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The Anderson Curse Haunts Hilderincs Again

Posted on November 12, 2017 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (1)

HFC Media File Picture

Halloween might have been over for couple of weeks now, but Hilderinc FC could honestly be forgiven to wonder if they were stuck in some sort of haunting vortex, suffering another undeserved defeat at Anderson Secondary School.

While such superstition can be viewed as excessive credulous belief, as especially to draw away blame for one’s shortcomings, the fact that the Blacks’ all three defeats this season have come at the same pitch, and in bewildering circumstances, could lend some credibility to the myth, how far-fetched it may seem.

Any efforts to remedy last weekend’s late capitulation against Snipers FC was immediately put in disarray when no less than six players were rendered unavailable, leaving the Hilderincs scratching the bottom of the barrel for resources, only an eleventh hour confirmation by Mitchell Keh and Lim Yong Kiat ensured a playable quorum.

Having surrendered a two goal lead to be held to a 2-2 draw in the earlier meeting, the Blacks were fully aware of the dangers Dreamteam FC could pose, but after the initial positive start when Erdogan Albay nearly found the back of the net in the opening seconds, the Hilderincs found themselves behind when a throw-in was inadvertently diverted unto the path of the opposing forward to score.

However, it was from another Dreamteam throw-in that the Hilderincs drew level when they sweep through, turning defence into attack in a swift counter before Erdogan Albay send Marko Belak through.

The youngster carried on from where he left off last week, and sent the ball across the face of the six yard box for Mitchell Keh to apply the final touch.

While both teams were locked in a midfield battle, the referee, who had some strange decisions against the Hilderincs, topped it off by penalising Chua Yuxuan for the slightest of contact inside the box.

Though Lim Yong Kiat did well to go the right way and nearly got his hand to the ball, he was unfortunate to be beaten from the spotkick.

Undeterred, the Hilderincs pressed on and were deservedly rewarded after Denis Lobov thumped in Erdogan Albay’s excellently taken cornerkick to draw level.

And the German, who was in the thick of everything productive alongside Diogo Baptista in the heart of the midfield, was inches from putting the Blacks ahead just before the break, but was unable to keep his attempt down from close range.

The game, largely played in competitive but fair-spirit, turned into a regressive farce when couple of Dreamteam players set the tone when they decided that they needed more than footballing skills and added wanton belligerent to make up for their lack of bare minimum level of sportsmanship.

Un-helped by a referee, who neither looked to possess the moral courage to stamp out the increasing cantankerous approach, nor had the awareness to make able decisions, awarded a dubious freekick against the run of play, from which Dreamteam scored with a well taken set-piece.

The Hilderincs, now up against a feeble official and a hostile opponent, "inspired” by the two pugnacious elements within their ranks, were highly fortunate to have Marko Belak on the pitch after he, like Erdogan Albay, came under violent abuse from the aforementioned duo.

First escaping a studs up leg breaking tackle, for which the offender walked away with a mere yellow card after the referee lacked the courage to show a lawful red, and then receiving a pre-mediated blow to the chest, the second of two unprovoked attacks that were caught clearly on Hilderinc FC TV’s video footage.

Despite these, the Blacks refused to lie down and pulled level for the third time in the game after Diogo Baptista scored his first goal for the Club with a well taken volley.

But for all the struggle and fight back, the Hilderincs were undone by another self-inflicted late goal to condemn them to their second successive defeat, and all but end their season’s objectives.

Hilderinc Football Club and their Anderson Secondary School Curse

• All three of the Blacks defeats this season has come at the same pitch, all by the odd goal; Magista FC 3-4, Snipers FC 2-3, Dreamteam FC 3-4

• All three losses were through late goals coming in the final 10 minutes or later.

• Two of the defeats were with the Blacks in the lead until the final 15 minutes or later.

• The same referee officiated in two of the defeats, Magista FC and Dreamteam FC.

• In both games, the referee awarded highly debateable penalties and freekicks which resulted in goals.

Going further than this season,

• The Blacks lost both their games at the pitch last season in their debut ESPZEN Saturday League campaign.

