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Hilderinc Twa Football Club to Join D2D

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Hilderinc Twā Football Club has officially announced that they will be playing in the D2D Sunday PM League.

Formed in March 2017, the Sunday Blacks, Hilderinc FC’s expansion team, who has had an intense six month preparatory period in the Merlion Challenge Cup and friendly games since, will kickoff the upcoming Season 16 come October.

Managed by Logaraj Sundram, Nicholas Ledenmark and Chua Xuan, former President and General Mangers respectively in the Hilderinc FC committee, and advised by current Club President, Simon Khaw and Secretary, Gopal Peethambaran, the formidable Blacks boast the like of Hilderinc veterans, Azman Azmi, Kavin Singh and Sashikumar Mahathevan, along with HFC stalwarts, David Zheng, Mathew Joseph, Mohana Raj, Kumaresan Maniam and Liao Jincai, while Saturday Blacks, Mike De Bear, Omar Mahnin and Rama Witjaksono add strength to a team infused with several talented players.

Keeping true to the Hilderinc spirit of being an all-inclusive football team which embraces people of all races, language, religion and gender with the love of the Beautiful Game as the main motivation, Hilderinc Twā will bring their passion in striving to be a competitive and successful but an exemplary outfit in the local amateur football scene, holding fast to the value of sportsmanship befitting motto of "The Way of the Blacks - Passion, Determination, Chivalry & the Love for the Beautiful Game” to the D2D family.

For trials, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Hilderincs Denied By Magista Comeback

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HFC Media File Picture

Song of Myself

“With music strong I come, with my cornets and my drums,

I play not marches for accepted victors only, I play marches for conquer’d and slain persons.

Have you heard that it was good to gain the day?

I also say it is good to fall, battles are lost in the same spirit in which they are won.

I beat and pound for the dead,

I blow through my embouchures my loudest and gayest for them.

Vivas to those who have fail’d!

And to those whose war-vessels sank in the sea!

And to those themselves who sank in the sea!

And to all generals that lost engagements, and all overcome heroes!

And the numberless unknown heroes equal to the greatest heroes known!”

Walt Whitman

Hilderinc Football Club’s counsel for magnanimity in victory

After the opening round of games, week two of the ESPZEN Saturday Division 3 fixtures had the Hilderincs and Magista FC, the two teams who opened the season with identical results pitting against each other in a very early top of the table clash, though such billing was way too soon at this infant stage of the campaign.

Although the late withdrawals of Lim Yong Kiat, Nicholas Ledenmark and Marko Belak meant some restriction in options, the Blacks were relatively unchanged from a week ago, apart from Raihan Hamzah who started on the right.

While playing on one of smallest pitches in amateur football was a challenge enough with the lack of space for the Black’s passing game, the task was made tricky against a side managed by former Hilderinc, Cody Lim, who were expected to turn up with their fast game.

And it was the Blacks’ inattentiveness in the opening quarter that left them trailing to two quick goals, much to their collective annoyance.

However, with the referee taking centre-stage with his dubious decisions all around, the match descended into a tough skirmish in the middle of the park with both teams trying to force the issue, though the Hilderincs rode out the early pressing and turned the attention on the Magistas after a tactical switch.

After several attempts at breaking past the opponents’ rearguard with expansive play, the Blacks finally found a way through rudimentary football as Denis Lobov’s punt up the small field was turned into the back of the net by Ian Morris’ deft header pass a stranded keeper.

While some had theorised that it was an “unbelievable fluke”, Hilderinc FC TV had complied a footage to show that there was nothing remotely a chance occurrence with the forward’s goal, who had scored similarly one more than occasion.

It was indeed a much needed boost for the Blacks just before the break, and that set the tone for a pulsating second half.

Sensing the early exertions had taken the toil, the Hilderincs pulled the stops and went full throttle with finding a way back into the game.

Stimulated, rather than distracted by one condescending element, the 42 year old Ian Morris took matters into his hands to spark a revival against players half his age.

Winning a foul at the edge of the box, the skipper found Stepan Lobov with a precision freekick for the Russian to head in the equaliser, a delightful partnership forming between the two who produced and scored in alike fashion last week.

Moments later, with Hoonki Song in his tenacious best, Ian Morris applied the finishing touches to the South Korean’s brilliant work with another header in to put HFC in the lead, coming back from two goals down.

