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Hilderinc FC Reports Good Progress During AGM

Posted on January 17, 2018 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (0)

(From left clockwise, David Zheng, Gopal Peethambaran, Logaraj Sundram, Darren Tan, Azman Azmi, Sunny Tharidu, Kumaresan Maniam, Chua Yuxuan, Nicholas Ledenmark and Simon Khaw)

The expansion was the main byword during the Hilderinc Football Club’s 3rd Annual General Meeting held at the Jig A Jig pub on Monday, 15th January 2018.

With Club President Simon Khaw informing the members that with the creation of the Blacks Sunday side, Hilderinc Twā FC and the women’s team, Hilderinc Ladies, the Club made has had unprecedented grown in the past year.

It was also reported that despite increased expenditure, all three HFC sides posted comfortable surplus heading into the next financial year.

The members were also informed that further improvement will be made to the administration of the Club to add more value to both playing and non-playing members.

Moving forward, and most notably, David Zheng, one of the Blacks stalwarts since his debut some five years ago was voted into the Management Committee, adding more strength to the band of good fellows who lead the Club with their commitment.

Also, carrying on with their fine work in lending valued advice to the Hilderinc Twās since creation, Simon Khaw and Gopal Peethambaran were unanimously re-elected as President and Secretary respectively, as Leslie Eng serves his second term as the Club’s Treasurer.

Though challenges will abound, the Hilderincs will be confident that they are in a strong position to progress for the better.

Experimenting Blacks Satisfied Despite Result

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HFC Media File Picture

Returning Yio Chu Kang Secondary School and against FC Hospitality for the second week running, Hilderinc FC produced a fine display in their second of three friendly games before their resumption of league duties in the ESPZEN Saturday League Division 3.

After last week’s bruising encounter, it was a prefect practice for the Blacks against a side which could very well form a rivalry in the same grouping next season should their respective campaigns pan out according to well-intended plans.

The Hilderincs, welcoming Mike De Bear, Denis Lobov, Glenn Sandhu and Sunny Tharidu from their respectively breaks, kept to a similar starting lineup to last week, apart from the involvement of the latter two and Clement Ong, who slotted into to a highly strategic system.

As intended, the Blacks were in full form as they worked the ball with ease and flair, leaving the opponents uncomfortable with each move.

And their aptitude was evident when they took the lead with a sweeping play involving Adib Alias, Xerxes Lee and Glenn Sandhu, with the latter in full flight before cutting a delightful ball across the face of the goal for Travis Fujji to open his account for the Blacks inside 11 minutes.

Even before the exuberance was settled in the young forward’s face, he turned provider, laying off another Adib Alias’ pass into the path of Ian Morris, who made no mistakes with finish.

Interesting, the Hilderincs took a mere 22 seconds from the FCH restart after the first goal to score their second.

Buoyant by the start, the Blacks pressed hard to remove the opponents from the equation with their famed pass and move football, which was a delight to behold at times.

However, in keeping with the objective of experimenting, the Hilderincs refreshed the lineup midway through, and though there was a little getting used to things, by and large, there was little to suggest that the proceedings would be anything but routine.

Just as the Blacks were formulating their dominance, FC Hospitality were handed a lifeline by the referee who bought the attempts by the FCH player in selling him a penalty.

And though Sunny Tharidu was spot-on in reading the kick, the power behind the shot reduced the Hilderincs lead to half.

With confidence rising from the goal, FC Hospitality increased their intensity, and as with the first game last week, over the top at times, leaving the Blacks feeling aggrieved by the referee’s lenient stance to FCH’s approach.

There was, however, no grounds for finger pointing from the Hilderincs, whose rare moment of lapse allowed the opponents to equalise close to the break, and while it was not reflective of the overall happenings, it was somewhat irksome nonetheless to have an unproductive side draw parity against the run of play.

Despite that, the objectives were not lost, and the Hilderincs continued with their aims, giving a full ranging of options a try in the second half.