• They have not won at Anderson Secondary School pitch since their 6-0 thrashing of Smartmat FC in August 2011 when both teams made their debuts in the ESPZEN Sunday League 16, since then, they have lost to Vietnam United and drawn with Smartmat FC.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 3 : Dreamteam FC 4

Goals: Mitchell Keh, Denis Lobov, Diogo Baptista

MOM: Diogo Baptista

Staring Lineup

1. Lim Yong Kiat

2. Chua Yuxuan

3. Denis Lobov

4. Nicholas Ledenamark

5. Mike De Barr

6. Erdogan Albay

7. Diogo Baptista

8. Hoonki Song

9. Mitchell Keh

10. Ian Morris

11. Marko Belak



12. Sunny Tharidu

• ESPZEN Saturday League 18 Division 3

• HFC ESPZEN League 18 Season Player Stats

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Hilderincs Return To Competitive Sunday Football

Posted on November 9, 2017 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (0)

HFC Media File Picture

After a seven month preparatory period after development, Hilderinc Twā FC, returns to Sunday league action this weekend against April FC in the D2D PM League 16.

While the Merlion Challenge Cup was always beheld as a fair level preliminary trial to refine the edges, the Sunday Blacks’ foray in the D2D League will count as their official return to competitive Sunday football since migrating from ESPZEN Sunday League to Saturday league as Hilderinc FC.

Lined up against some new opponents, the Hilderincs will reacquaint themselves with the likes of Bagan FC, May Kha FC and Motherland FC, the likes of whom they have sparred repeatedly since their formation.

Ebullient to finally see league action, and though good contest anticipated, the ready Blacks will be eager to prove themselves in the D2D PM League in the next five months.

Sunday Blacks Geared Up For League Action

Posted on November 8, 2017 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (1)

HFC Media File Picture

By Chua Yuxuan

Hilderinc Twā FC ended their winless streak with a scrappy 5-4 win over Ramli FC on Sunday in their last pre-season friendly game.

Ramli FC, with only nine men prior to kick off, had HTFC’s utility player Mike De Bear “loaned” to them, while Club President, Simon Khaw, though still injured made his long awaited come back with this match.

Both teams started the match brightly, looking to exploit the weakness in either side’s vulnerable goalkeeping department.

However, it was the Hilderincs who drew first blood when Sashikumar Mahathevan smashed home a half volley near the byline after a delightful ball over Ramli’s defence.

The Blacks took control of the reminder of the half, but not without several heart stopping moments when Ramli FC could have equalised, if not for some poor finishing.

The Twās’ resolve was finally broken when the opponent’s striker broke a static backline and scored with a delightful chip into the back of the net

The second half saw HTFC dominate the first ten minutes with Ramli FC dropping in intensity due to the lack of substitutes.

Logaraj Sundram and second half substitute, Omar Mahnin soon made the score line 3-1, benefitting from some dodgy Ramli goalkeeping.

As things were starting to look comfortable for Hilderinc Twā, custodian Simon Khaw, who made couple of brilliant one on one saves, had to be hauled off the pitch to due to an old injury which started to acted up, leaving veteran defender, Kavin Singh stepping in place in goal, but his first notable piece of action was to pick the ball out of the net as the opponent scored a wonder goal from a free kick.

However, Logaraj Sundram soon then restored HTFC’s two goal cushion with some neat play with Kumaresan Maniam.

But things began to take a turn for the Blacks as two quick fire goals brought Ramli FC right back into the game as a sense of déjà vu started to creepy in for the Blacks.

But credit to the Blacks for not giving up, one of the few commendable traits of this new team, as Omar Mahnin scored the winner after Ramli FC’s defender tried a fancy backheel clearance right at the end of 90mins but the ball fell right to the Dutchman to smash the ball home.

With this win, the Sunday Hilderinc will eagerly look forward to next weekend as they embark on a fresh challenge in the D2D 5PM League.

