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Hilderincs On The Board Without Playing

Posted on April 18, 2018 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (0)

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Hilderinc FC’s rain disrupted start to the ESPZEN Saturday League 19 season saw a rainbow at the end of a second successive deferment when they were awarded the tie after their opponents, FC Hospitality were found to have infringed the rules by their no show.

Even in the event of inclement weather, ESPZEN League rulebooks states that a minimum eight players have to be present at pitchside before the referee officially makes a decision to call of the fixture due to unable conditions to warrant a postponement to a later date.

However, though the Blacks were in full attendance by 2:45pm, and the referee at 3pm, the official decided to call a walkover after a half an hour wait when no players from the opposition turned up, with the weather taking secondary consideration.

While the Hilderincs would have appreciated the points by actually playing, they would not begrudge any providence, especially when they have been devoid of it in recent seasons.

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Rain Rain Go Away!

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It was a serious bout of déjà vu for Hilderinc Football Club after for the second successive week, a heavy downpour at 3pm at Ang Mo Kio Secondary School forced them to wait for their ESPZEN Saturday League 19 to kickoff.

However, unlike last week when their opponents, Graduate Soccer Team presented themselves at pitchside for the referee to officially call off the game, FC Hospitality, the Blacks challengers this time around, preformed a no-show, prompting a visit to the rule book, with a different verdict a possibility.

Whatever the formal ruling by the league, it was been pretty irksome for the Hilderincs to be deprived, twice, in successive weeks with a full squad of eager players, and with a fixture null next Saturday, the Blacks will now have to wait till end of the month to play their first Division three game.

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Blacks Get Proper Taste Of 7s

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After two previous attempts at 7s football, Hilderinc Football Club were pleased to finally get going proper when they met Sengkang Rangers FC in the ESPZEN Midweek 7s League at the Premier Pitch at Turf City last night.

The Hilderincs, being one pioneers of this league, which is in itself in an embryonic and developmental stage, had to do with an opponent no-show and a claustrophobic second game, played with seven players in a highly restricted and less than ideal sized pitch, and hence, they were keen to make the most of their actual debut in 7s football.

As it was the topmost objective to use these midweek fixtures as an opportunity for training to boost match fitness and cohesion, in benefit of the Blacks’ Saturday and Sunday league sides, which remain their main priority, it was an excellent run out for all involved.

Playing against a side who have been perennial winners in various futsal competitions, the Hilderincs had to adapt quickly against the experienced Rangers who were in their element, playing in their comfort zone.

However, it was the Hilderincs who had the early initiative when they took the lead against their esteemed opponents when Sunny Tharidu played a prefect cross for Ian Morris to sweep in the lead.

Much against the odds, the Blacks had further opportunities to extend their lead with Sunny Tharidu, Ian Morris and debutant Edgar, coming close but were either denied by an alert Rangers goalkeeper or by efforts which were just off the mark.

While earning full marks for effort and endeavour, the Hilderincs’ forte as an 11-a-side team was soon exposed by Rangers, whose knowledge of concise play for the occasion began to show.

The Blacks, were caught off guard on several instances, as they allowed Rangers to do the basics of shooting at goal, as they learnt of the need to be extra vigilant on a smaller pitch as compared to their usual undertakings on a full arena.

Although they were beaten, it was certainly a productive outing for the Hilderincs, who did look a tat more practised in the second half as they were a little more assured and craved out further openings, and with more time in the 7s, they will surely hone themselves better, nonetheless, the full throttle midweek workout was a highly stimulating one for their exploits on Saturday and Sunday.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 1 : Sengkang Rangers FC 9

Goal: Ian Morris

MOM: Kavin Singh

Starting Lineup

1. Gopal Peethambaran

2. Kavin Singh

3. Dionisis Kolokotsas

4. Sunny Tharidu

5. Edgar

6. Mathew Joseph

7. Ian Morris


8. Aldrin Julio

9. Parthiban Aruchamy

10. Nicholas Ledenmark

11. Indika Gayashan

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Injury Ravaged Hilderincs Sweat Ahead Of Opener

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With the new ESPZEN Saturday League 19 season just days away, Hilderinc FC were dealt with an injury shocker when it was confirmed that former player of the season, Adib Alias, has been forced out of action for the foreseeable future with a recurrence of his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.

The player, one part of an instrumental and talented midfield step-up, was primed to take over the captaincy in the long term, a plan the Blacks will now need to revise.

In addition, the situation in the middle of pack has taken a beating after Diogo Baptista, another key component in that area, has been ruled out for a minimum one month, alongside Mike De Bear, whose time on the treatment table has added to the Hilderincs’ woes, which also includes Dionisis Kolokotsas, who remains doubtful for the season opener against Graduate Soccer Team.