Though the Blacks were in buoyant mood with the likes of Adib Alias, Xerxes Lee, Goh Heng Kiat and Mohd Farzuli complementing the front two in the Magista defensive third, a disputed penalty would bring the game back on parity.

While it was a keenly fought and entertaining contest, two Magista shots hitting the crossbar and Stepan Lobov’s loop which narrowly missed the frame of the goal, could have tilted the match either way, and with less than five minutes left on the clock, one could have been forgiven to think that a draw would have been a fair result for the two battling sides.

However, it was not to be the Hilderincs’ afternoon as they were dealt a sucker punch after the opponents scored from a freekick with just minutes left on the clock.

Even at the face of defeat, the Blacks did not fail in trying to wrestle the game from the dead, but ultimately ran of time in their endevour.

Although it was an irritating defeat, especially considering the fact that the Hilderincs showed incredible courage to overturn a two goal deficit to take the lead, the Blacks will take heart of their mettle, and with much of the season yet to play, nothing can be considered won or lost at this point.

Final Score

Magista FC 4 : Hilderinc FC 3

Goals: Ian Morris (2), Stepan Lobov

MOM: Ian Morris

Yellow Cards: Stepan Lobov

Starting Lineup

1. Gopal Peethamabaran

2. Glenn Sandhu

3. Denis Lobov

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Goh Heng Kiat

6. Jon Loh

7. Adib Alias

8. Raihan Hamzah

9. Stepan Lobov

10. Ian Morris

11. Hoonki Song


12. Sunny Tharidu

13. Mike De Bear

14. Mohd Fazuli

15. Basil Al Barr

16. Xerxes Lee

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Hilderinc FC Honours Their Best

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Denis Lobov, HFC Player of the Season and Players' Player for the ESPZEN Saturday League 18 season

It was the annual award presentation for Hilderinc Football Club, who on Saturday presented the Hilderinc Sports Group HFC Player of the Season, Players’ Player and Top Scorer awards for the ESPZEN Sunday League 24 (2015-2016) and the ESPZEN Saturday League 18 (2016-2017) seasons.

While given out the start of a new campaign to the key performers of the previous season, the Blacks had to wait a little long to honour Adib Alias, winner of the 2015-2016 Player of the Season and Players’ Player because of the talented midfielder’s long injury layoff, but it was a wait worth waiting for as the player produced yet another noteworthy display against Pacifire FC on his first competitive game in over a year.

Adib Alias with Club Secretary, Gopal Peethambaran, as Goh Heng Kiat has his eyes on this season's awards

Getting back on schedule, Denis Lobov, the Hilderincs’ very own “Russian Tsar” added last season’s double honours of Player of the Season and Players’ Player of the Season to his collection of the Top Scorer (2015-16) and the Players’ Player of the Season (2014-15) awards, and in doing so, becomes the first player to be awarded a hat-trick of Players’ Player of the Season, an award given to the player with the most man of the match votes in a campaign.

Gopal with Denis and his Top Scorer, Player of the Season, Players' Player awards for the ESPZEN Sunday League 24 and Saturday League 18 seasons respectively

Given since the ESPZEN Sunday League 17 season (2012), the individual awards are to recognise the efforts of players who had given the little extra to stand out consistently throughout each season.

However, this is not possible without the exertions of rest of the players who give equal measure of commitment and endeavour to complement the key performers.

As the new season has kicked off, the contest for this term’s standout players already looks enthralling with many talented individuals in this cohort.

All in Hilderinc Football Club wishes Adib and Denis all the very best in the new season!

Hilderincs Pacify The Pacifires

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It was an inspiring start to life in the ESPZEN Saturday League Division 3 for Hilderinc FC as they came up tops against Pacifire FC in an absorbing tie.

The fortunes of the two sides leading up to season opener could not have been more contrasting as the Hilderincs, having been relegated for the first time in their 17 year history, were paired against a team that won promotion as Division 4 champions just two weeks ago, and it was no surprise that the pre-match mood was one of overt buoyancy from Pacifire, but quiet confidence from the Blacks on the other end of spectrum.

The Hilderincs, making four changes from the side that ran riot during last weekend’s pre-season friendly, took a measured approach to the game, much in anticipation that the younger side will attempt to run at them at every turn, and indeed they were proven right as Pacifire wasted little time with their endeavour going forward.

However, the Blacks were equally quick to read the pattern of play, and responded aptly in nullifying the threat posed, as the exceptional backline, led by veterans, Denis Lobov and Dionsis Kolokotsas, along with Glenn Sandhu and Goh Heng Kiat proved that it takes more than just brute speed to play the game.