Final Score

Hilderinc Twā FC 5 : Ramli FC 4

Goals: Sashikumar Mahathevan, Logaraj Sundram (2), Omar Mahnin (2)

Man of the Match: Logaraj Sundram

Starting Lineup

1. Simon Khaw

2. Nicholas Ledenmark

3. David Zheng

4. Kavin Singh

5. Chua Yuxuan

6. Matthew Joseph

7. Arkar Myint

8. Darren Tan

9. Logaraj Sundram

10. Kumaresan Maniam

11. Sashikumar Mahathevan


12. Dennis Lum

13. Omar Mahnin

14. Joe Kyaw

15. Mike De Bear

Hilderinc Bids Farewell To Russian Hotshot

Posted on November 7, 2017 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

HFC Media Picture

In what was to be only a three week in holiday playing appearance by Stepan Lobov, brother of Hilderinc centreback, Denis, the Russian would go on to be deadliest striker in the Blacks’ history before returning home after a three month stay.

Despite the short spell, the likeable forward would go on to score eleven goals in eight games, that counting the six in four ESPZEN Saturday League fixtures, averaging 1.37 goals per game, a feat only challenged by the Great Egyptian, Gabir Nabil, who averaged a 0.75 ration, while the Hilderincs’ other hotshots, Sashikumar Mahathevan and Logaraj Sundram garnered 0.56 and 0.53 respectively in the esteemed group.

Stepan Lobov (centre), with Hilderinc Football Club Committee Members, (L-R), Sunny Tharidu, Nicholas Ledenmark and Chua Yuxuan

While the prospect of Stepan returning for a longer stay remains, if intentions materialise, it would be something that the Hilderincs will look forward to and will certainly welcome with arms open wide.

However, in the meantime, all at Hilderinc Football Club would like to thank Stepan for his passion and the wonderful goals and wish him all the very best in all his endeavours.

Blacks Shoot Themselves On The Foot Against Snipers

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

HFC Media File Picture

Hilderinc FC’s return to league action after two weeks went anything but according to an expected plan when they played architects of their own downfall after letting slip the lead in the final quarter to suffer a highly maddening defeat, a recur they have been guilty of the previous two times they dropped points in the ESPZEN Saturday League 18 Division 3 race.

Needing to keep pace with the pacesetters, the Blacks trip-up at the midway point of their campaign could have more damaging consequence for their ambition of promotion, especially when they are expected to conclude their fixtures earlier than the rest.

Despite making a positive start, asking all the right questions of Snipers FC in a tightly fought contest, the Blacks found themselves a goal down after they were punished for indecisiveness around the own defensive third.

However, it was an immediate response from the Blacks who leveled the score within 86 seconds later after they equalised direct from a cornerkick to take their game on par into the break.

Resuming the second half in similar fashion to where they left off, the Hilderincs, though having to content with a Sniper side who increased the tempo, needed less than three minutes to take the lead through Marko Belak, who scored his first goal for the Blacks with a well taken shot after creating the opportunity for himself following a good build up from his supporting casts, especially Hoonki Song, who found him in the box with an impeccable cross.

Vast chunk of the proceeding minutes were dominated by the Hilderincs, though it took a fine save from Lim Yong Kiat midway through to deny the Snipers a rare sniff on goal, but by and large, the Blacks’ defensive quartet were on top of all exploratory forays.

However, with fifteen minutes left on the clock, the wheels started to come off the Hilderinc wagon, first when a speculative attempt from the middle of a short pitch was allowed to sneak into the back of the net.

But even at that point, Mitchell Keh was just inches from restoring the lead when his long range attempt bounced agonisingly off the crossbar when everyone present had thought the ball was heading into goal.

With just five minutes left and chasing to regain the advantage as even a draw would have been a massive letdown, the Hilderincs’ calamitous shenanigans in casual pressure smacked them in the face after Snipers stole all three points, quite literally, from under the noses.

Mitchell Keh was again closest to save the day for the Blacks but his close range attempt at the dead was denied by the Snipers’ goalkeeper for the last action of the game.

Alarmingly, having lost eight points in the last quarter of games from winning positions, the Hilderincs must arrest the trend immediately, especially with games running out fast.