As it was in the opening period, the Hilderincs were in wonderful form with their expansive football, passing and moving with fluid movement, and were unfortunate not to take the lead through Travis Fujji, who was denied by the FCH goalkeeper.

But, adding to another point for scrutiny and improvement, another lapse in attention handed FC Hospitality the lead from an innocuous cornerkick.

While the Hilderincs responded positively, the game descended into a contest of two contrasting tactics with the Blacks seeking to play with the ball, where else, the opponents punting it up the pitch to see what may come out of it, though they did hit the cross bar with a fortuitous attempt.

Pressing hard, the Hilderincs thought they had levelled the game late on through Ian Morris, but to the Blacks’ aghast, the forward was denied his brace and equaliser, after the referee, who, on more than one occasion in the first half had had questionable offside rulings, chalked off what was a genuine finish, but if by any chance it was a correct decision, he was certainly culpable of not awarding the Hilderincs a penalty for a stonewall foul on Erdogan Albay in the lead up to that.

In spite of the scoreline, the Hilderincs were well pleased with their display and can take heart that with the team settling well with a wonderful mix of players, both short and long term prospects looks rewarding.

Final Score

FC Hospitality 3 : Hilderinc FC 2

Goals: Travis Fujji, Ian Morris

Yellow Card: Sunny Tharidu

Starting Lineup

1. Sunny Tharidu

2. Glenn Sandhu

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Nabil Zahrif

6. Adib Alias

7. Xerxes Lee

8. Clement Ong

9. Erdogan Albay

10. Ian Morris

11. Travis Fujii


12. Basil Al Barr

13. Wiktor Hjelm

14. Logaraj Sundram

15. Mike De Bear

16. Denis Lobov

17. Goh Heng Kiat

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Hilderincs Resume Action After Long Recess

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HFC Media File Picture

After a full month of their local version of a football “winter break”, Hilderinc Football Club returned to the affairs on the pitch with a bruising friendly against fellow ESPZEN Saturday League side, FC Hospitality, who did well to deceive reality, contradicting their genial epithet.

If the Blacks had plans to ease their way to match fitness after the lengthy inactivity, they were, however, forced to quickly jettison it entirely as the Division 4 side sort to bellicosely impose themselves against their counterparts from Division 3.

With several regulars still unavailable, the Hilderincs took the opportunity to experiment with both formation and personnel, which included no less than five players who had either played only one game prior or were making their bow in the colours.

While the tone of the proceedings were set by the opponents’ robust, sometimes overly administered tackles, the Blacks found focus with their usual pass and move football, though the rustiness was telling, as they took time to get up to speed, as the impression that it was only a friendly quickly vanished under the heavy challenges and unwarranted confrontations, normally seen in full-blooded league fixtures.

Despite the higher ration count for productive play, a lapse in concentration allowed the Hospitalit-ers to steal the lead against the run of play when an unattended player smashed in a routine freekick, punishing the Blacks for their inattentiveness.

The Hilderincs were swift in response, but their endeavours were halted each time by a forceful, and at times, reckless tackles, resulting in a slew of freekicks for the Blacks.

Though limited to long range attempts, Erdogan Albay came closest to drawing level when his stinging shot was somehow palmed away by the FCH goalkeeper to keep the Blacks trailing into the break.

The restart brought renewed vigour from the Hilderincs who were encamped in the FCH’s half for vast periods, probing and prodding for parity of score.

The best chance of an equaliser came when Logaraj Sundram in full flight found Ian Morris in a perfect position to score just yards from goal, but the skipper dreadfully scuffed the delightful cut-back to leave him unable to even claim rustiness as a feeble excuse to conceal the embarrassment nor the tongue-lashing that he received from the former who felt hard-done for all his fine work in setting the latter for what was a guilt-edged opportunity.