After the opening five minutes of Pacifire attention, the Hilderincs turned the tide toward their favour as Jon Loh and Adid Alias began pulling the strings.

And with the incomparable livewire, Hoonki Song, a constant nuisance with his tricky, it was no surprise that he would like the foul that would open the account for the Blacks.

Though in the infringement was too fall to pose any threat to the Pacifire goalkeeper, Jon Loh’s smart freekick was turned in brilliantly by Stepan Lobov for the lead inside ten minutes.

With the Hilderincs not sitting on their laurels, the soon doubled their advantages two minutes later when Ian Morris’ pinpoint corner was met with a thumping header by Stepan Lobov for this quick brace.

He could have made it a hat-trick of headers inside three minutes when he smacked another Ian Morris corner, but was unfortunate to miss the target by inches.

Though shell-shocked by the Blacks’ blitz, the Pacifires rallied themselves and attempted to get right back in the game.

And after hitting the post, they halved the deficit through a much contested penalty, though the video replays proved that the referee had made the right decision.

While the Hilderincs managed to remove much of the sting from the opponents, they had Lim Yong Kiat to thank for as he kept their lead in tact going into the break with a couple of alert saves.

Though the Blacks were in relative comfort with their impressive collective display, there was still a slight sense of apprehension, carried forward from last season when they had surrendered many games after taking the lead; but after a refocus and reorganisation with fresh legs brought in, the Hilderincs, with shackles of the past removed, looked like nonpareil.

Having Sunny Tharidu enforcing superbly in front of the backline, Stepan Lobov, Edrogan Albay and Raihan Hamzah, with the influence of Hoonki Song and Adib Alias were freed to dominate the proceedings, leaving the frustrated Pacifires to accumulate yellow cards rather than shots at Yong Kiat, who had a largely unemployed second half.

With the Pacifire hearts deflated by constant harassment from the Hilderincs, the Blacks ended any remaining fight with their third goal.

And it could not have better scripted when birthday boy, Erdogan Albay, chasing down a weak goal kick, finished with aplomb to cap his special day with an equally special goal.

It was in the end, a consummate display from the Hilderincs, who not only had to contest with a worthy opponent, but mostly against themselves, having to dig deep within to exorcise the demons of the past which had plagued them for almost two years now.

Though the joy of having won their first opening league game in three seasons remains, the Hilderincs will plant their feet firmly on the ground as they await their next challenge in what looks like a competitive division, but they certainly have done themselves a huge favour with this remarkable team performance.

Final Score

Pacifire FC 1 Hilderinc FC 3

Goals: Stepan Lobov (2), Erdogan Albay

MOM: Stepan Lobov

Yellow Cards: Sunny Tharidu


Starting Lineup

1. Lim Yong Kiat

2. Glenn Sandhu

3. Denis Lobov

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Goh Heng Kiat

6. Jon Loh

7. Adib Alias

8. Omar Mahnin

9. Stepan Lobov

10. Ian Morris

11. Hoonki Song



12. Gopal Peethamabaran

13. Nicholas Ledenmark

14. Sunny Tharidu

15. Edrogan Albay

16. Mike De Bear

17. Raihan Hamzah

18. Mohd Fazuli

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Hilderincs Announce Squad Ahead Of League Clash

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With the ESPZEN Saturday League 18 Division 3 kickoff less than 24hours away, Hilderinc Football Club as announced their initial squad which will take on the challenge to returning the Blacks back to Division 2 at the first time asking.

Having retained a committed core after last season’s relegation, the Blacks have infused the side with several talented youngsters along with a couple of experienced players.

And the return from injury of former Player of the Season, Adib Alias, has excited the Hilderincs, though he will still be bubble wrapped to an extent in what looks like a competitive Division, with a number of young teams lining up.

The objectives of the Hilderincs could not be clearer this term, and while the motivation to make right the wrongs last season may linger, the Blacks are focused on unleashing the restraints this time around with a well-trimmed, hardworking and balanced squad.

Click to view the 2017/18 Hilderinc Squad

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Rampant Blacks Set Eyes On League Opener

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HFC Media File Picture

With their new ESPZEN Saturday League 18 season kick-off a week away, Hilderinc FC concluded their three game pre-season programme with an uninhibited performance against, FPSG league side, Naranja AFC, running wild with a seven-goal rout in an eventful match.