Final Score

Hilderinc FC 2 : Snipers FC 3

Goals: Ian Morris, Marko Belak

MOM: Marko Belak

Yellow Card: Lim Yong Kiat

Staring Lineup

1. Sunny Tharidu

2. Goh Heng Kiat

3. Denis Lobov

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Mike De Barr

6. Jon Loh

7. Adib Alias

8. Diogo Baptista

9. Hoonki Song

10. Ian Morris

11. Max Monange


12. Lim Yong Kiat

13. Nicholas Ledenmark

14. Glenn Sandhu

15. Omar Mahnin

16. Marko Belak

17. Raihan Hamzah

18. Mitchell Keh

• ESPZEN Saturday League 18 Division 3

• HFC ESPZEN League 18 Season Player Stats

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Limp Defeat Leads To Sunday Hilderincs' Soul Searching

Posted on October 31, 2017 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (0)

HFC Media File Picture

By Chua Yuxuan

Hilderinc Twā's ill-timed self-implosion against BSP United was a clear indication that there is much work to be done ahead of their debut in the D2D PM League in just about two weeks, prompting much needed soul searching both on and off the pitch.

Unlike previous matches, the Blacks started the game very brightly, stroking the ball around with purpose and for a long time, a sense of urgency was felt within the team, and they could have been two goals up within the first ten minutes if not for some wasteful finishing.

The deadlock was finally broken on the fifteen minute mark after some good link up play saw Sashikumar Mahathevan laid off the ball for Matthew Joseph to go one on one with the keeper, before the latter calmly slotted it into the bottom corner.

Having controlled the match for a good twenty minutes, you could not help and feel that complacency creeping in instead of confidence, and the opponent were allowed back into the game ten minutes before the break.

A well-timed through ball from BSP down HTFC's right flank released their winger and he blasted the ball into the back of the net.

The half time break did little to inspire the Blacks and focus was lost when a scuffle within the team allowed BSP to break away, and unsurprisingly, scored to make it 2-1.

That goal shook the team a little and HTFC lead proceedings thereon, and pulled level when Sashikumar, put through on goal, unselfishly fed Logaraj Sundram for a simple tap in to restore parity.

For all the attacking intent from the Blacks, combination of defensive errors and lack of focus saw the game slip away 4-2.

With two weeks to go before the start of the league, and with a stable squad, the Blacks can be as good as they want to be, but childish squabbles within the squad would have to be sorted out.

As cliché goes, HTFC's own enemy is now themselves.

Final Score

Hilderinc Twā FC 2 : BSP United 4

Goals: Matthew Joseph, Logaraj Sundram

Man of the Match : Joe Kyaw Nyi Nyi Htoo

Starting Line Up

1. Liao Jin Cai JC

2. Nicholas Ledenmark

3. David Zheng

4. Kavin Singh

5. Basil Al Barr

6. Matthew Joseph

7. Joe Kyaw Nyi Nyi Htoo

8. Ian Morris

9. Omar Mahnin

10. Kumeresan Maniam

11. Sashikumar Mahathevan


12. Chua Yuxuan

13. Dennis Lum

14. Logaraj Sundram

Hilderincs Enjoy With Focused Team Display

Posted on October 28, 2017 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

HFC Media File Picture

Following a week’s recess, Hilderinc FC resumed active preparation for their upcoming clash with Snipers FC in the ESPZEN Saturday League Division 3 with a proficient outing against Apache FC in Naval Base Secondary School.

With one eye firmly fixed on next weekend’s opponents, the objectives could not have been clearer from the Blacks who, though had several missing, again demonstrated good depth in the squad with Sunny Tharidu, Dionisis Kolokotsas, Glenn Sandhu, Jon Loh and Omar Mahnin returning to action after missing the game against ORD FC, and as Chua Yuxuan’s late inclusion have added options, the homecoming of Danish Saarin from a broken ankle, months after his debut, was an encouraging one.

Most notably, it was a swansong of Stepan Lobov, one the deadliest forwards to don the Hilderinc colours, as he returns home after an extended holiday.

Having netted eleven goals in his seven game short spell, it was no surprise that the Russian was heavily involved in the Hilderincs first goal.

Holding up to the challenge in the middle of the park, he split the Apache defence with a weighted pass to send Hoonki Song through on goal, and the South Korean duly obligated with calmly picking his spot for the opener in the twelfth minute.

Though the intense weather had a major say on the proceedings, the Blacks were proactive in their attempt and only had to wait another fifteen minutes to increase their advantage.

Omar Mahnin and Chua Yuxuan, both who had entered the fray at the mid-point water, linked up with each on the right flank, and with the latter forcing a mistake from the defender, the Dutchman was on hand to punish the error with a cool finish.