Nonetheless, the Blacks were immediately back in their pursuit and they were finally rewarded for their persistence when Erdogan Albay’s cornerkick was met by a brave driving header by Riley Aiman, who incidentally wrote himself into the record books by becoming the second 17 year old debutant to score in successive games after his mate, Nabil Zahrif scored on his own bow against Pacifire FC exactly four weeks ago.

While going for the winning goal was now the Hilderincs’ objective, the fact that the opponents were still in the hunt for more thoughtless tackles, the Blacks were more than happy to see this one out with their limps intact, apart from the many bruises, trophies of a worthless and insignificant contest, though they can be proud of their exertions after a long break.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 1 : FC Hospitality 1

Goal: Riley Aiman

Starting Lineup

1. Lim Yong Kiat

2. Goh Heng Kiat

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Nabil Zahrif

6. Adib Alias

7. Xerxes Lee

8. Oleg Ponomarev

9. Erdogan Albay

10. Ian Morris

11. Travis Fujii


12. Basil Al Barr

13. Wiktor Hjelm

14. Logaraj Sundram

15. Clement Ong

16. Wong Yih-Khai

17. Danish Saarin

18. Riley Aiman

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Sunday Blacks Still Looking For Breakthrough

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HFC Media File Picture

By Chua Yuxuan

The putrefaction of Hilderinc Twā Football Club continued as they slumped to a 6-2 defeat at the hands of another familiar foe, May Kha FC, their third consecutive defeat in the D2D Sunday PM league, incidentally, all against Burmese opponents.

Even with the help of Hilderincs FC regulars Ian Morris, Yong Kiat and Wong Yih-Khai, the Twās could not find any rhythm or flow to their game against May Kha.

But it was HTFC who drew first blood in the opening ten minutes when a well worked freekick was sent into the opponent’s six yard box, when Logaraj Sundram’s header was met by the fumbling keeper, who somehow allowed the ball to bobble into his own goal.

That was all to the Hilderinc’s game as the goal galvanised May Kha FC, and they threw everything they have at The Blacks.

Unfortunately for the Blacks, defensive error and tactical confusion allowed May Kha FC to pile up the scoreline, eventually taking a 3-1 lead at the break.

Change of personals and formation in the second half saw a more composed HTFC, and they started gaining control of the match.

However, all efforts for a comeback went downhill as more sloppy defensive errors at the back ensured that the Blacks found no way back into the game.

The Hilderincs were clearly playing to control damage and every subsequent goal let in was just another blow to their confidence.

A consolation goal by Matthew Joseph after a goal mouth melee from a Twās’ corner was all that it was, a consolation.

Final Score

Hilderinc Twā FC 2 : 6 May Kha FC

Goals: Own Goal, Matthew Joseph

MOTM: Darren Tan

Starting Line Up

1. Lim Yong Kiat

2. Chua Yuxuan

3. Kavin Singh

4. Darren Tan

5. Arkar Myint

6. Kumaresan Maniam

7. Joe Kyaw

8. Mohana Raj “Heskey”

9. Logaraj Sundram

10. Omar Mahnin

11. Sashikumar Mahathevan


12. Ian Morris

13. Matthew Joseph

14. David Zheng

15. Fahmi Noor

16. Wong Yih-Khai


Hilderincs Display Matchless Character Despite Loss

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HFC Media File Picture

While some may imitate Hilderinc FC in creating websites, photo or video footage for YouTube channels, or plan oversees football trips to position themselves as a “big” or established team, the Blacks proved that it takes more than these superficial posturing by demonstrating upmost character even in defeat, expressing one of the reasons why they have been around for 17 years and counting, and not like many flash in the pan teams that sprout out like weak mushrooms.

The decimated Hilderincs, with just ten regulars, had to draw resources from Hilderinc Twā FC, the Blacks’ Sunday side, as David Zheng, Kumaresan Maniam, Darren Tan and Chua Yuxuan volunteered to put in a double shift despite having an important league game the next day themselves, while against normal Club policy, gave Wiktor Hjelm, Nabil Zahrif, their bow in a league game, and included a severally match unfit, Guilherme Imai, just to have a squad available to compete in the blistering heat, and against an opponent who had decided to win at all cost.