With the recent departure of last season’s player of the season, Erdogan Albay, Hilderinc FC will look to the many capable quality within the ranks to step up this term in a division that will pose real and serious challenges if last campaign’s matchday player penury is allowed to resurface again, something the Blacks are prepared to act against with ruthless decisiveness.

Apart from the Hilderincs who remain in their stead, Division 3, will now comprising a whole new set of casts which includes, last season’s Division 4 and 5 Champions, Super Aviators and Graduate Soccer Team, FC Hospitality, with whom the Blacks had already established a decent rivalry with two highly contested friendlies last season, Hibernians Athletic, vastly talented former league champions, Kamikaze Football Club, and Adistone Football Club.

And it goes without saying that it will be imperative that the Blacks start the campaign well and maintain the initiative throughout the duration of the season.

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Hilderincs Finally Gets Going In Midweek 7s

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After last Wednesday’s no show by Any Holes A Goal Club de Futbol, an ostentatiously name opponent, which handed them a muffled 3-0 win and three points, Hilderinc FC finally got their ESPZEN Midweek 7s league going with a well contested tie against Bayern de Monique at the Arena.

Despite having taken advantage of the circumstances when both the sides played an impromptu friendly, the official league fixture was played in no less competitive nature as it was a week ago.

However, the day before a long weekend added to the Blacks’ recent trend of unabated supplication for numbers, and with nine on the night, the two substitutes were more critical rather than options.

With the league still in its infancy and development, the size of the pitch was a key factor of discomfort for a 7s games.

The Hilderincs starting with Lim Yong Kiat, Kavin Singh, Sunny Tharidu, Nabil Zahrif, Travis Fujji, Ian Morris, and Jeevan, the Club’s first president, who made a welcomed return to the colours, were exceptional against a good side, as Omar Mahnin and the Hilderinc Twā’s, Aldrin Julio provided the needed quality.

Pressing high and keeping constant intensity throughout, with a solid backline, the Blacks took the game to the French, who started their campaign with an 11-2 in their opening game.

Though the Hilderincs went a goal behind, an excellent Omar Mahnin strike restored parity in a tightly contested half, which had both teams equally matched.

However, with only two replacements, the second half took the toll on the Blacks, especially after their exertions in the early period.

Allowing the Moniques more time and space, the Hilderincs’ earlier watertight backline was breeched, though the magnificent Lim Yong Kiat was on handed with incredible saves to keep the scoreline respectable in the almost claustrophobic playing area, though Kavin Singh was unfortunate not add his name to the scoresheet with a number of long range attempts.

With the Hilderincs’ primary objective of using the 7s to provide training minutes in benefit of their Saturday and Sunday league sides, it was a highly productive evening, and with each player putting in solid effort in the progress.

Final Score

Bayern de Monique 6 : Hilderinc FC 1

Goal: Omar Mahnin

MOM: Lim Yong Kiat


Starting Lineup

1. Lim Yong Kiat

2. Sunny Tharidu

3. Kavin Singh

4. Jeevan T Kannu

5. Nabil Zahrif

6. Travis Fujji

7. Ian Morris


1. Omar Mahnin

2. Aldrin Julio

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Hilderinc Twa FC Turns 1

Posted on March 29, 2018 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Picture coutresy of D2D Sports

It has been an eventful beginning for Hilderinc Twā FC, Hilderinc Football Club’s Sunday side, but nothing can be taken away from the fledgling Blacks as the reach their first milestone, turning one yesterday.

Officially formed on 20th March 2016, the Sunday Blacks are a vision conceptualised two years earlier in the form of the Hilderinc Socials, however, with HFC’s migration to Saturday league football, the switch became an impetus to bring the Hilderincs back to their Sunday roots, evolving into a competitive side on its own merit.

Helmed by a three-man team with the Club President and Secretary actively involved as advisors, the Twās’ journey has been nothing but dynamic, involving tenures in the SG Merlion Challenge Cup, a seven month preparatory period after development, and the Blacks’ official return to competitive Sunday league action with the D2D PM League 16.

While immediate and future challenges are aplenty for the Twās, the Hilderinc spirit will mean that whatsoever the outcome, the Blacks will dig deep to overcome the tests that might come their way.


Blacks Bid Farewell To Club Favourite

Posted on March 26, 2018 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Erdogan Albay (centre), with Club Committee members, Kavin Singh, David Zheng and Nicholas Ledenmark (L-R)

It was a bittersweet moment for Hilderinc Football Club as they not only crowned last season’s HFC Player of the Season recently, but they had to say farewell to one of their top players in the Club’s history at the same breath.