Having played the former ESPZEN Saturday side in August 2016 ahead of their maiden campaign following their transition from ESPZEN Sunday football, the Hilderincs were eager to avoid a repeat of a sloppy 3-3 draw, which carried the similar theme in an exasperating season, which ultimately saw them relegate for the first time in their seventeen year history.

Making five changes to the side which started last weekend, the Blacks welcomed back Gopal Peethambaran and Glenn Sandhu, as they took the liberty to experiment with Nicholas Ledenmark and Adib Alias in the heart of the midfield, while handing Dionisis Kolokotsas his bow in the Hilderinc colours, making him the first Greek to play for the side, adding to the cosmopolitan tradition of the Club, and veteran came away looking like a hand in a glove, as he took to the side like his own, especially with his partnership with Denis Lobov.

Notwithstanding the intense weather, a couple of undesirables within, the otherwise, placid Naranjas, would set the tone for constant annoyance with their lack of simple dexterity on their feet, but justifying a delusional sense of self-awareness, and/or absence of, plus total void of self-respect and maximum measure of crass.

However, undeterred by the foolish shenanigans, a fact lost on a referee, who in equally value displayed his incompetence to spot barefaced and deliberate infringements from the duo, the Hilderincs were in complete focus in letting their football issue the rightful statement.

Having had unrivalled control of the play from kick-off, the Blacks took the lead inside ten minutes when Dionisis Kolokotsas’ pass was beautifully laid onto Hoonki Song, who finished off the move with a well-taken shot into the back of the net.

It could have been two in a matter of seconds from the restart, after Erdogan Albay found himself at the end of an eight pass move which started with Basil Al Barr, deep within their own half, but the German’s shot agonisingly found the side-netting.

The Blacks were then denied a penalty when Ian Morris was deliberately upended in the box, but referee who qualified his lack with ignorance, would give a dropball instead.

There was no denying the Hilderincs their extension a mere three minutes after their opener when Hoonki Song’s pinpoint cross was well taken on the chest by Stepan Lobov before the Russian fired in a volley from close range.

With a two goal lead, the Hilderincs were in no rush to press their claims for more goals, especially in the heat, though they did have opportunities to put the game beyond reach of their opponents, but at the same, needed Gopal Peethambaran to tip a speculative shot unto the post to maintain their numeric advantage.

The Blacks’ keeper was beaten towards the end of the half after an odd drift allowed a young Naranja forward to pull a goal back, however, that was the only sniff they would have for the rest of the game.

It was business as usual at the start of the second half for the Hilderincs, who reestablished their two goal advantage within a minute of the restart after Stephan Lobov, left unmarked inside the box, applied the finishing touches to Adib Alias’ searching ball into the box.

Having had his brace, Stepan Lobov turned provider for Omar Mahnin with an intelligent cutback, with the Dutchman put away with an exquisite finish.

With the floodgates open, the Hilderincs ran riot with their constant pursuit for more goals, with every Black playing his part in extinguishing any remaining resolute the Naranjas might have had had.

Omar Mahnin would get his second and the Hilderincs fifth with a quick thinking reactive shot, after an intense period of siege during which time, Hoonki Song, Adib Alias, Jon Loh and Stepan Lobov, all came within a whisker.

Erdogan Albay, who was unfortunate not to get his name on the scoresheet in the first half, duly added to the tally after another fine work from Hoonki Song, who was a constant threat, and Adib Alias, who continue to delight with his continued return to full match fitness.

Glenn Sandhu, who was flying in his improvised wingback role, concluded the rout with a well-taken grounder, which had the entire Naranja defence, flatfooted, watching as the ball slid into the bottom corner.

Even after seven goals to the good, the Hilderincs were insatiable as the kept lining up to add to the tally, but it could not have gotten any comprehensive regardless.

Though the utter disgraceful act of pulling Rama Witjaksono’s hair and splitting on his face by one of the earlier mentioned undesirables midway through the second half would leave a slight bitter taste, for the fact that such third grade lowlifes should have no place playing the Beautiful Game.

Nonetheless, there was no taking away the Hilderincs’ gloss on the manner they dispatched a side they had struggled to put away just a year ago.