Starting like a patchwork with several players fitting in unfamiliar positions, the Hilderincs took an early lead when 17 year old, Nabil Zahrif, pounced on Ian Morris’ deflected freekick for a creditable start.

Keeping good momentum, the Blacks were in a position of relative comfort throughout the half as they limited the Pacifires to speculative forays with little threat to the Hilderinc backline or keeper, though a misguided vocal cheerer, one who stood out like a sore thumb, in an otherwise competitive but decent group of players, with his confused version of motivation-less and aimless "banter", if that would even be classified as a banter in any intelligent sense of the word.

With the weather taking its toll on the makeshift Hilderincs, who were stuck between a rock and a hard place, as they wrestled with the need to protect the Sunday Hilderincs against premature overtiredness, especially with their own battle 24 hours later, and matters were made challenging after the referee decided against a mid-point water break.

The Blacks though composed, had to content with the constant whining and cantankerous moaning from some quarters of the Pacifire ranks, who were taken to by the querulous before mentioned cheerer, clamouring for every decision to go for them, though the referee was able to discern the juvenile lack of understanding of the game, but one would have to question the sorry lack of leadership shown to even check their own player could have played a part in such imprudence.

It was then a shocker when the official penalised the Hilderincs for an apparent high boot in the box, though the video footage clearly showed that there was little, if any to Goh Heng Kiat’s intervention. (Note: Our reports are backed by video evidence and not any frivolous unsubstantiated claims, and are open to scrutiny)

The leveler from the spot, though Sunny Tharidu was close to getting something to it, was a turning point, as Pacifire, buoyant by the giveaway, piled the pressure on the Hilderincs.

And if not for the exceptional but insane heroics of Sunny in goal, when he pulled off a double miraculous pointblank saves, the Blacks would have gone into the half a goal down, and quite frankly, he had no right to keep them out! Simply outrageous from the defender turned keeper!

The second period proved to be a challenging one in the circumstances with rough-and-ready with players filling in just to keep formation and battling the weather, the Blacks allowed Pacifire FC to take advantage and found themselves 3-1 down, first through a deflected cross and second, a Adib Alias own goal.

The final quarter was made all the harsher when Sunny Tharidu was victim of a stuipd and senseless stomp which left the normally hardnosed player writhing excruciating pain and in crutches.

And while the Blacks will be tactful to admit it was not malicious, they were certainly censure the manner the Pacifire captain set himself out to remove all logic and opted for a win at all cost mentality, when someone’s limp was at stake when it was only in an amateur league game, perhaps a sign of undeveloped and immature bravado to impress.

In a show of faith and defiance, the Hilderincs threw Mike De-Bear to take his place between the sticks, and the defender turned emergency goalkeeper personified the Hilderinc heart, choosing to go down fighting even if they had lost 10-1, and in true spirit, he kept a clean sheet in audacity.

Sadly, in contrast, wanton gloating by one individual against the emaciated Hilderincs would be the opponents’ “glory”, and as mentioned, the lack of strong leadership to provide honourable management to stem out the crassness would be their gain along the three points they sought so badly, even in expense of not knowing how to be gracious in victory, but having said that, most of the Pacifires were commendable winners.

As for the Hilderincs, while the game was lost, they had every reason to hold their heads high, because how their response in defeat was more important on the tough day against equally tough circumstances.

With the Hilderincs glad to see the end of 2017, they will gladly go into their end of the year break, and having lost four games in a row, they will return to league action only towards the end of January 2018, and will continue their fight, whatever their battle will be by then.

“In War: Resolution, In Defeat: Defiance, In Victory: Magnanimity, In Peace: Good Will.”