Last term’s key performer, Erdogan Albay, returned back to Germany after his tenure in Singapore, close to a year spent with the Hilderincs in that period, having made his debut back in April 2017, this despite the overtures of some other clubs.

Erdo after his final game for the Blacks

And always giving his best, the silky footed player with some of the most insane skills was a pleasure to play with, and to watch at equal measure.

Hence, bagging the top individual honour in his last campaign was a fitting accolade for a player who will be missed both on and off the pitch.

Farewell at The Beast

All at Hilderinc Football Club would like to thank Erdo for his contributions and wish him all the very best in every endeavour he undertakes from hereon

Limited Blacks Stutter At Tampines Hub

Posted on March 24, 2018 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

HFC Media File Picture

After two productive pre-season friendlies, Hilderinc FC’s run was brought to an unceremonious end after they were beaten by Maverick FC, though much was their own undoing with the ingenuous goals they had allowed to undo their recent good work.

While playing at the Tampines Hub was a novelty not lost in the build-up to the game, the objective of gearing up to the ESPZEN Saturday League 19 Division 3 opener against Graduate Soccer Team in two weeks’ time was the main focus.

Though missing several regulars, the Blacks were keen to welcome Clement Ong and Denis Lobov, both playing their first games in the preparatory series, while Xerxes Lee and Mitchell Keh were important additions to the plans of the day.

Without delay, the Blacks were off to a flier when Travis Fujii’s delightful long range pass found Mitchell Keh, and the forward wrote himself into the HFC record books when he took a mere 18 seconds to find the back of the net from kickoff with an audacious effort from an acute angle, giving the pundits a dilemma which to appraise more, the speed of the goal or the sheer nerve of the finish.

Although strategies were afoot to manage the exertions on a full pitch, the Blacks, in their eagerness to pile the pressure on the opponents, threw caution to the well-thought after approach, giving more too quickly in the process.

Yet, they could have controlled the events had Clement Ong’s shot not cannon off the crossbar, with the keeper well beaten.

Having endured the Hilderincs early charge, the Mavericks found a way back into the game, though the Blacks were equally blameworthy for giving them the stress-free break.

Things took a turn when the ever dependable Dionisis Kolokotsas was taken off a minute after the leveller when he was at the receiving end of a nasty collision, drawing vehement remonstration from an otherwise genial veteran, though the video replay would offer the offending player some support against any ill-intent, for having tripped before crashing into the defender.

Like on cue, the Hilderincs were thrown into a state of disorder, conceding two more highly irritating goals, both of which could and should have been prevented, had simplicity in play was applied, but the damage was already done, as the Blacks trooped into the break two goals adrift.

Even though the Blacks were well-paced from the restart, it was same old habits were carried forward from the first period, and a comical goal would leave the Hilderincs looking like a poor imitation of a side trying to play football, one that was certainly not a fit for the venue.

As if kicked in the teeth, the Blacks sought to redeem some pride against the side that looked every bit inferior but made to look good by the Hilderincs own negligence and sloppiness.

The Blacks were handed a lifeline, though one to climb a mountain when Xerxes Lee was brought down in the penalty box, and having his best scoring run for HFC, Ian Morris was not about to hand the reins of the spot-kick to another and duly converted it to halve the deficit.

The skipper could have pulled the Hilderincs even closer but after having put through brilliantly by Xerxes Lee, the forward snapped his shot from inside the 6-yard box.

However, there was no end in sight for the Blacks’ “comic relief” when a bizarre attempt at clearing the ball resulted in an own goal after the goalkeeper and the midfielder got into each other’s way to send the ball across the line.

On a day that was defined by needless and careless goals conceded against, the Hilderincs sort of had the final word when Nabil Zahrif scored from a well-taken freekick from range, giving a somewhat optimistic outlook in an otherwise frustrating afternoon.

With the season opener just weeks away, the Hilderincs will hope to have the rest of the regulars back in the fold.

Final Score

Mavericks FC 5 : Hilderinc FC 3

Goals: Mitchell Keh, Ian Morris (pen), Nabil Zahrif

Starting Line-up

1. Lim Yong Kiat

2. Tan Chee Hong

3. Dionisis Kolokotsas

4. Denis Lobov

5. Mike De Bear

6. Sunny Tharidu

7. Xerxes Lee

8. Clement Ong

9. Mitchell Keh

10. Ian Morris

11. Travis Fujii


12. Liao Jincai “JC”

13. Nicholas Ledenmark

14. Nabil Zahrif

15. Riley Aiman

16. Mohammad Amir

17. Mus Alfian

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Hilderincs Set For Midweek 7s Debut

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Following the Club’s expansion with the Hilderinc Twā FC, the Blacks’ Sunday side and the Hilderinc Ladies, the Hilderincs are to be one of the pioneer teams to kick-off the ESPZEN Midweek 7s League on Wednesday, 21st March 2018.