While the league will certainly add a lot more challenges than faced in this friendly, the Blacks look most balanced and having good depth in a long while, especially with the recent inclusion of youth and experience, though the Hilderincs are fully aware that the hard work has just began.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 7 : Naranja AFC 1

Goals: Stepan Lobov (2), Omar Mahnin (2), Hoonki Song, Erdogan Albay, Glenn Sandhu

Staring Lineup

1. Gopal Peethambaran

2. Glenn Sandhu

3. Denis Lobov

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Basil Al Barr

6. Nicholas Ledenmark

7. Adib Alias

8. Hoonki Song

9. Stepan Lobov

10. Ian Morris

11. Erdogan Albay



12. Sunny Tharidu

13. Rama Witjaksono

14. Jon Loh

15. Omar Mahnin

16. Mike De Bear


A Fine Mathew Joseph Double Seals Victory For Twas

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By Logaraj Sundram

It was another typical display from Hilderinc Twās on Sunday when they beat Local FC 3-1 in their second friendly game.


With possibilities of joining a new league in the pipeline, the Twās carried out their usual stuff with the likes of Kavin and Sashikumar back for selection.

They started off with JC in goal along with David Zheng, Azman Azmi, Kavin Singh and Kumaresan Maniam forming up the backline, as Nicholas Ledenmark, Mohana “Heskey” Raj and Mathew Joseph forming the midfield to support the attacking trio of Logaraj Sundram, Rahmat Saring and Sashikumar Mahathevan.

The Twās should have been a goal up within the first minute after Logaraj nicked the ball away from the last defender before flicking the ball Sashikumar, but with the goal wide open, the hitman blasted the ball over.

The next few minutes were frustrating times for the Blacks who were trying to get through on goal.

However, the first goal of the game came against the run of play when Local FC played a fine through ball between the centre halves for their striker to finish it off, giving them confidence to create a few more chances, but were well dealt by the defence and JC.

Despite being a goal down, Mathew Joseph was impressive in the first half as he created at least three chances, an indicator of what was to come in the second half.

It was Nicholas Ledenmark who put the Blacks level with a 30 yard screamer for which their keeper had absolutely no chance, and notably, it was his first ever goal for Hilderincs.

Minutes later, the referee awarded the Twās a penalty for handball which was calmly slotted in by Mathew for the first of the afternoon.

The second half saw the Blacks in total control with most of the possession and chances with Rahmat Saring toying around with the defenders and Fahmi Noor coming very close with couple of shots.

Relentless, the Hilderincs had, Arkar, Joe Kyaw, Omar Mahnin and Danial Shafiq brought on to freshen the attack.

It finally took a corner to seal the game when Heskey floating ball which was met by Mathew Joseph to round off a good game with an impressive brace.

Final Score

Hilderinc Twās FC 3 Local FC 1

Goals: Nicholas Ledenmark, Mathew Joseph (2)

Starting Lineup

1. Liao “JC” Jincai

2. David Zheng

3. Kavin Singh

4. Azman Azmi

5. Kumaresan Maniam

6. Nicholas Ledenmark

7. Mohana “Heskey” Raj

8. Mathew Joseph

9. Rahmat Saring

10. Logaraj Sundram

11. Sashikumar Mahathevan


12. Danial Shafiq

13. Joe Kyaw

14. Fahmi Noor

15. Arkar

16. Omar Mahnin

Measured Display Pleases Hilderincs

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HFC Media File Picture

With the ESPZEN Saturday League 18 officially kicking off on 2nd September, it was systems ramp up for Hilderinc FC as they continued their pre-season preparations in earnest.

Building from last week’s commendable performance, it was an intentional outing for the Blacks who took the opportunity to leave the comfort zone of the Merlion Sports City to spar in smaller confines, an issue they found themselves with mixed results last season, especially with teams that were mobile.

The return of Erdogan Albay and the addition of Goh Heng Kiat, along with the steady rehabilitation of Adib Alias to full fitness added to the positive vibe within the ranks, which have been encouraged by the talented youngsters the Blacks were integrating to form a more balanced squad.

While the prospect of playing against a more physically tuned active National Service boys from the Guards unit who have normally caused the Hilderincs discomfort in the not so distance past, the focused reaction from the Blacks was highly pleasing to watch.

There were no aimless long ball chasers, nor hopeful passes with any real intent, but adapting quick to the surroundings, the Hilderincs were in their elements with little time to waste.

Allowing the ball to do much of the moving, the Blacks returned to their famed pass and move football, keeping possession well, while building confidently from the defence up.

Having come close to opening the account through Stepan Lobov, Ian Morris and even debutant, fullback Goh Heng Kiat, who forced the keeper to a fine save after somehow finding himself the furthest in an attacking position, the Hilderincs took the lead through a well taken penalty by Stepan Lobov, after a delightful inter-play involving Hoonki Song and Xerxes Lee, with the latter apprehended in the box.