Sir Winston Churchill

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 1 : Pacifire FC 3

Goal: Nabil Zahrif

                                 Adib Alias (O.G.)

MOM: Sunny Tharidu

Yellow Cards: Erdogan Albay, Darren Tan

Starting Lineup

1. Sunny Tharidu

2. Glenn Sandhu

3. Goh Heng Kiat

4. Adib Alias

5. David Zheng

6. Kumaresan Maniam

7. Erdogan Albay

8. Diogo Baptista

9. Wiktor Hjelm

10. Ian Morris

11. Nabil Zahrif


12. Mike De-Bear

13. Basil Al Barr

14. Darren Tan

15. Muhammed Noorfarhan

16. Guilherme Imai

• ESPZEN Saturday League 18 Div 3

• HFC Players’ Stats

Improvised Hilderinc Twa Crushed Mercilessly

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HFC Media File Picture

By Chua Yuxuan

When it rains, it pours for Hilderinc Twā FC, as they suffered their worst defeat since formation when that collapsed at the hands of Motherland FC.

Ironically, it was also against the same opponents that the Blacks showed great mental strength, exhibiting the Hilderinc never-say-die attitude when they met earlier in a pre-season friendly.

However, it was the total opposite in only their second D2D PM League fixture as they were found lackluster, mistake littered, unmotivated.

If one was looking for excuses, perhaps the no shows in defence and midfield due to various reasons, which rendered the Blacks razor thin, could somehow provide some mitigation, so much so that several Saturday Blacks had to fill in the void left by the absentees.

Despite knowing what to expect from the quick, physical, sharp and motivated Myanmarese, the Twās let all the pre-match talk and preparation to waste once they stepped onto the pitch.

Astoundingly, 4-0 down within the first 20 minutes, even the gods could not have saved them, though the evergreen striker Sashikumar Mahathevan pulled one back with a delightful chip over the keeper, after being put through by Steve Tan, while Kumaresan Maniam’s penalty kept the score line respectable going into the break.

With the score reading Hilderinc Twā FC 2 : 6 Motherland FC, one could have been forgiven to wonder for all comebacks that HTFC had pulled off before, this one was a very, very tall order indeed.

A change of formation in the second half saw the Blacks more composed as they pressed with more determination.

However, the nightmare of the first period was still playing in the minds of the players and Motherland FC continued racking up the score line, before a half fit Logaraj Sundram, trying to be optimistic, scored with an audacious volley outside the penalty box.

The Blacks could have half the deficit with another penalty, but were unfortunate to see the spotkick saved, summing up the theme of the day.

Dejected and low in confidence, the Sunday Blacks were happy to hear the sound of the full time whistle.

And for one, if the numbers do not improve, this story has all the potential to repeat itself against another formidable Myanmarese side in May Kha FC, when the Hilderinc face them next.

Final Score

Hilderinc Twā FC 3 : Motherland FC 8

Goals: Sashikumar Mahathevan, Kumaresan Maniam, Logaraj Sundram

Man of the Match: Basil Al-Barr

Starting Line-up

1. Liao Jincai “J.C”

2. Nicholas Ledenmark

3. David Zheng

4. Wong Yih-Khai

5. Mike De Bear

6. Joe Kyaw

7. Darren Tan

8. Ian Morris

9. Chua Yuxuan

10. Sashikumar Mahathevan

11. Omar Mahnin


12. Dennis Lum

13. Kumaresan Maniam

14. Steve Tan

15. Basil Al-Barr

16. Logaraj Sundram


Below Par Hilderincs Fall Deservedly

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HFC Media File Picture

If the past three defeats in the league could have been contributed to controversial or unmerited circumstances, Hilderinc FC had none of that sort of excuses to hide behind when they paid the price for one of their worst performances this season.

Despite quality in strength, the Blacks were found sluggish and listless by a more hungry ORD FC side which fully benefitted from their profligacy.

