholas Ledenmark

5. Edgar Cascan

6. Patrick Swo

7. Ian Morris


8. Aldrin Julio

9. Chris Lim

10. Mike De Bear

11. Sunny Tharidu

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