In full ascendance, the Hilderincs were three goals to go six minutes after Ian Morris’ header sent Omar Mahnin on the run, and after floating pass the defence, he pinpoints his pass to the far corner for Hoonki Song to smash in his brace and the team’s third.

In fact, the winger could have had a first half hat-trick after finding himself in space, but the keeper pulled off a good save to deny him.

With a three goal lead and in merciless heat, the Hilderincs opted to regulate their exertions in the restart, and while constructive efforts were still theirs, the opponents too found their channel as they Blacks dropped the pace.

If the first half was a display of affluent attacking football, the second period would be best remembered as the Sunny Tharidu Sweeper-Keeper show as the defender turned goalkeeper produced some breathtaking moments, keeping the Blacks in the lead.

Largely an onlooker before the break, Sunny was first called into action when he reacted well to keep out a low freekick.

And though he had the crossbar to thank for after an audacious long range shot bounced off it, he produced a super save from another cracker that was destined for the back of the net if not for his intervention.

Though the next phase of play did not give the complete reflection of the game, the Blacks did have their work cut out for them after the conceded to two penalties in quick succession.

First when Dionisis Kolokotsas was adjudged to have committed a foul albeit a soft one, but the forward sent it high into the stands.

A second foul was given against the Hilderincs, still time for an unquestionable careless defending, but Sunny Tharidu stepped up to make a brilliant save to keep his cleansheet intact.

Inspired by the stand-in keeper’s heroics, the Blacks picked up the pace and were soon asking the questions at the right end of the pitch.

Jon Loh nearly caught the Apache keeper napping with a low drive after being found by Glenn Sandhu with a sweet pass.

Stepan Lobov, who kicked off the Hilderinc scoring, was at hand to cap his day in playing his part with the fourth after he danced past the defence, but though his shot was saved by the keeper, the ball fell kindly to Omar Mahnin to smash in from close range.

Eager to end his stay with a goal, Stepan came close again with a shot from distance, but the ball missed the goal, falling unto the roof of the net.

With his name already in the headlines, Sunny Tharidu added to his growing collection saves with a pointblank stop from a corner, and when he was finally beaten minutes later, Chua Yuxuan was on end to clear the ball off the line.

It was the Sri Lankan again who claimed the finally pundits when he tipped a rasping strike against the crossbar as the Blacks ran of 4-0 winners in a fine performance.

Though the departure of Stepan Lobov will take some shine off a promising squad, the Hilderincs look certain to pull ranks even tighter to compensate the absence with a focused and cohesive unit.

Final Score

Apache FC 0 : Hilderinc FC 4

Goals: Hoonki Song (2), Omar Mahnin (2)

Staring Lineup

1. Sunny Tharidu

2. Glenn Sandhu

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Dionisis Kolokotsas

5. Basil Al Barr

6. Jon Loh

7. Diogo Baptista

8. Hoonki Song

9. Stepan Lobov

10. Ian Morris

11. Erdogan Albay


12. Chua Yuxuan

13. Danish Saarin

14. Omar Mahnin

15. Wong Yih-Khai

Early Deficiencies Deny Twas A Result

Posted on October 16, 2017 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

HFC Media File Picture

By Chua Yuxuan

Hilderincs Twā FC’s patchy form continues with a 3-2 defeat to Motherland FC in their latest pre-season friendly game.

A couple of no shows and late withdrawals to key personals left HTFC without a recognised keeper and a makeshift frontline.

Man of the Match Logaraj Sundram proved he was as efficient as he is in front of goal as he is between the sticks as the stand in custodian for the first half as he bailed out the Blacks from being overrun on a couple of occasions.

However, there was nothing he could do to prevent Motherland FC from taking the lead when the Whites’ corner found one of their player unmarked in the 6 yard box, presenting himself with a simple chance of guiding the ball into the net.

Within ten minutes, their lead was doubled after an unaddressed familiar situation of ball over the Blacks’ defence sent Motherland FC through on goal, squaring it for one of their player for a simple tap in.

Nonetheless the Twās did have their chances with Matthew Joseph hitting the post with a free kick.

The Blacks seems to play better during the second half of games, coming out with more fight and gusto.