Though not the principal primacy as compared to the ESPZEN Saturday and D2D Sunday PM Leagues which form the Blacks foremost priority, the 7s will offer additional platform for a collective focus on improvement and development.

While winning the league is not the principal and immediate objective, the Hilderincs, true to their essence will certainly give their best as they undertake their next exciting project, whatever the culminate outcome.

If you are keen to be part of the Hilderincs’ 7s side, please kindly drop us an email at [email protected] with the subject, “Hilderinc 7s”.

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Threadbare Blacks Punch Above Their Weight

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HFC Media File Picture

It was quite a remarkable situation the Hilderincs found themselves in when only four of the eighteen who played in last week’s pre-season opener were available for the second friendly game in the preparation series.

With a huge chunk of players missing, and with added significance of the tie doubling as Erdogan Albay’s farewell game, the Blacks quite fittingly set out a combined side as the German had graced both Saturday and Sunday Hilderinc sides with eminence.

However, number were again a factor as withdrawals and couple of matchday no shows proved detrimental for the Blacks’ cause, and quandary was only alleviated by the eleventh hour inclusion of Darren Tan and Arkar, who were god-sent, especially in another sweltering afternoon, though having one goalkeeper and a single outfield substitute called for special planning for game management.

Despite the deficiencies, there were no insufficiencies in quality as the Hilderincs were in absolute command of the proceedings from the get go against a team they had steamrolled 7-1 in last season’s pre-season friendly, though they did so with a full complement of players back then.

Setting the tone for his final outing for the Hilderincs, Erdogan Albay, who was captaining the side, was in the heart of the action, and was instrumental in the Blacks’ opening inside two minutes.

At the back of a finely worked move, the German playmaker delightfully found Ian Morris inside the Naranja AFC box, but the forward almost embarrassed himself with an attempted flick which got caught inside his feet, but was a relieved man to have another bite of the cherry, putting the ball away at the second chance.

With the goal, the Hilderincs turned on the bravura as they put on a dominant display, passing and moving the ball with poise, while purposefully rouletting the midfield dynamics with Rama Witjaksono, Darren Tan, Kumaresan Maniam and Arkar, offered timely reprieve from their impressive performance.

The Blacks were however unfortunate not to go into the break with a bigger advantage as Erdogan Albay, Omar Mahnin and Darren Tan coming close to adding to the tally, with the latter hitting the post with a well take attempt.

The restart was no different from the first as the impenetrable quartet of David Zheng, Nicholas Ledenmark, Dionisis Kolokotsas and Kavin Singh maintained their highest order, in front of Liao Jincai, which proved to be the launch pad of much of the Hilderincs’ advances.

Playing with fluidity, the Blacks were a constant menace, constantly looking for the slightest opportunity to pry open the Naranja backline, which was forced to sit deep in an attempt to ride the Black tide, but with the quality on hand, the task was easier said than done.

Omar Mahnin, who was on the end of a couple of attempts turned provider when he broke free into the opponent’s final third before laying a perfectly weighted ball for Ian Morris to slot in to double the Hilderincs’ advantage.

With such class around him, it was a first ever recorded Hilderinc hat-trick for Ian Morris who hit his treble from another close range finish after he was the beneficiary of another Erdogan Albay pin-point pick after an unmatched slalom by the departing player, who emphasised what a massive loss he will be.

If the Hilderincs first three goals were close range finishes, the fourth was a different grade, as Darren Tan capped his day with a belter from distance, arguably the goal of the game.

Another goal glut was on the cards when Omar Mahnin and Erdogan Albay came closest again in the second half as they did in the first, and though a late goal for the opponents could have been avoided, there was little to complain as the Hilderincs gave a masterclass display despite playing with a desperately limited squad but one that was highly proficient.

Final Score

Naranja AFC 1 : Hilderinc FC 4

Goals: Ian Morris (3), Darren Tan

Starting Lineup

1. Na Byung Hee

2. Nicholas Ledenmark

3. Kavin Singh

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. David Zheng

6. Arkar

7. Rama Witjaksono

8. Darren Tan

9. Erdogan Albay

10. Ian Morris

11. Kumaresan Maniam


12. Liao Jin Chai

13. Omar Mahnin

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