Though the Blacks did not add to the tally before the break, it mattered little as the measured collective display was worth more in the context of things.

Changes from both sides in the restart opened the game up, but the Hilderincs were at the focal point within minutes combining experience and youth to the fullest effect.

However, the Blacks could have been punished with a equaliser after an unforgivable “sin” of not playing to the whistle nearly undid all the previous good work, but after thwarting them for more than twenty times last season, the woodwork finally came to their rescue as the Hilderincs were let off for their mistake.

There was, however, no disruption to the Hilderinc intent as they realigned themselves immediately to return the compliments.

After a phase of impasse when both sides tried to cancel each other in the middle of the park, the Hilderincs doubled their advantage when Ian Morris stole the ball off the Charlie fullback after catching him in two minds before to laying it to Stepan Lobov to finish with ease for his fifth in three games, including the two he scored against the Hilderinc Twā in the Anniversary game.

The Russian was unfortunate not to be awarded a penalty soon after when the referee adjudged that the defender had touched the ball before clipping the forward, though it would have been given nine out of ten times.

But within twenty seconds the Blacks made the result beyond any doubt when Omar Mahnin and Goh Heng Kiat combined well to setup Ian Morris for the third.

The Hilderincs completed their scoring with a well taken goal from Omar Mahnin, as he turned well to control a fine long ball by Nicholas Ledenmark before applying his shot, which the keeper could do nothing but help it on its way into the net.

However, the Blacks were denied a shutout when Charlie FC found a rare lapse to get a consolation, but much to the Hilderincs’ annoyance as the HFC backline was worthy of a clean sheet.

While the youthful and collectively inexperience opponents may have offered inadequate test for the Blacks, it was a fact that they got undone by lesser sides last season, and the calculated and composed nature of their play was welcoming and lays the foundation for tougher challenges that they will encounter in a very tight Division 3.

But focus and will is there to given a better account of themselves this time around.

Final Score

Charlie FC 1 : Hilderinc FC 4

Goals: Stepan Lobov (2), Ian Morris, Omar Mahnin

Staring Lineup

1. Lim Yong Kiat

2. Goh Heng Kiat

3. Denis Lobov

4. Wong Yih-Khai

5. Basil Al Barr

6. Jon Loh

7. Xerxes Lee

8. Hoonki Song

9. Stepan Lobov

10. Ian Morris

11. Erdogan Albay



12. Sunny Tharidu

13. Nicholas Ledenmark

14. Adib Alias

15. Omar Mahnin

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Hilderincs Bids Farewell To History Maker

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(From back, left to right, Terri, Anneliese, Sam, Sharon, Priyanka, Rachel, Munya, Suravi, Cassie)

Hilderinc Ladies, representing the whole of the Hilderinc family, gave a perfect send-off to Munya Ahmed, the Club’s first ever female player, who will be returning home a week on Thursday.

Having joined the Blacks in May 2017, the Australian, was the catalyst that propelled the Hilderinc Ladies from a long held vision to actual reality, so it was fitting that her last session was with the girls, who themselves are Hilderinc legends in their own right as the pioneers of this exciting project.

Though her physical stay with the Ladies will end prematurely with her departure, the ever keen Munya will still be connected and be involved with the team, albeit remotely from Down Under.

On behalf of everyone in Hilderinc Ladies, Hilderinc Football Club and Hilderinc Twā FC, we wish to thank Munya Ahmed for her contributions to the Club and wish her all the very best in her life and her future endeavours!


Hilderinc Ladies Step Out On their Own!

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After three months of joint trainings with the Hilderinc men’s Saturday and Sunday teams, the fledgling Hilderinc Ladies created history, a momentous sign of their progress, with their very first dedicated futsal session on Wednesday night.

Despite pre-kickoff reservations about footballing abilities, it was full throttle once the ball got rolling, and there were little signs to indicate that this was their maiden get-together in such capacity.

Though with four first-timers making their on-pitch debuts, the collective nine were seamless in their introduction to one and other, establishing an instantaneous camaraderie, but not withholding in competitiveness, playing some equally impressive football.

The sky is the limit for the exciting Hilderinc Ladies, but the progress here on will be measured without stress, with focus on enjoying the Beautiful Game, while building an enthusiastic community at the same, but the signs are already promising that the Ladies will be a flag bearer in more ways than one.