Usually a right back, Chua Yuxuan, on the right wing this time around had the best chance to reduce the deficit but dragged his shot wide when put through one on one by Darren Tan.

The miss was immediately punished when Motherland FC increased their lead to 3-0 with HTFC unable to cope with the Burmese’s’ direct play.

Logaraj, back to the frontline, brought a goal back with a delightful free kick, rooting Motherland’s keeper to the ground.

Moments later the talismanic striker gave hope to the Blacks when he scored again after some intricate play with Kumaresan Maniam.

The fight back was commendable but missed chances and low concentration at the start of the game proved too costly for Hilderincs Twā FC as they head into a one week break.

We wish all Hindus players a very Happy Deepavali!

Final Score

Motherland FC 3 : Hilderinc Twā FC 2

Goals: Logaraj Sundram (2)

Man of the Match: Logaraj Sundram

Starting Lineup

1. Logaraj Sundram

2. Chua Yuxuan

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Darren Tan

5. David Zheng

6. Fahmi Noor

7. Matthew Joseph

8. Nabil Nafis

9. Arkar Myint

10. Ian Morris

11. Kumaresan Maniam


12. Parthiban Aruchamy

Shoddy Hilderincs Secure Hard-earned Points

Posted on October 14, 2017 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

HFC Media File Picture

Never one for dull moments, Hilderinc FC invited unnecessary stress unto themselves against ORD FC in the ESPZEN Saturday League 18 Division 3 clash before eventually sealing all three points through a late Erdogan Albay strike.

Returning to Marsiling Secondary School for the second league game in a row, the Blacks could have be forgiven to harbour a feeling of unfinished business on a pitch where they let slip a two goal lead in the 2-2 draw against Dreamteam FC just two weeks ago, but they very nearly repeated the tomfoolery, before digging deep to edge out all three points.

Testament to the depth of the squad, despite missing several players, the Hilderincs were well stocked with quality, though with just three substitutes, quantity was not ideal on a day when the weather looked to be conspiring after a whole week of cool temperatures.

While the early intent was with the Blacks, Lim Yong Kiat was called to make three early saves in the game as the Blacks came to terms with ORD FC’s tone to the nature of their attack.

However it was the Hilderincs who drew first blood through a sweeping move involving Mike De Bear and Erdogan Albay, with the latter’s shot ricocheting onto the path of Stepan Lobov for the Russian to finish off with ease in the twelfth minute.

It took just three minutes for the Blacks to double the lead after another fluid passage of play, this time from the other side of the pitch as Nicholas Ledenmark, Goh Heng Kiat and Hoonki Song combined to playing a fine ball across the sixteen yard box intended for Stepan Lobov, but Erdogan Albay intercepted his own man before applying a calm finish into the bottom left corner.

Just as they were looking comfortable and in control of the proceedings, the Hilderincs reverted to sloppy indecisions and allowed the Pelicans to draw level with two quick but highly preventable goals.

The first, though awarded without moment’s hesitation, drew unwarranted protest from the opponents who wanted the referee to send Denis Lobov off for attempting to stop the ball with his hands, but as the goal was scored regardless, no action apart from the yellow card for handball, which was duly shown to the veteran defender, was sufficient, because it is clearly stated under the FIFA Rules, Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct, Sending-Off Offence, Point 4 “DENYING the opposing team a goal or an obvious goalscoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball…”

Hence, as the goal was not denied, the remonstration was misguided at best without reasonable mitigation.

However, there was no excuse from the part of the Blacks, who once again let an innocuous punt punish them as ORD FC pulled level, capitalising on some wayward positioning.

Though rightly annoyed with themselves, the Hilderincs found within them the resolve to regain the momentum once again and started to force the issue, and were unfortunate not to retake the lead after Adib Alias’ deft loop over the keeper bounced off the crossbar.

But just minutes later Denis Lobov stooped to head Ian Morris’ cornerkick to take the Blacks 3-2 up into the break, though it was a slender lead against a team that looked to cause problems at every opportunity, and the Hilderincs were indeed charitable of that, much to their own discomfort.

In view of the unrelenting heat and limited numbers on the bench, the Blacks turned up in the second half with an altered formation, and with the change, the Hilderincs grew in confidence and gave a good account of themselves in the restart with an almost complete control of the game as Adib Alias, Diogo Baptista and Hoonki Song, pulling the strings in the middle of the park.