While both teams started evenly, prodding a way through, the Hilderincs could count themselves unfortunate to be a goal down inside eight minutes when despite the best efforts Sunny Tharidu in keeping out a long range shot, the Blacks’ defender turned keeper was beaten by the follow up attempt which took an inadvertently deflection on its way.

Uncharacteristically, the Hilderincs responded with patchy and hurried intent, an odd departure from their usual poise.

Preplanned mid-half changes did have an upturn effect, but it not totally eradicate the lack of composure, as the Blacks huffed and puffed to make any meaningful headway, despite being successful in neutralising the Pelicans’ attacks.

Nevertheless, the Hilderincs finally broke through four minutes from the break when Mitchell Keh’s persistence allowed Adib Alias to equaliser with a delightfully picked shot, which left the ORD keeper without a prayer, to bring themselves level into the recess.

Having clawed back right at the end, the Blacks’ hope of a contest took a smack right in face mere minutes into the restart when the Pelicans were the beneficiaries of a cruel slippage in front of goal, which was bundled over the line with sheer purpose, something the Hilderincs lacked whole afternoon.

In spite of that, there was an immediate response from the Hilderincs, and they were inches from an instant leveler when Adib Alias clipped the top of the angle of the woodwork after impressive work by Noorfarhan to create the opportunity.

The game then descended into show devoid in any notable quality as both team scrimmaged for the next goal, which would most certainly impact the proceedings, though ORD FC were highly unfortunate to have the full complement of players, after the referee took a highly lenient approach to immature petulance shown by one of their own who should have walked after a reprehensible tackle on Goh Heng Kiat after having received a caution for persistent fouling only moments earlier.

But it was the Blacks who were punished for their inattentiveness as they allowed ORD FC to steal the third goal against the run of play.

Belatedly, it aroused the Hilderincs and they threw everything they had at the Pelicans in bid to stage a comeback, one would have been a remarkable one had they pulled it off.

Coming mighty close with efforts from Mitchell Keh and Marko Belak, the Blacks finally ran out of time and fell to their fourth defeat of the season, leaving a campaign that has taken a huge knock with just three game left for them to salvage it.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 1 : ORD FC 3

Goal: Adib Alias

MOM: Diogo Baptista

Yellow Card: Denis Lobov

Staring Lineup

1. Sunny Tharidu

2. Goh Heng Kiat

3. Denis Lobov

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Mike De-Bear

6. Adib Alias

7. Diogo Baptista

8. Mitchell Keh

9. Oleg Ponomarev

10. Ian Morris

11. Marko Belak


12. Lim Yong Kiat

13. Nicholas Ledenmark

14. Jon Loh

15. Glenn Sandhu

16. Muhammad Noorfarhan

• ESPZEN Saturday League 18 Division 3

• HFC ESPZEN League 18 Season Player Stats

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Sunday Blacks Still Looking To Hit The Ground Running

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HFC Media File Picture

By  Logaraj  Sundram

Hilderinc Twā FC had to readjust their planned programme of a league fixture to accommodate a friendly game against Kaki Injured FC at Yusof Ishak Secondary School last Sunday.

The Twās started the game with a rather new set up with Old Guard, Bobos, returning to play his first game for Hilderinc after 6 years, while playing with a back three of Kavin Singh, Nicholas Ledenmark and Darren Tan, the Blacks had Mike De Bear and Syed Nafis deployed as wingbacks. Kumeresan Maniam and Mathew Joseph started in midfield while Omar Mahnin, Sashikumar Mahathevan and Logaraj Sundram led the attack.

In spite of a firm backline, Kaki Injured broke through with a fine tap in for the first goal of the game. The second came soon after in similar fashion which forced the Blacks to convert to their usual 4-4-2.

Within seconds, the Blacks pulled one back. A long ball from defender Nicholas was nod down by Sashikumar for Logaraj who was one on one with the keeper to equalise but two defensive mistakes had the Blacks three goals behind by half time.