While there was little to suggest that the Hilderincs’ lead would be in any way be troubled, the Blacks were left inattentive to the only obvious threat from the Pelican’s and were punished with another equaliser.

Flying into an almost rage, the Hilderincs responded to the leveler in the highest level of annoyance and rung in the changes to shake up matters before they get out of hand any further.

Restoring urgency and focus, the Blacks pressed hard for the lead for the third time in the game and it finally arrived after Man of the Match, Erdogan Albay, responded quickest to a throw-in to put the ball into the back of the net through a crowd of bodies.

And that was enough to kill off anymore attempts by ORD FC, as the Hilderincs held on to claim all three points, and though it could have been a lot more comfortable, but given the circumstances, there would be little complaints from the Blacks as they take a two week recess from league action before taking on Snipers FC next.

While not pretty, winning ugly is also a hallmark of a title challenging team, and the Blacks showed both good and not so good of this capable side in this gritty win.

Final Score

ORD FC 3 : Hilderinc FC 4

Goals: Stepan Lobov, Erdogan Albay (2), Denis Lobov

MOM: Erdogan Albay

Yellow Card: Denis Lobov

Staring Lineup

1. Lim Yong Kiat

2. Goh Heng Kiat

3. Denis Lobov

4. Wong Yih-Khai

5. Mike De Bear

6. Nicholas Ledenmark

7. Diogo Baptista

8. Hoonki Song

9. Stepan Lobov

10. Ian Morris

11. Erdogan Albay


12. Adib Alias

13. Logaraj Sundram

14. Basil Al Barr

• ESPZEN Saturday League 18 Division 3

• HFC ESPZEN League 18 Season Player Stats

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Second Half Comeback Delights Sunday Hilderincs

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HFC File Picture

By Chua Yuxuan

Hilderincs Twā FC put a stop to their winless streak with a 2-1 victory against Chubby Alonsos FC on wet Sunday afternoon at Ang Mo Kio Secondary School.

Things were not looking rosy on the onset, with the lack of center backs, talismanic striker Logaraj was forced into the unfamiliar territory of marshalling the defence alongside Nicholas Ledenmark.

Matters were made worse when the Chubs drew first blood with a pass that split the black’s back line, allowing their striker to lay the ball for the Chubs’ left winger to tap into an open net.

With chances few and far in between, the Blacks were forced to play the whole of the first half on the back foot with stray passes and routeone, uncharacteristic of their usual play.

However, the restart was a totally different story altogether as HTFC rallied themselves and pressed for every ball, atoning for the appalling display of the earlier half.

Passing was much assured and with confidence gaining with every minute, their hard work paid off when Kumaresan Maniam’s whipped cross was laid on by Matthew Joseph to evergreen striker Sashikumar Mahathevan, who lashed the ball into the roof of the net for a thumping equaliser.

Sensing blood, the Twās pushed forward for the winner, but with Matthew Joseph, Logaraj Sundram and Kumaresan Maniam were guilty of overelaborate play or wasteful finishing when just shooting on target would have been a much simpler option.

Nevertheless, the lead finally came after Logaraj finished off from great play down the left flank, giving the Blacks an outstanding comeback.

In addition, custodian Liao “JC” Jin Cai, bailed the Blacks out in the final minutes with assured goal keeping and intelligent play from the back, ensuring HTFC went home with the much needed win.

With the D2D Sunday PM League just weeks away, full focus in put into preparation, both on and off the pitch, to ensure the Sunday Hilderincs are ready for the big challenge ahead.

Final Score

Hilderinc Twā FC 2 : Chubby Alonso FC 1

Goals: Sashikumar Mahathevan, Logaraj Sundram

Man of the Match: Fahmi Noor

Starting Lineup

1. Liao Jincai (J.C.)

2. Chua Yuxuan

3. Nicholas Ledenmark

4. Logaraj Sundram

5. Darren Tan

6. Fahmi Noor

7. Matthew Joseph

8. Dennis Stephen

9. Fred Susanto

10. Adam Choong

11. Sashikumar Mahathevan


12. Basil Al Barr

13. Peter Ng

14. Kumaresan Maniam