With the torturous heat dampening the spirits, changes were made as Fahmi Noor, David Zheng, Joe Kyaw, Arkar Myint, Liao Jincai “JC” and Dennis Lum were brought on.

The Blacks were much more assured and disciplined at the back up until another goal was scored.

The Hilderincs kept the pressure on as Omar Mahnin, Sashikumar and Logaraj all came close to scoring.

Finally a consolation goal arrived late via Joe Kyaw when Kumaresan Maniam sent Logaraj through on goal, and having sprint from midfield, Joe finished off the pass from Logaraj for his first ever goal the Hilderincs.

With the Twās returning to league action this Sunday and there are certainly no places for errors.

Final Score

Kaki Injured FC 5 : Hilderinc Twā FC 2

Goals: Logaraj Sundram, Joe Kyaw

Starting Lineup

1. Bobos

2. Mike De Barr

3. Kavin Singh

4. Nicholas Ledenmark

5. Darren Tan

6. Syed Nafis

7. Kumaresan Manian

8. Mathew Joseph

9. Logaraj Sundram

10. Omar Mahnin

11. Sashikumar Mahathevan


12. Liao Jincai “JC”

13. Fahmi Noor

14. David Zheng

15. Arkar Myint

16. Dennis Lum

Hilderinc Ladies Mark Half Anniversary

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Hilderinc Ladies mark an important milestone as the reach their half Anniversary this week.

Having started with just two ladies, Munya Ahmed and Suravi Kar, who joined a combined training session with the Hilderinc’s Saturday and Sunday boys on 25th May 2017, the Ladies have progressed significantly ever since, with a highly enthusiastically and committed band of footballers, who have proven that they are more than capable in matching their male counterparts in playing the Beautiful Game.

Munya Ahmed and Suravi Kar in the first ever Hilderinc Ladies training session

Forging ahead with their very own training sessions on Wednesdays since August 2017, the Hilderinc Ladies have grown, both in quantity and quality, displaying exceptional sense of eagerness, which has seen even beginners excel alongside more experienced players in equal measure, learning and enjoying the game, while building a sense of camaraderie.

Hilderinc Ladies during combine training session with the Hilderinc boys

With the sky’s the limit, the Hilderinc Ladies are only getting started with blazing the trail for women in football, as injudicious masculine view that relegates them to mere spectators or cheerleaders is outdated, because football does not discriminate, and as an all-inclusive Club which embraces people of all races, language, religion and gender with the love of the Beautiful Game our main motivation, neither does the Hilderinc family.

Hilderinc Ladies Wednesday Evening session

In the meantime, it is all about stress-free enjoyment of the Game!

Come and join the Hilderinc Ladies, every Wednesdays, 9-10pm at the Home United Youth Academy (HYFA) Pitch 3.

Like us on Hilderinc Ladies Facebook page

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South Korean Ace Ends Hilderinc Stint

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What was to be a six month spell with Hilderinc FC turned out to be more than an extraordinary bond between Club and Hoonki Song, who leaves for home tonight after making himself part of the Blacks’ illustrious group of foreign players who have made a lasting impact.

Ever-present since his debut towards the end of the ESPZEN Saturday League 17 season, the quiet and unassuming midfielder was a player to reckon with on the pitch with his tireless runs and ruthless but tackles with a surgeon’s with precision, ever willing to be redeployed in various positions mid-game, for the benefit of the team.

Hoonki Song (C), with Club Committee Members, Nicholas Ledenmark (L) and Logaraj Sundram (R)

His departure comes on the back of that of the outstanding Stepan Lobov, who left three weeks ago, and will certainly leave a void in the Blacks, but they will surely take inspiration from the Korean’s farewell speech last Saturday when he expressed his faith in his fellow Hilderincs to complete the task this season and progress up to the summit soon.

While he will be missed, all at Hilderinc Football Club wish Hoonki Song all the very best in all his future endeavours!

Once a Hilderinc, always a Hilderinc!